Annabella Diamond Hotel & Spa 5* (Turkey/Alanya): photos and reviews of tourists


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Different options, depending on the financial capacity of potential tourists, offers well-developed infrastructure of the resort region of Alanya. The prices here are differentiated based on various categories of tourists.Alva Donna exclusive hotel spa 5

However, in General, for the province characterized by attractive to patients ratio of service quality and their prices. For example: the approximate price of a week tour for two adults at hotel Annabella Diamond Spa 5* in April 2015 is 1125 $. Thus, five-star vacation resort visitors are buying less than $ 100 per person per day.

Note: the climate of Alanya

For rest, visitors should be adequately taken into account the weather.

Alanya (Turkey) differs an average annual temperature of 200C and humidity close to 65%. The southern part of this province is considered the most warm resort area of Turkey as it is protected from the wind picturesque Taurus mountains.Spa hotel

The holiday season Alanya is a period of time from April to October, respectively, and the bathing season lasts for about 300 days. The most popular tourist summer months. The temperature at this time is in the range of +26–330C. the temperature of the water, respectively, starting from June to end of October is +25–270.

Thus, for the vast majority of tourists due to its climate conditions according to the indications for their health suitable Alagna.

Tours are relatively inexpensive, and recreational opportunities differentiated for every taste. It is important for tourists – wisely choose the travel Agency which you can really trust your holidays, flights, insurance, excursions.


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We Recommend to choose tour operator or travel Agency, pre-selecting those who work in the market for several years. There are other choices, for example, in advance by the tour operator's site you can only specify the price you are willing to pay for the tour. In this case, you will be offered a number of hotels with different star ratings. However, a more practical and safe still buying tour “classics” of the selected operator – in a specific hotel.

About Incekum

The Province of Alanya – large enough. Restrict our choice of resort Incekum, remote from the well-known Mediterranean seaside resort of Alanya, 25 km away. the Hotel Annabella Diamond Hotel Spa 5* - the subject matter of this article - is here, a mile from the nearest village of Alanya 5 stars

The Local resort living comes alive in the late afternoon, gaining the highest intensity and magnitude at night, when there are numerous parties and discos. This booming resort town, where there are numerous shops, restaurants and of course hotels. "Alanya, 5 stars" - like the resort is all attractive look of our new hotels: III-IV generations of Incekum, part of the resort region of Alanya.

Unique natural grounds

The Word “Incekum” in Turkish means “thin sand". Indeed, pure gold, perfectly clean sand, periodically clean the hotel beach cars – business card Annabella Diamond. The nature here is fertile for a quiet, relaxing holiday. Around – majestic mountains and fragrant pine forests. Ribbon of beaches-just perfect. So with the natural environment, the hotel Annabella Diamond Hotel Spa 5* just got lucky. In ancient times these places were like the legendary Queen Cleopatra.

A Relatively young resort of Incekum is now significantly developed its infrastructure. It is considered to be the perfect peaceful place for a comfortable family holiday. And we have chosen the hotel, due to the developed children's infrastructure, solid its mini-club – the perfect place to stay the youngest tourists.

About the hotel

The hotel complex Itself the first line of the Annabella Diamond Hotel Spa 5* was built in 2012. Under it the area of 10 thousand square meters. It is a one storey building.

Alanya sea

The room Fund of the hotel complex comprises 229 rooms. Of these, 222 rooms Standard, their area – 32 m2. 7 family rooms (with living room and two bedrooms) and one VIP-room (Suite).


Accommodation Annabella Diamond Hotel (Alanya) spacious and well-equipped. They are equipped with bathroom, WC, balcony. Furniture (table in the living room, sofas, coffee table, wardrobe) made of natural wood, it is not worn. In addition to furniture, client rooms equipped with necessary appliances: air conditioning, Minibar, LCD-TV, satellite, telephone, hair dryer. Guests can also extra charge to use the safe.

The Staff of the hotel the rooms are cleaned daily. A change of linen-three times a week. Rooms are provided with all necessary toiletries.


On the territory of the hotel complex Annabella Diamond Hotel Spa 5* equipped with three pools: adult and children's outdoor and indoor heated pool. Outdoor pools equipped with water slides. About the children's pool for the little ones Playground. Here with the children from 1000 to 1300 and 1500 to 1730 staff.

Food has become the main restaurant the meals method of a buffet, a lobby bar, a beach bar, a poolside bar, a bar at the disco.

For evening shows and various cultural programs are equipped with a special amphitheatre.

On the basis of hotel Annabella Diamond Hotel Spa Alanya can be arranged business events: conferences, panels, symposiums. For this the hotel the conference hall is equipped with a Congress system, projection equipment, video walls, modern video.

There is also a modern Spa, whose presence, incidentally, is predictable because it displayed the name of the hotel.


The Considered Spa hotel attracts guests, not least thanks to its Spa capabilities. Indeed, a considerable part of the tourists going to the resort not just to boring time, but also in order to improve your health. Features thermal, mineral water treatment with the use of scrubs, peels, masks, massages.description of beach

It features Annabella Diamond Hotel – are carefully and individually selected by experienced professionals according to the intensity and temperature of the hot baths using healing salts, algae and mud, the Hammam Turkish bath, steam room, sauna, Vichy shower, a diverse range of massages, stone and acupuncture.

All this is very adequately furnished. Customers in their reviews about Spa hotel, in addition to improving the overall condition of the body, say also aesthetic pleasure, with the additional involvement of scented candles and oils, lighting, music.


The Hotel beach is directly next to the hotel complex. It's beautiful: blue sea and Golden sand is well maintained. The beach is cleaned daily. Judging by the customer reviews, it – perfect. Its wide strip of sand.

Sunbeds, umbrellas, mattresses are given to the guests mentioned above free of charge. Regarding beach towels, in fact – they are also free, but are issued only against the amount of money. Next door is a beach hotel buffet.

The Entry – smooth, gradual, great for kids. The bottom is sandy. The water is clear and can be seen at a depth of 8 meters. Generally speaking, convenient for families with children hotels with sandy beaches – business card Incekum. In particular, here is also one of the best in the Mediterranean, Cleopatra beach, which we highly recommend to visit. This is preferable to a travel agent to buy this excursion in travel agencies. However, there are options even more profitable.

Tours – guests Turkey

In the opinion of tourists, one of the most popular excursions in Turkey is a visit to the thermal springs of Pamukkale and the city, carved into the rocks of Cappadocia. These tours – is quite long, it takes 2 days. Their implementation needs the services of travel with sandy beaches

The Mineral waters of Pamukkale, formed a natural cascade of white pools. Here was revitalized by the ancient Romans. According to legend, here even Cleopatra took medicinal baths.

Cappadocia is famous for its underground rock cities with complex architecture, water supply, Sewerage.

Excursions on their own. Alanya

The Most creative tourists themselves can arrange trips with your vocabulary English and consultation of local residents. From Avsallar to Alanya every 10 minutes goes a bus. To the bus station of Alanya it takes about 1 hour. The price of travel is 4.5 Lira per person. Here at the station the exchange rate $ to Lira more profitable than in exchange offices of Avsallar.


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