The village of Altai in Altai region: history and interesting facts


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As few places left where you can feel that special freshness and charm of unspoiled nature! The village of Altai in Altai region can rightly be called one of these places – rare and very beautiful.the village of Altai in Altai Krai

Green valleys, picturesque hills, “furry” woods, fields, and on the horizon the bluish outlines of mountains – all this beauty here.village of Altai Altai Krai photo

A Little history

The Village of Altai in Altai region founded in a distant 1808. First, this settlement was the center of Altai volost, later it was considered to be a large merchant village. Here was a well-developed trade and small industry.Altay

If we talk about the people who lived on this land in those days, according to the found records (which, however, refers only to men's souls), in 1857 there lived 511 men, in 1882 – 822. At the end of the 19th century in the village of Altai in Altai region began to move people, so the settlement grew rapidly.Altay

In 1893, on this earth, there were 519 yards and 3082 resident. The building was constructed township Board, two churches (one of which was Orthodox, and the other – common faith), College and school. Also worked here oil mills and leather factory, a wine warehouse, mill, and several shops and market stalls.village of Altai Altai Krai map

According to the census, held in 1926, the village of Altai in Altai region was home to 7595 inhabitants. After almost half a century the settlement was granted the status in which it is now considered an urban-type settlement.Altay

Interesting historical fact

Interestingly, the Great encyclopedia of 1904 contains an entry that Altai is one of the first schismatic settlements. most of the residents took in 1857 the common faith.


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The village was 519 households lived 3000 inhabitants. In addition, the village had two churches, oil mills and tanneries, a weekly market and the chamber of the magistrate.

What is a village today

A Large growing town, which has a population of 14 thousand people – this is today the village of Altai. Altai Krai, a photo of which you can see in this article, a very beautiful place – with its scenic landscapes and plenty of rivers. The village is mentioned in the article, is no exception. It is situated in the foothills of the Altai, along the local river Kamenka.Altay

In the village for a long time already operates several plants, among which wine, brick, asphalt, bakery and others. As in large cities, there are supermarkets, shopping malls, gyms, saunas, cafes and restaurants.

In the district there are various educational establishments, including mainstream schools, kindergartens and vocational schools, and there are institutions such as the school of the masters of cheese making.

lakeThe Settlement is much more interesting than it seems at first glance! Many people come here for tourism purposes. What attracts them to the village of Altai? Altai Krai, the map reflects the diversity of the area, clearly show that it is possible to see and where to go.Altay

A Little about picturesto

This is an interesting and unusual trend has appeared here thanks to the opened in the vicinity of the village Association “Biolit”. It is a large arboretum, a plantation which lies in the foothills of the Altai. Here grow more than 70 species of medicinal and ornamental plants.


Picturesmy – this is just visitors to the arboretum. People are interested in not only these plants but also the products that they produce. And here they have the opportunity to purchase these cultures, to obtain comprehensive information on each plant.

In addition, the village has a Museum, which houses a collection of paintings and interesting exhibitions.

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