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What is the best place where tourists relax? Olginka! Recreation located in the area, popular among residents of the Russian Federation. All of these places provide a comfortable environment, tasty nutritious food, tours and entertainment. In this article we will consider features rest in Olginka. Also take a look at the reviews of tourists who have already visited these places, and with the living conditions at the resorts and guest houses.holiday resort recreation

Stay in Olginka

Vacation – a long awaited event, so make sure to plan it in advance. From the choice of location will depend on many things. Pay attention should be given to several criteria:

  • Condition of life;
  • Weather conditions;
  • The quality of the beaches;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Prices.

Residents of the Russian Federation are recommended to pay attention to the Tuapse district of Krasnodar region. This region is very popular, because here are the most clean and comfortable beaches of the black sea coast. And where better to stay on vacation? Olginka (recreation centres which can compete with the best Black sea resorts) will give you maximum pleasure and you'll be able to spend time on the coast. You can come here as a family and friendly company.

For those who have never been to these places, it is useful to know that the gold – a small village. It is situated directly on the Black sea coast in the Krasnodar region. Next to it is the resort city of Tuapse. Guests ol'ginka will be able to enjoy a beach holiday on the shores of cozy small bays. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, which allows to protect the site from strong winds. The lack of large cities and industrial enterprise near the village makes the air eco-friendly, so nothing can spoil the guests. Olginka (recreation and guest houses fully meet modern requirements) ideal for couples with children. In the height of summer the temperature on average rises to +25 °C. the Water in the Bay warms up to +24 °C. the Climate here can be called southern hot, but not dry, and therefore does not feel stuffy. That sea breeze and aromas of mountain vegetation are enjoying the tourists who come on vacation in Olginka.rest in Olginka


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Rest in Olginka is ideal for families with young children. Pebble finish the beach will allow kids to move around easily unlike the loose sand. Coast in Olginka stretched for several kilometers. That is why even in the midst of the season here there is a place for everyone. Second-hand market, which is inherent in large resorts, this village no. Impeccable cleanliness everywhere, as the beaches are cleaned several times a day. The only thing you can highlight a certain lack, is a dramatic increase in depth. Small children are not recommended to release themselves into the sea to bathe.

The Waterfront is well equipped. Tourists can expect toilets, pay phones, showers and changing cabins. But if you suddenly want more active fun, you can always go to the nearest town of Tuapse.rest in Olginka reviews


How to evaluate a vacation in Olginka? Reviews of tourists who have already visited this resort, positive. The only thing to consider is the lack of large entertainment complexes. Anyone who wants to relax in peace and quiet, the best place to find. Also high praise deserved such places as restaurants, eateries, bars and cafes. They cook many delicious dishes of different peoples of the world. They can feast on French desserts, Caucasian shashlik, Uzbek plov and other culinary delights.

A Few words to say about accommodation in Olginka. If a tourist prefers a comfortable rest, you can stay at guest houses, hotels, resorts, hotels, recreation centers. Throughout the coast there are places for camping. And the locals in the peak summer season happy to rent rooms and houses to rent. Terms of the agreement are, as a rule, the housing is equipped with necessary furniture, household appliances, some guest cottages have swimming pools, athletic fields. Of course, depending on the arrangement changes in the price of accommodation. Best are considered recreation and a guest house. Let's look at the most popular ones.


In the village of Olginka village on the coast situated, educational and health base called “Horizon”. It offers rooms that are equipped with the necessary furniture. The interior is dominated by pastel shades. Some rooms include air conditioning, a balcony. Rooms recreation in Olginka can accommodate two people. Minimum price from 1800 RUB.

There is a tour Desk which organises excursions to natural, cultural and historical attractions. For people who can not imagine my life without books, a library. Athletes here also will not be bored. They can play basketball, volleyball, big or table tennis, go to the gym.recreation in Olginka


What is the best town on the Black sea coast, where tourists relax? Olginka! Recreation is, in principle, everything here is good, but deserve the attention of the house. Let's look at an inexpensive option – “Dobrynya”. To stay here there are three types of rooms: double comfort, triple and Suite. The minimum cost starts at 800 rubles. But you must know that the height of the summer season rates are significantly increased. That is why from mid-June to end of August, the price of this room will range from 1200 to 1400 rubles per day. The property offers barbecue area, there are places for rest, Parking, Playground. For extra charge Shuttle services are also available.

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