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For those who like active recreation, the Ural is the place, where in summer, raft on rivers, trek in the wild Ural mountains, and in winter time to enjoy the wonderful ski slopes of the popular ski resorts. Ski resorts of Perm Krai will take everyone - from beginners to professional athletes.

Vehicle ski resorts

In the Perm region nearly two dozen ski resorts. Ski season begins in late November and lasts until April. Some databases ready to accept skiers all year round, providing hot season a great artificial snow coverage, which is indistinguishable from the real snow.

ski base Polazna of the Perm Krai

Highway ski resorts of the Perm region have different complexity. There are trails for beginners, they are called "green routes". They are all ski resorts. «Blue highway" for fans who are familiar with skiing, but don't have enough experience to ride the downhill. "Red route" on all of the ski complexes. They are for experienced skiers. On these routes complicated route, with a long and steep slopes, there are large elevation changes. And only two ski resorts of Perm and the Perm region have “black track”. They are in Polazna and Tuchman. They riding the ski elite. It is a route of high level complexity and risks.

Recreation “city”: how to get

The national Park «Lunarska mountain” on the left Bank of the Kama reservoir is the oldest of the ski resorts of the Perm region – “city”. This is a huge area where you come for leisure,you can find any to their liking. There are places where you can practice winter and summer sports or to wander in the reserve and meet the bright-eyed squirrels, and if you are lucky to see foxes. On the basis of a children's Playground with a cable car for young sports fans. On equipped site located in the woods, Teens can play paintball and shooting.


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ski resort of the Perm Krai

Since the base is located not far from Perm, bus station, scheduled buses “Perm-Polazna”. Coming to Polazna, you can take a local bus and drive up to the base. Alternatively, you can call a taxi. If the base to get their own transport, need to follow on the road to Berezniki. Driving through towns to Polazna, Hemp and Konstantinovka, you will see that on the left is a banner indicating to the base of the Perm region - “city”.


“city” takes tourists all year round, allowing them to enjoy both active and passive recreation. To base come single tourists and families. At their disposal are such objects as:

  • Hotels and guest houses for 7 people;
  • Bath
  • Playground;
  • Guarded Parking lot;
  • Children Playground for young athletes;
  • Private medical care;
  • Emergency;
  • Dining.

Map of the ski base

Of Course, the main advantage of ski resorts in Perm region – it is a route, equipped with everything necessary for lowering and lifting, cross country ski trails and Snowmobiling trails, slopes for cheesecakes and a large snowpark. At the beginning of each track is the color index, characterizing its complexity, provided the length of the route and elevation. Just “Polazna” 8 tracks, each with a length of from 250 to 750 m with a height difference of from 40 to 150 m.ski-base Perm and Perm Krai

Winter season opens with the first frost that comes in late November, and lasts until April. At cool spring, due to the artificial snow cover, the season is extended for at least a month. On the basis of works descent for riding on snowtube or as they are popularly called, is “rings”. This is as an alternative to skating and sledding. Snowtube is a rubber circle with a plastic bottom.

Winter «city» tourists have lit up in the evening of the track. Due to technology compaction of snow trails are in perfect condition. If necessary, involved in the work of snow guns, trails processed by snow groomers to ensure snow coverage and a comfortable ride on the track.ski resorts of Perm Krai

Equipment rental and prices

Usually professional skiers use their equipment, but rent it on the base. The ski bases of the Perm region at the prices are quite affordable offers additional services, which include classes with professional instructors and payment of ski lifts.

The rental can be children's and adult ski sets, kits, and boots of the snowboarder, ski, boots and poles and all the necessary for leisure and sport activities in winter and summer. In the price lists of rental there are prices on all the gear and ski passes for the ski services on the basis of the Perm region.ski resorts of the Perm region prices

Centeractive recreation “city”

For the summer in the recreation center “city” has developed a number of programs for family and corporate rest. The organization of rafting on the rivers of the Perm region and the city. Tourists can take a dip in the Bavarian forest or go fishing on the shore. Visitors can wander along trails of the reserve. There is a ski base in Perm Krai playgrounds for football and volleyball.

Also developed an extensive children's program with interesting scenarios of such games as paintball and laser tag. Camouflage uniforms, markers, mask, gloves are issued on the basis of and included in the cost of the purchased ticket. Thrill-seekers can test themselves on a water trampoline “Nippert”. Throughout the summer season takes tourists tented eco-camp “Quava”.

“city” is ready to welcome lovers of an active lifestyle.

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