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Passing by a school yard, I heard a dispute between two boys of 9-10 years. The essence I will not retell, but the point was that one tried to prove the second his erudition and awareness in terms of geography: “do You know what the capital of America?», - said tot sure that brooked no opposition voice. In reply timidly came a voice: “what?”.

The second baby was severely ridiculed as ignorant. However, if you look, he was right. Somehow, saying the name, we perforce mean the US, but in fact it is two continents-North America and South America, the vast continents, on which the entire state with its culture, peoples, traditions and customs.

Capital of America. Still talk about US

Capital of America, Contrary to enough popular belief, the capital of America – it's not new York, as many believe, and Washington. The city, which was named in honor of the founder and the first President George Washington, who fought for the freedom of citizens from the mass of the colonists from Britain.

Situated on the banks of the Potomac river, this city is considered the main political center of the United States. It also can be called the most independent. Why? Yes, because historically that he does not belong to any state.

Here are the main government institutions (city hall, Congress, Senate, municipal Council, foreign embassies, agencies and ministries), as well as the main offices of the banks and international organizations.


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The Capital of America has so great importance in the lives of the people that literally everything is impregnated with spirit of patriotism. Throughout the city you can find monuments, embodying the symbols of the state, numerous memorials, museums, galleries and exhibitions on similar subjects.

Every year it attracts thousands of tourists, both Americans and travelers from different parts of the world.

Capital of South America. What to look for in the first place?

Capital of South AmericaTo get to the continent is quite difficult, primarily because of the distance, which will have to overcome traveling from Russia. But for those who still succeed, it is impossible not to envy, as a lesson, here you can find a little something for everyone.

One of the most famous cities, of course, is considered the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. The place is undeniably popular among football fans and admirers of the tango.

Buenos Aires is actually can be considered true “controversial” right here, close to modern skyscrapers, are still modest and antique Spanish quarters, and to the fashionable areas of Central striking contrast of slums in remote areas. And if old part is reminiscent of such European metropolis like Madrid, London or Paris, that modern buildings definitely not inferior to new York or Tokyo or Beijing.

This, of course, a green city can boast the presence of parks and boulevards, and in the Central part of even seasoned tourists will be amazed by the variety of monuments and memorials.

Capital of North America. What else besides Washington?

Capital of North AmericaBecause the continent is only two States, but about the US and Washington was discussed in the first section of this article, let's talk about Canada and Ottawa.

As the chief city of the country, this metropolis is considered to be only fourth in area and in population, behind Toronto, Montreal and calgary. However, this does not prevent her for the second year in a row to stay sixth in terms of life on the planet.

Located at the confluence of three rivers, the Ottawa since the dawn of centuries has been and still remains a place for negotiations, business meetings and business conferences, the conclusion of commercial transactions.

The Capital of this city in the mid-19th century, was appointed by Queen Victoria, rather than Ontario and Quebec.

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