Athena - camp in the Volgograd region: holidays in the protected natural area with city convenience!


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Without exception, residents of large cities like to relax in nature. To have its own country house can not afford every family. Do not worry, no villas – no reason to cancel the trip out of town. «Athena" is a hostel located in an ecologically clean district in the Volgograd region, can afford everyone!

Natural beauty and urban comfort? To choose.

campsite AthenaNatural Park Volga-Akhtuba floodplain – it is a protected area in the Volgograd region. This area is characterized by beautiful nature and a favorable microclimate. It was here, on the banks of the Akhtuba river, in a pine forest is also a leisure centre and sports «Athena”. The camp site is a complex of modern residential houses and cottages of different sizes and comfortable rest areas. This area compares favorably with similar country hotels. Cottage delights guests with the minimalism combined with a high level of comfort. On-site facilities include a Playground, rental equipment for recreation, Playground, swimming pool, sauna and cafes. «Athena" is a hostel that offers to relax in nature, without abandoning his usual living conditions. No extra amenities, unobtrusive service and reasonable prices - all this awaits you in the centre of leisure and sport.

Accommodation and leisure

Athens hostel VolgogradFor the recreation center offers cozy cabins and cottages can accommodate from 2 to 14 people. All residential buildings recently constructed two-storey house has balconies. Inside clean and spacious bedrooms, kitchen, large cottages include living rooms, ideal for friendly get-togethers. In each house there is everything necessary for life: from modern household appliances to small items. «Athena" is a hostel designed for outdoor activities. On landscaped grounds, there are tennis and volleyball courts and an area for sports activities in the fresh air. Guests enjoy fishing in the warmer months you can sunbathe on the beach and swim in the river. Some vacationers prefer to come to the camp without overnight stay. Especially for such guests there are shelters with barbecue grills. On-site leisure centre and sports can celebrate any holiday, to carry out marriage registration. The number of additional entertainment for tourists and sports inventory rent, Billiards, table tennis, sauna, pool. At a local bar offers karaoke evenings and discos.


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The Cost of holidays

What is the cost of a holiday in a pine forest on the Bank of the river Akhtuba? The smallest house, which can comfortably accommodate 2 people, costs 3000 rubles per day. The price rent the largest cottage, designed for one-time settlement of 12 people, is 15000 rubles per day. Also at the camp there are houses with capacity for 4, 6 and 8 people. Come with family and friends, everyone will find here the most suitable in size and cost of the accommodation. Charge of cafe food, firewood for barbecues, sports equipment rentals and several other extras. For convenience, a pre-booking service residential houses and cottages.

Getting to "Athens" (camp, Volgograd)

Campsite Athena reviewsHow to get to these places? The recreation center is located in Sredneakhtubinsky district of the Volgograd region. Getting here is not difficult by car or public transport. From the Central station of Volgograd can be reached by bus No. 146 or route taxi №264. You must exit at the stop “Bridge”, then you will need to walk a little bit. By car it is more convenient to go to the coordinates 48.716153; 44.837689. The recreation center has its own guarded Parking lot where you can Park your car free of charge every guest.

Reviews of tourists on the leisure centre and sports

Athens hostel Volgograd photoThe Camp site «Athena" has positive reviews. The main advantage of this complex – its novelty. Many modern vacation homes and resorts – renovated the hotel is a treat, built in the USSR. «Athena” well – a completely new recreation, all the buildings are pleasing to the guests maximum comfort, and the area is landscaped. This recreation is suitable for organising family days or large-scale celebration of the anniversary. Center health and recreation built in the conservation area. These places are famous for fresh air and beautiful natural scenery. Today the recreation center is open year-round, even in winter attracts a lot of visitors. If you want to relax in the complex in a specific date, we recommend you to book accommodation in advance. The combination of high comfort and affordable prices - this is the motto under which the "Athens" hostel (Volgograd). Photos of the complex you can see in our article, but believe me, no one shot can't convey the beauty of those places.

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