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The State Kremlin Palace is the most prestigious and the best in Moscow. It was called became so in 1992, it was called the "Kremlin Palace of Congresses". The address of its brief: the Kremlin, Moscow.

Quick features

The Palace Is located in the territory belonging to the residence of the President of Russia. Hall of the Kremlin Palace ranked as one of the best in the world. His capacity for six thousand people. The huge size is not overwhelming, but create a sense of comfort and balance. The stage area is 450 square meters, it is equipped with all necessary equipment. In addition to the main in the Palace there is a Small hall is a reception Hall. This files most often given chamber concerts, performances of jazz, classical music.

Kremlin Palace of congresses

The Kremlin Palace of Congresses has its own restaurant, which can host at the Banquet from six hundred to a thousand people, the reception can accommodate up to two thousand invitees.

A Little history

The Idea of construction of a building belonged to Khrushchev – chief Secretary of the Central Committee. It was decided that the Kremlin Palace of Congresses needs to be built for the XXII Communist party Congress, which was scheduled for the autumn of 1961. Prior to that, the Communists gathered at the Bolshoi theater or in the old Palace of the Kremlin. Nikita for holding high events agreed only on the Kremlin, no other place did not suit him. It was decided to build a luxurious Palace that was designed specifically for conducting important social events. Chosen place for this – the old Armory in the Empire style built in the early nineteenth century Gotovim. Before this place was built in the yard of Tsar Boris Godunov. Near the old Armory was a chain of old Russian guns at the head of the Tsar cannon. They were all moved towards the Arsenal of the captured French guns.


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diagram of the Kremlin Palace of congresses


Before the construction of the facility, this place made archaeological excavations, which allowed to replenish a story about Moscow.

In creating the project building attended by the best architects: of Sapelnikov, Posokhin, Stamo, Mndoyants, Stellar. And engineers: Kondratyev, school children, lions, Melik-Arakelyan.

The First hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses was calculated on four thousand places. The project was divided into three fronts (facade, lobby, meeting room), each engaged in a certain group of architects. Subsequently, many this project was awarded the Lenin prize.

Under the influence of Chinese colleagues in Beijing rebuilt the Palace of Congresses in ten thousand places, it was decided to expand the building. It was planned to create a hall with a capacity of six thousand people. At the same time designed Banquet hall for 2,500 people. Diagram of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses indicates that the newly increased amount was “hidden” under the ground to a depth of fifteen meters. There are additional floors where you placed the audience's wardrobes.

The Opening of the Palace

hall of the Kremlin Palace of congresses

Construction Continued only sixteen months. For such a short time had to complete the task. It destroyed the old officers ' barracks from the time of Nicholas I, when it acted for the whole team. The massive construction required strict discipline and a huge liability. Even for a small mistake there was a possibility to lose your party membership and even freedom. Kremlin Palace of Congresses was built on public money, it means not pitied.

The Opening took place in October 1961. Posh party Palace all were amazed by its opulence and grandeur. The facade was decorated with white Urals marble, and Golden anodized aluminum. The main entrance was crowned with the emblem of the Soviet Union, decorated with gold leaf. Later in the course of history was replaced with the Russian coat of arms.

For interior decoration were used karmakchinskiy red granite Baku patterned travertine, marble koelga, a variety of expensive wood.

One of the difficult design problems was that the new building had to fit correctly in the face of the Kremlin. It was agreed that the Kremlin Palace of Congresses should be consistent with the building of the Arsenal. To do this, and deepened the Palace on 15 meters in the ground, which gave the opportunity to distribute the building more than eight rooms.

The Kremlin Palace of congresses - how to get?

The Kremlin Palace – the capital's landmark, which does not require special wide view. It is located in the heart of Moscow-in the Kremlin. This makes it quite accessible for visits of tourists and spectators. The State Kremlin Palace is the main and most prestigious stage of Russia. Here are the important events, concerts of the most prominent Russian and international stars.

Kremlin Palace of congresses how to get

The Greatest flow of visitors there is always the Christmas party, because they hold the all-Russian Kremlin Christmas tree. Entrance to the Kremlin Palace strictly a pass or tickets.

You can Enter via the Kutafya tower. There is a checkpoint as well as Luggage storage. The territory of the Kremlin can be reached without going through Trinity bridge, Trinity tower and the gate of the same name.


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