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In the Valdai hills in the eponymous national Park - one of the largest in Europe - is a unique, crystal clear lake Dinner. On the coast this reservoir is located... tale – “Berendeevo a Kingdom”. The clear waters of the lake, the soothing noise of the forest, the heady air – holiday what it should be.

Good location

“Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valday) long-is popular for its location, which is between St. Petersburg and Moscow, not far from the road. Tourists vacationing here, very tenderly spoke about the nature of local places.

berendeevo Kingdom Valdai

Summer vacation – excellent fishing (always with a big catch) and spearfishing. For leased boats, boats, catamarans, guests ride through the lakes of the Valdai Dinner, and, after dug in the 19th century, the canal, popularly called Digging. The coast is stunningly beautiful…

Winter in these amazing popular great skiing and sleigh rides through the magical forest. Avid fishermen will appreciate ice fishing.

Environment for guests

For tourists at the recreation “Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valday) prepared a log into four or nine seats. Simultaneously it can accommodate up to 70 people. The houses are all conditions for comfortable rest. They come with a TV, fridge and other appliances. Each log cabin has a toilet and shower. The kitchen area is equipped with all necessary items, including cookware sets for cooking, electric kettle and stovetop.


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Vacation in Valdai

Recreation “Berendeevo a Kingdom” for an additional fee, ready to provide guests with hot breakfasts, Lunches and dinners from the chef.

The Local cafe has a large enough hall for 60 seats. It is possible to hold banquets, birthdays, wedding celebrations, seminars and various corporate events.

With care for each guest

The Base is open year-round. In addition to housing and meals, visitors are offered a variety of additional services. For example, a bath. Real, Russian. In the cold season vacation in Valdai begins with her.

Organized on the basis of a wonderful billiard room. Guests often arrange spontaneous events.

Outdoor Enthusiasts love to play badminton, ride bikes (can be rented and children, and adult), gather mushrooms and berries in the woods a mysterious relic.base of rest berendeevo Tsarstvo

Many people enjoy visiting the monastery, established in 1653. Will be fascinating walk to the Holy sources, and certainly will long remember the tour of the Valdai Museum of bells (he is still the only one in the world). For lovers of a standard set of summer fun is Borovichesky aquatic center.

Gratitude to guests knows no boundaries

The Enthusiastic responses about the recreation are countless. People who have visited the “Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valdai), write reviews of praise. They have a huge “thanks” to all the staff for their responsiveness, care and attention. Always special thanks is expressed to the chef and the employees of the café.

Vacationers Noticed a new bath and clean houses. They are warm, neat and very cozy. The grounds are kept in both summer and winter.

Almost all the reviews end with the phrase: “Come again!”

berendeevo Kingdom Valday how to get

Special note for visitors

Check on a database is issued at 14:00 and check out at noon. For settlement must show the voucher, Bank receipt confirming payment of the reservation, or cashier's check. You also need a passport and documents for children.

Number of guests drove to the recreation center «Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valday) must match the number of paid places on the grid tariff.berendeevo Kingdom Valday reviews

When booking a house or the purchase of tickets all guests are warned about the amount of collateral in thousand rubles. It is a kind of insurance against damage to the property base. Responsible travelers it will be returned upon departure.

For a long rest, in agreement with the administration of recreation can come with cats or dogs (except fighting breeds). The animal must have a veterinary passport. Paid maintenance pet on the basis separately during registration. Dog walking is done outside the territory, on leash and muzzled.

Administration recreation “Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valday) asks to be treated with care and keep the surrounding nature intact. Because the material damage is calculated at full market value. Including for campfires in the woods, fishing in prohibited ways, cutting trees, etcberendeevo Kingdom Valday how to get

At the base need to abide by the rules of the regime and rest. Smoking is allowed in special places.

Guests arriving with a weapon, must register it in the administration, which must show the authorization to carry and storage.

Creating a route

The Base is located in the Novgorod region, in the village of Shuya of the Valdai area. Contact phone numbers andemail address is on the official website recreation “Berendeevo the Kingdom" (Valdai). How to get check with any tour operator. But really it's simple. If you are traveling by train or bus, then you need to go to the station «Valdai». Then by taxi directly to the gates of the base. The fare is 200 to 250 rubles and it takes no more than 15 minutes.

base of rest berendeevo Tsarstvo

Diagram of how to get a car next. In the direction of Moscow or Peter need a ride to the signpost “Borovichi”. Further to the Iviron monastery, followed about five miles to the river of Valmiki. Then you turn left, pass the green fence, left again, then the road leads slightly to the right and… all: you can begin your stay in Valday.

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