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Getting transferred on the basis of the will of the transport is considered as a simple procedure. But there are nuances which may emerge complexity. This car valuation for inheritance, which must be done before getting a property. It is important to understand what it requires. About it it is told in the article.

What you need to possession

Car and base obtain property after the death of his master. If a person knows that it takes a machine, but it does not have a will, the vehicle, the documents related to the deceased, to issue the inheritance will not work. However, note that to issue the right of ownership will only for six months. This period is spent on finding documents and transport.

car valuation for inheritance

If the location of a machine is known and the documents it has, thanks to the initiative of the beneficiary are performed by independent car valuation for inheritance. This requirement is considered mandatory. Without the opinion of a specialist, the notary does not renew the property to another person.

Documents for the inheritance

What is required to obtain the inheritance? In the mandatory list of documentation include:

  1. Passport.
  2. The death Certificate of the testator.
  3. Proof of the relationship or the will.
  4. Registration certificate or certificate of the car.
  5. Valuation report.
  6. Statements to the notary the receipt of an inheritance.
  7. Proof of payment of registration fee.

joining the legacy car valuation

Not everyone knows why car valuation in joining the legacy. Usually this procedure is performed after the accident, when there are difficulties with the recovery of money from the insurance company with the guilty party. But it is considered a standard for various legal transactions where the participation of a notary.


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Purpose of valuation

To obtain the required inheritance registration of the property. It may be done by a notary. For this procedure the stamp duty is charged, the amount of which is determined by the amount of the transaction. Therefore, the required car valuation for inheritance, then the notary to determine the amount of contribution to the budget. This amount is paid by the heir. Since the law of the Russian Federation for the received property is not taxed, this duty will be a major expense for a new owner.

The contribution is proportional to the amount of the car. Therefore, demand a detailed inspection of the machine. The expert should know that the evaluation is done for the notary, so you need to pay attention to all the imperfections of the car. The more defects, the less the estimated value, and therefore the stamp duty.

The Law defines the following amounts of contributions:

  1. 0.3% of the appraised value for heirs 1 and 2 turns, but not more than 100 thousand rubles.
  2. 0,6% - for others, but not more than 1 million rubles.

If the property multiple recipients, set by the notary public the amount of shares depending on the share of each. If you cannot pay all at once have the right to receive delay time is not more than 3 years. But in this case, the client must provide evidence of insolvency.

Running the score

Car Valuation for inheritance can be performed by any expert group, which will choose a successor. The event is organized by the recipient. Now such work is done by various companies. Expenses are paid by the heir.

cost of vehicle for inheritance

It Must be remembered that others, who have a share, have the right to contest detention granted at the first assessment. They can conduct their own assessment of the value of the car for inheritance by another company. If between the parties there is no agreement, the decision to deal is taken by the court.

How is

Independent car valuation for inheritance is based on the following steps:

  1. The appraisal company have to provide documentation.
  2. Should wait for the results of the procedure.
  3. The Client receives a closing.

Event Period is determined depending on the load of the company and the need to perform surface analysis or a detailed examination of transport. It usually takes 2-3 hours, but sometimes the event is delayed for 2-3 days.


How much is car valuation for probate? The price may be in the range of 800-900 rubles. The cost depends on complexity of work and urgency. In big cities, the stakes are usually higher. In the suburbs there are the best deals.

independent car valuation for inheritance

But the cost of the procedure should not be the main factors of choosing expert company, as the work of the real experts will not be cheap. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rating agencies, to assess the reliability and quality of services.

Documents for evaluation

Usually, every region has its own company. Car valuation for inheritance in the North-East (North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow) performed by the many agencies working everywhere. As for the procedure, you must provide:

  1. Passport.
  2. Registration certificate and certificate on the machine.
  3. The death Certificate of the former owner of the car.

You May need information on mileage. Car valuation for inheritance in the Eastern (Eastern administrative Okrug of Moscow), and in other districts is performed with the same list of documents.

Do I have a car

By law, the assessment can be performed in the absence of transport. The event is held on the basis of information specified in the documents. But if you need a detailed examination in which a specialist can identify of imperfection, you need a car to deliver the appraisal company or to invite an expert to the location of the transport. The second service will have a surcharge.

car valuation for inheritance SVAO


It is Important to report the evaluation was framed correctly. Otherwise it may be a lawsuit from the other heirs, and then fail to prove the objectivity of the procedure. The specialist will appraise the car, draw up the conclusion with all the rules. All report pages are numbered, it is sewn and will sign with the seal of the estimates of the firm and signature of the responsible. Additionally, copies of the documents that have been examined.

Evaluation Methods

The Procedure is performed using several methods:

  1. Profitable.
  2. Expensive.
  3. Comparative.

car valuation for inheritance VAO

The report describes the opinion on these estimation methods. We will also specify average price of a car in the auto market, given some of the details:

  1. The Year.
  2. Mileage.
  3. The body.
  4. The engine.
  5. More items – alarm, car DVR, navigation.
  6. Relevance of the model.
  7. Loss of commodity prices.
  8. The Average price of a car.

To the document I have attached a photo of a machine and a list of regulations, manuals used to establish the value of the property. It is advisable to have a certified copy of the document.

Re-registration of machines

The Final process of inheritance is the re-registration of the car in his name. You need to have provided the notary certificate of inheritance, so you should apply to the traffic police six months after the death of the owner of the car.

The traffic police have submitted:

  1. Passport.
  2. Certificate of inheritance.
  3. Registration certificate of the car.
  4. Certificate on the machine.
  5. Card.
  6. Insurance.
  7. Plate.

In addition to these documents, the successor needs to fill out and submit an application for withdrawal of transport-registration and registration in his name. You also need to drive and put the car on a special platform of the traffic police. After checking the documentation shall be inspection of the machine. Then the heir will be issued re-issued documents.

car valuation for probate

To Operate the machine before the re-registration impossible. After this procedure the new owner the full right to use and dispose of property. If the owner will wish to sell or donate a car, then have to pay 13% tax from the cost of transport.

Thus, the evaluation procedure for the car the inheritance is considered to be mandatory. It is important to order it in checked firm, which is renowned for its reliability and great reviews among customers. Then all the renewal will be carried out correctly, on the basis of norms of the law.


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