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If you want to spend your holiday in the heart of the Russian Federation, namely in Temryuk, then you need to pay attention to the village of Veselovka. Recreation “rainbow” – one of the best located in this region. However, article we will talk not only about her but also about other options such as “Gems”, “Friendship” and “Uralochka”.

Veselovka recreation center

It Should be noted that in the village now only a few places where you can relax, if not to take into account camping. However, they all demand and indeed deserve praise as service and cleanliness.

Veselovka (recreation “rainbow”) is surrounded by unique nature. Is a small village where the population reaches peak in summer. However, many vacationers prefer to rent a residential house and not to rent a room at the hostel. On the one hand-is cheaper, and on the other – this option does not provide entertainment.


For the best pastime in the area must arrive at the village of Veselovka. Recreation “rainbow” is located 300 metres from the shoreline. Guests can use the sauna, swimming pool, dining room. The last offer three meals a day.

recreation gems Veselovka

Guests can place in the rooms «standard», and in separate houses. The administration is letting children of any age. Especially for them a Playground. Each room has air conditioning. Equipped Parking for those who come by own car. Food included in the price. It is implemented by the technology "buffet" that can not fail to please guests. To the centre just 3 km away. the recreation center is open from early summer to early autumn. With animals to arrive is prohibited.


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“Gems” located on the Peninsula of Taman. Near the base of rest is located the Black sea. At the same time, this complex can accommodate only 200 people. Recreation “Gems” (Veselovka) resort has its own private dining room, dance hall, Playground. All the rooms are quite comfortable and cozy. Beach with all facilities is from the base 200 metres away. Work “Gems” from may to October.

In the centre of Taman, is a branch of the recreation center. He takes tourists all year round. Residents are accommodated in three-storey building where only 60 seats. The rooms are designed for 2, 3 and 4 persons. They are quite spacious and comfortable. They feature the latest furniture and appliances. There is a TV and a refrigerator. On-site “Gems” has a sauna, billiard, hockey, Parking lot and a Playground.


In the Temryuk district of the best village is Veselovka. Recreation “Friendship” is 200 metres from the shores of the Black sea. The complex is designed for 75 people. Database is perfect for those who wish to come with family. The rooms have all the amenities, and also includes appliances.

Veselovka recreation center Druzhba

The Canteen operates a animator that will brighten up an ordinary evening in the territory of the base. Just steps from the living area there is a cafe, shops (food and wine) and a BBQ area.

Recreation “Friendship” in veselivka is 500 metres from the lake Salty. It has healing properties. Located near historical and cultural centers in the area. They attract most of the tourists.


Often, tourists come to the village of Veselovka. Recreation “Uralochka” is on the Black sea coast. 200 metres from the village lies the beach, where all the necessary equipment for a pleasant time spending.

The recreation center offers its guests rooms that have good comfort, find sport and dance floors. There is also a snack bar and a dining room where both will be able to accommodate 120 people.

Baza Otdykha Druzhba in veselivka

Central equipped beach is much further than the usual shoreline. To the last distance is only 10 meters. Children will not be bored specially trained people (animators) who permanently live entertainment.

Adult excursions the crocodile and ostrich farms, museums, Abrau-Dyurso. In Anapa, which is very close, there is a planetarium, parks, dolphinariums and water parks. The latter is most often visited by children. The minimum room rate-600 rubles.

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