"Amra" (the sanatorium in Abkhazia): accommodation, prices and reviews


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Abkhazia is often called the ‘land of dreams” or the Sunny and hospitable state in the world. Not all tourists know that on the Abkhazian resorts can not only relax, but also to improve their health. Resorts, offering a variety of treatment, there were erected during the Soviet era. Many of them are functioning today, for example "AMPA" - health resort, situated in a picturesque location and offering a range of modern medical services.

General information about health-related institution

The Sanatorium "AMPA" was built in 1952 as a health resort designed for relaxation and treatment of high-ranking government officials. Is a health and fitness complex in the historic centre of Gagra (about 22 km from Adler). The sanatorium has its own comfortable beach, and around its buildings you will find a unique natural Park. Within walking distance from campus there are plenty of historical attractions and modern tourist facilities.

AMPA sanatorium

"AMPA" - health resort, open all year round, which is especially nice today, in order to relax here, no need to have any special status simply purchase a ticket or rent any room for the holidays without getting treatment.

The salon

The Sanatorium on the profile specializiruetsya the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal apparatus, respiratory organs. Also offers health programs, including those aimed at improving the psychological state and comprehensive relaxation. At the same time, it can make 240 guests.


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Sanatorium Amra Abkhazia

"AMPA" - a sanatorium, where all the conditions for families and elderly tourists. Treatment programs include various types of therapy. This is a variety of baths and showers, inhalation, massage. During his stay in the sanatorium each guest can pass the inspection and obtain advice from local experts of different profiles.

Accommodation Options and rates

Therapeutic recreation complex has two residential buildings, consisting of rooms of different sizes and class comfort. This apartments and suites and Junior Suite, renovated and sea views, as well as accommodation standard, featuring more affordable prices. All rooms are renovated, have private bathrooms, balconies, comfortable furniture and all necessary appliances.

How much is a vacation in that Spa? Standard double room will cost 2500 rubles, and Suite - 3000 roubles. Prices excluding food and additional services at the beginning of the active tourist season.

Sanatorium Amra reviews

"AMPA" - health, receiving guests with minimal number of documents. In order to spend your holidays, you must purchase and arrange all the rules of the permit and insurance for a period of rest. Children under one year stay free of charge.

Sanatorium "AMR" (Abkhazia): infrastructure and related services

Health and fitness center has its own private sandy and pebble beach. From residential buildings to the sea is about 50 meters. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, for an additional fee you can ride a boat or catamaran.

In the resort there are sports grounds and an indoor sports hall, sauna. The complex also boasts its own library and common rooms.

Guests at the café and bar, food vouchers offered in the dining room ("buffet"), in the evenings there are discos.

Excursions to sights of Abkhazia can be ordered, also without leaving the resort, the local tourism Bureau.

Sanatorium "AMR" (Abkhazia): the reviews and the rest

Among those who at least once rested in the medical center, unhappy hard to find. The sanatorium "AMPA" is a great place for a relaxing stay and treatment. It is located in a very beautiful place by the sea. But if suddenly you are bored, you can always go for a walk in town or buy a ticket for a tour to local attractions.

Sanatorium Amra Abkhazia reviews

The Sanatorium "AMPA" feedback from tourists has been positive and as a modern and comfortable complex with a good level of service. Housekeeping is carried out daily, the territory is pleased with the abundance of greenery and well-groomed, and dining room, despite its name, more like a modern restaurant.

Will Appreciate the complex and affordable prices, if you want you can choose a room suitable comfort and spaciousness, and holiday here in the “season” will cost quite inexpensive.

Still thinking where to go to enjoy the peace and quiet, and to improve their health? A good option - the resort "AMR". Abkhazia will definitely impress you with its beauty and hospitality, pleasant climate. Such leave will retain only pleasant memories!

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