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On the legendary island of Rhodes, and washed by the waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and is separated by 18 kilometers from Turkey, in the resort area Faliraki welcomes guests cozy three-star hotel Faliraki Vista. The appearance of Rhodes created by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and Italians.

Once it was patronized by a gigantic statue of the Colossus of Rhodes – the sixth wonder of the world. Giant construction long rests securely hidden in the depths of the sea, and the legend about it blew the island an aura of mystery, enticing tourists in a mysterious place with a marvelous scenery. Small hotel Faliraki Vista 3 (Rhodes) allows to plunge into the mythical atmosphere of Greece and to enjoy a great vacation.


Faliraki Vista

The Resort town of Faliraki and the capital of the island of Rhodes parts 12 kilometers, which travellers have to overcome in 25 minutes by bus or car hire. The Faliraki Vista hotel is located in a quiet neighborhood, nestled on the outskirts of Faliraki. Airport "Diagoras" distance is 15 kilometers.

The Hotel is near other hotels, lively bars and restaurants. On the main street Faliraki, remote from the hotel at a distance which is overcome in about 15 minutes, the crowd of taverns, clubs and restaurants. A short distance from the hotel there are a couple of decent supermarkets (up to the store with necessities only 50 metres).


The Hotel consists of two buildings. In a one-story building includes a reception and lobby with a lobby bar and free Wi-Fi, two-story building has apartments for guests. Lobby bar working around the clock, offers delicious Greek dishes at a reasonable cost.


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The Hotel does not have its own territory, there is no pool. Guests enjoy free pools of the adjacent hotel complexes, remote 100 meters. Between the buildings there is a small garden and a free Parking for the rented tourist cars.


The family-run hotel Faliraki Vista for travelers travelers offers apartments-studios, designed for two or three people. Studios feature a TV, a small kitchen with a refrigerator and stove, spacious bathroom with shower, balcony or terrace.

Faliraki Vista 3 Rhodes

The Rooms are spacious, bright and well maintained. Air conditioning is charged separately. For a surcharge, guests receive access to the safe.

The Beach area

From Faliraki Vista to the public beach Faliraki, strewn with Golden sand, 500 meters. This is recognized as the best beach on the island of Rhodes. For the use of umbrellas, loungers and mattresses, it is necessary to pay. The hotel and the beach separated by a road. The crystal azure waters here are safe for swimming adults and children.

Campers do here, all imaginable water sports. Side by side with beach bars, restaurants and taverns. Nearby is a magnificent Park with thrilling rides. The tourists, sensing that he had received a small dose of adrenaline and unforgettable experiences, doing sports in the open sea, go have fun in the water Park.

Faliraki Vista 3, reviews


The Hotel «Faliraki Vista” perfect for regular beach bliss and recreation. In the afternoon, leaving a comfortable hotel, tourists walk by old narrow streets, where close to many restaurants, souvenir shops, huge shopping centers, having fun at the Golf club. They drive around in a rented car, sightseeing of Rhodes.

With the dusk, vacationers dip into the sparkling night life Faliraki rocking out to fun parties. The former fishing village into a fashionable resort, at sunset, becomes an immense nightclub under the open sky. Extravaganza of fun explode two streets with succinct names Bar Street and Club Street.

The hotel also do not sit all day in the hotel Faliraki Vista 3, reviews of guests are proof of that. They go to children's camps, where fun water slides and rides.


Quiet and unassuming stay designed hotel Faliraki Vista (Rhodes). Reviews of living in it tourists directly point to the fact that this hotel is not – the perfect sanctuary where you can sleep well, lost in the arms of Morpheus, to get myself right and eat your favorite meal prepared in the kitchenette.

Rodos Faliraki Vista reviews

To have Fun, sunbathing and swimming have in Faliraki. However, it does not bother the travelers, because all the tiny places of the resort are within walking distance. And for tourists who have taken a car, this situation is not a problem. A few minutes drive, and they are already in that cozy place that gives them pleasure. Parking at the hotel is large, it easily accommodated all of the leased vehicles.

A Miniature kitchen equipped with everything needed for cooking (even a Turk is). On the spacious balcony there is a table with chairs. Here, guests can have a pleasant meal in the fresh air. Guests, usually in the morning have Breakfast in your hotel, conduct a couple of hours on the beach and then go have fun and to relax in the lively resort area.


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