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For a Long time correspondence in Europe forward, skillfully folding letters triangles, which are then stamped with a wax seal. The first envelope was invented by the master brewer - manufacturer in the city of Brighton, which produces paper. He made a pack of simple paper bags and offered them to its customers for free by recommending to send emails in them. The first correspondence sent to them, created a furor. The society was so pleased with this new product, all to use it packages for shipment of any documents. At first, they pasted themselves and the filling of the envelope has not been normalized.

the Filling of the envelope

Every reporter wrote at the same address as where he or she wishes. Later in England launched the first machine izgotavlivaem mail envelope, intended for bonding with a wax seal, and only to the late nineteenth century began to only glue their flaps. At the same time began to produce their individual colors for each day of the week. The introduction of the postage stamp, and then stamps resulted in more requirements for the correspondence. Even then, the workers began to demand that the filling of the envelope produced in accordance with shared rules.

 the Filling of the envelope of the letterInitially, back in tsarist times, Russia mailing envelope cost only six cents. The postman taking the mail, put a stamp on it anywhere. The determining factor was just the color of the stamp, which depended on the weight of the package, and the correct filling of the envelope no one was interested. Only with the introduction of the brand, the place for stamp and its location was identified in the upper right corner.


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In those days, and now, the speed of delivery of considerable influence was rendered by high-quality filling of the envelope. Emails sent in properly designed packages always arrive much faster. Unlike e-mail, correspondence material is much higher valued. This is a thing that can keep a long memory, so envelopes and today not only do not lose their relevance, but also occupy a large segment in the printing industry. Today a lot of developed software allowing quickly and qualitatively to make correspondence with the help of a computer. But if you do it manually, you need to adhere to the General rules agreed upon in international format.

Correct filling of the envelope

So, filling envelopes to send correspondence within Russia and CIS countries need to do in Russian. Letters sent abroad, should be written in English, it is allowed to duplicate address in the national language of the recipient.

We should Not allow careless filling of the envelope, the letters should be legible, the words are clearly visible and understandable. In the right corner, below grade, you need to specify first name and surname of the recipient, then his home address. Then you need to write the name of the settlement, district and region. In conclusion – country and postal code.

His name, surname and detailed address must be specified also on the front side of the envelope, but in the upper left corner. However, there are countries in which the data sender is indicated on the back.

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