Hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Vietnam/Phan Thiet): photo, reviews


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Tired of irreproachable European service? Want to enjoy exotic Asian hotels? Planned your holidays for the winter? In all these cases Vietnam as a tourist destination will be the perfect option. Phan Thiet is the most popular resort of Vietnam, the heads of the three most sought-after places in the country. This is a great resort for lovers of quiet and relaxing holiday. Being here is no vanity, that's why in Phan Thiet tourists wishing to rest, to relax, to gather my thoughts. If you are planning a large-scale travel, excursions, aimed exclusively at high-quality beach hotel Phan Thiet will be the best option for you. Only here you will be able to touch the exotic Vietnam to enjoy the stunning scenery, to admire the magnificent sand dunes. This place has long been visited by lovers of water sports, seafood.

Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Vietnam)

It is unlikely to appeal to young people due to the small number of bars and restaurants. Here you will not find noisy discos. The resort is far from the airport but that is its tranquility and silence will attract those tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern cities. It now remains to determine the hotel. Choosing a hotel in Vietnam, you should be very careful and prudent, be sure to read the reviews of real tourists. Hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* - budget version, which managed to find its fans. A detailed review will assess the hotel from all sides to determine, so he's perfect for quality rest.


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About the hotel

Hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* applies to beachfront hotels, and all because is on the first line. This option is ideal for beach lovers who want to meet the dawn and escort sunsets on the coast. The hotel is separated from the heart of the resort, literally immersed in the greenery of tropical plants, so it will be a great place for nature lovers and a real exotic.


This small and cosy hotel - the pearl resort of Phan Thiet. It is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by gorgeous untouched nature. To the heart of the resort is just a 10-15 minute drive. Everybody can use the developed infrastructure: bars and cafes, Nightclubs and discos, to buy Souvenirs for friends and family. Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Nha Trang) gets positive reviews. But this city hotel is not exactly ideal for beach lovers. Yes, Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Nha Trang) is located in the heart of the resort, but two blocks from the coast. It is more suitable for those tourists who prefer a more civilized vacation.

Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Nha Trang)

It's the most remote place from the airport, so transfer can be a real challenge after a long flight. But the only way you can really be in Paradise and enjoy its exotic fully. To get to the next resort and tourist areas not only on a rented motorbike, but also by public transport – bus. Surely this picturesque trip will leave a vivid impression and will long remain in your memory.


Of Course, all tourists want to understand what numbers and what level of comfort they can offer hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2*. Reviews say that the rooms are quite small but cozy enough. It is foolish to count on luxury design, going to the hotel category 2*. Nevertheless, here is everything you need on vacation: beds with comfortable mattresses, a wardrobe, a private bathroom with a shower and a set of necessary bath accessories. The furniture is old, but quite colorful.

Sai Gon Hotel 2*: testimonials

For the coolness and freshness of the hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Vietnam) is conditioning. In some rooms it can act up, making strange noises, but copes with its task perfectly. In addition, the rooms have a mini fridge, a TV with satellite channels and a telephone to communicate with hotel staff. Some vacationers complain about the irregular supply of electricity, but for Vietnam, in particular the exotic resort of Phan Thiet, it is a common phenomenon. Some vacationers have found in their rooms exotic inhabitants of the resort - lovely lizards. For any Asian and this picturesque resort is a quite familiar phenomenon.

Now for the service. Daily cleaning and perfunctory, towels and linen are changed as required. For those tourists who are unable to pick up your stuff, wipe a floor, it does not seem a huge drawback.

The grounds of the hotel

In Vietnam, resort Phan Thiet in particular, the most popular means of transport are motorbikes. Rentals are literally everywhere. Those tourists who want to travel around the resort, to meet with the most beautiful and secluded locations, probably will take a motorbike. If they will be staying at hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2*, Parking problem is not exactly there, because on site there is secure Parking.

Sai Gon Hotel 2*

All vacationers can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool. It is small, but prettyclean, equipped with comfortable and safe descents. Near the pool there are sunbeds and umbrellas, they are free for all guests. The hotel area is quite small, but quite clean, well appointed, lots of greenery.


Hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* does not offer food, it might be even better. Phan Thiet - the most rich seafood region of Vietnam, so tourists and holidaymakers don't have to deny myself the pleasure to eat delicious masterpieces. Assortment of seafood dishes is so wide that every time you can order a new dish. Prepare here is very tasty and quite inexpensive.


The Hotel is such a small category is unlikely to be able to offer excellent service. Was no exception and Sai Gon Hotel 2*. It confirmed the presence of high speed Internet, but the connection to it is charged extra at check-in. The signal is excellent: it is enough for the review of social networks, communicating with friends and family, and even download films.

Sai Gon Hotel 2* (Nha Trang): reviews

The reception Desk is open around the clock - the staff is quite polite and helpful, tries to quickly solve the problems. Unfortunately, the hotel staff does not understand English, so tourists can be difficult explanations.

For an additional fee you can book a Shuttle to the airport and to meet you albeit not with the most rich and rich excursion program.


The pride hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2* private sandy beach. The beach is great: fine white sand, gentle entry into the water, crystal clear sea water and diverse underwater world. This is the perfect place for a beach holiday. Of course, given the remoteness of the hotel from resort life on the beach quite a bit of vacationers.

Here you will find the rental water sports and entertainment along the coast sell seafood and refreshing drinks. But tourists come here for the sake of peace and tranquility, so nothing will disturb their peace.

Hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2*

All travelers should be very careful with the sun: it is very active. A few minutes of sun exposure without protection can burn. That is why you need to pre-purchase a sunscreen with maximum protection factor and means that will help to relieve irritation from the skin in the case if you avoid the burn will not work. Without headgear on the coast to do nothing.

Summing up

If you like to relax in luxury upscale hotels, it is unlikely you will like the hotel Sai Gon Hotel 2*. He is certainly far from ideal. But for those tourists on a beach holiday, want to enjoy the sea, sun and stunning Asian nature, even this modest version, a good fit. That is why all unassuming natures advised to pay particular attention to it.

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