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Denmark is located in Northern Europe on the Jutland Peninsula and the Islands of the 480, one of which is the world's largest island-Greenland. From all the Scandinavian countries the most unusual is Denmark interesting facts are clear proof of that. So the interest is already concerned with the form of government in the country – it is a Kingdom headed by Queen. The head of government is the Prime Minister.

Denmark interesting facts of history extant testify to the fact that of all the Scandinavian countries it was not only the oldest but also the most powerful Kingdom. So in the days of the Kalmar Union, that is, at 1397 1523 years, the Danish monarchy was ruled from three countries-Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the last twenty years, countries rules by Queen Margrethe.

Almost all Danes speak English, although Danish is officially recognized. In this small state all the villages and big cities, including the capital Copenhagen, to offer. The roads are paved, and the houses with spires, covered with shingles, very similar to the toy – this makes Copenhagen look like a fairy tale. And yet Copenhagen is among the top ten cities where congresses are held. Here is one of the largest universities in the world.

Born In Denmark and grew up with a talented storyteller in the world – Hans Christian Andersen. The world-renowned little Mermaid statue which is set in Copenhagen, has become a symbol of the country. Andersen's fairy tales translated into almost all languages of the world.


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In some countries, it became common Swedish family consisting of three people, but Denmark interesting facts about it became the first country that in 1989 he legalized gay marriage and equal rights of homosexual couples to heterosexual couples.

Danish Cuisine combines fresh products of the land and sea, but especially love the Danes, herring that is part of open sandwiches, which in the national cuisine are countless. In addition to fishing in Denmark, the development of livestock and farming. This small country supplies the world market a third of mink skins. Agriculture of Denmark employs only 5% of the population, but despite this, agricultural products produced here in three and a half times larger than needed for personal consumption. Denmark produces many organic products agriculture and trades with almost all countries of the world.

In Denmark, thanks to the work of the police, crime is practically not developed. For example, inmates after the liberation from employ, follow them and not only offer to find something for everyone, but can pay the costs associated with, for example, the film or the book publication. This is a very peaceful country. Our Russian Tsar Nicholas II liked to come here, dressed in a simple dress, just walking around Copenhagen, and completely alone.

It is believed that the roads of Denmark — one of the best in Europe, and the tax on cars with a high, probably why the main means of transportation here is the Bicycle. Due to this traffic congestion is much less than in Russia, but a car to take no more than in any other European country. Bike also available to hire, free of charge: when you take a bike – lowered a coin in the machine, and when the bike pass – take back. Toll roads in the country. The cost of public transport is high, but at bus stops or in other public places, you can find four daily complimentary Newspapers.

Leicester University in England conducted a study and found that the state where the happiest people live is Denmark interesting facts to prove it. But the Danes are not only the happiest, they are also the most wise people and understand that wealth is not measured by the number of something and that person needs far less than what he has. In recent years, Denmark is the most prosperous and happy country was recognized repeatedly.

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