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Among the Caucasus mountains in the valley of the mountain river Adbara stretches a beautiful village of Divnomorskoye. It's a pretty neat resort of Gelendzhik separated by the distance of 9 kilometers. Major trails are far from the village. Weather is nice here, helped along by the rocks, stretching far into the sea, enclosing the town from storm. And marvelous greenery makes this town truly unique. This could not affect the decision of those people who are choosing to stay in Divnomorskoye. Reviews of tourists who visited this resort, mostly positive. Here, clean sea with sandy bottom, pebbly beaches, where there is always free space, and medicinal pine scent landings Pitsunda pines.

stay in Divnomorskoye reviews

Despite the fact that the village Divnomorskoe included in the group of resorts of Gelendzhik area, this is a very popular independent resort that is popular with many tourists. In addition, it is well developed tourist culture of service and maintenance. Choosing a holiday in Divnomorskoye, which reviews confirm that the village is well developed infrastructure, each will discover something new and wonderful. It is ideal for a family holiday. Along the sea lies a wonderful promenade with lots of cafes and restaurants, any company will find fun to taste. In addition, there is a water Park with plenty of attractions for children and adults.Divnomorskoye vacation 2013 reviews

But this is not all that famous for Divnomorskoye. Holiday 2013 reviews, which has left tourists, allowed us to enjoy not only sea, beach and surrounding scenery, but also a lot to see. So, being on this resort, you can see dolmens, which are able to reveal the secrets of distant times. These burial structures were built for the burial of residents of the tribes that previously inhabited this territory. Unfortunately, a burial ground, situated at secondary school # 12 and is related to the middle Ages, almost did not survive. Another dolmen is located in the Western part of the village on the right coast of the river Aderba. It will be interesting visit the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh.


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In Addition to the dolmens, vacationers can take a stroll and explore the whole village, as it is small in size and is divided by river into two parts. The main streets are just three. First street carries the name of Lenin, preserved according to the traditions of the Soviet era. It begins with her stay in Divnomorskoye. Reviews indicate that it is the most inhabited and busy. Here are all kinds of shops, souvenir stalls. In addition, there are several resorts and guest houses. It starts at the entrance to the village and comes to the waterfront. For those who prefer a quiet area, better to choose a place on the street Mountain. There are virtually no cafes and clubs, eliminating her from the noisy young companies.recreation Arion Divnomorskoye reviews

Hotels, resorts, “savage” - all stay in Divnomorskoye. Many reviews mention about the latest version. There is enough space to set up tents. In the village many grocery stores with a good range. In addition, the village has two markets. One is located in the Central part of the second, small, mostly fruit and vegetables, located in the Western part of the settlement. For those who don't want to waste your time in the kitchen, there are many private hotels, guest houses, sanatoriums and recreation centers.

The choice of housing should take into account that the mode of living in hotels more free than in sanatoria and boarding houses. More than ten mini-hotels located on the shoreline a few meters from the sea. However, the prices of such housing is no less than the house in Turkish hotels. Rest houses and resorts provide an opportunity not only to relax but also improve your health. One of the most popular is considered the base of rest "Arion" (Divnomorskoe). The reviews left by vacationing, there is no doubt that it really is one of the economical accommodation options. Here, you can relax as a youth, and families with children. For leisure there is a swimming pool, sports facilities, children's Playground, hire of rollers and bicycles, medical center. The beach is 800 metres from the recreation center. Food is ordered on request, equipped kitchen. The choice of accommodation depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

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