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Characteristics of the labour and personality of the person is made not only on the ordinary employees. The head can also be described from the point of view of professionalism, compliance office and of the performance of its functions. How to write this description and the differences between these documents in different organizations, next.

sample characteristics on the head


Sample characteristics of a leader is an example, the scheme of drawing up an official document which provides a review of the work of man, his personal qualities, which allowed to achieve success, the peculiarities of organizational work and influence on labour collective. Sample characteristics it is convenient to carry and use if necessary.

The Document can be compiled for a variety of purposes: to transfer to another position or to another location for awarding of city and state agencies, to provide in place of various social structures.

Sample characteristics the head should provide a General picture plan of how to objectively evaluate people. For example, if the company began to work better, which is it to the credit Manager.

The Feature is made more often on the letterhead of the enterprise (organization). In this case, the text does not need to specify all the coordinates issued feature.

feature at the head of the company sample

What is data characterization?

That includes a production feature on the head? The sample document is made depending on the purpose and intended use, but there are basic data that must be included:


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

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Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employers perceive the order of certification of employees as a formality. Regulations intended for commercial organizations, were not issued. Certification is required only for employees of the organizations designated in the laws of the spheres, le...

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

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  • Personal data: name, date of birth, information about education, previous positions (with dates);
  • The name of this organization, which gives characteristics, taken here of the position, job requirements and achievements;
  • Information about a person in a managerial position: description of business qualities, personal characteristics, management style, achievements (what changes have occurred in the organization during his managerial activities), influence on the team;
  • Information about improving the skills, rewards and promotions;
  • Place serves characteristic;
  • The date of the signature.

Business leadership in the feature

Sample characteristics at the head of the organization - a plan, which must include a description of the professional qualities of the person. What applies to them?

  • Career (career: mastery of essential employment skills, classroom training, self-education, which helped a person to achieve the position of the head).
  • Achievements (implementation of innovation, leadership in projects, increasing production volumes, etc.).
  • Professional development, additional education (to the extent the person is engaged in constant development of their labor potential, "is in step with the times").
  • Additional professional knowledge and skills (knowledge of labour legislation, normative-legal acts related to employment, skills, staff motivation, etc.).

feature at the head of the awarding of the sample

Socio-psychological data on the head

In addition to the presentation of business skills in sample characteristics on the head, you need to include socio-psychological data which in the future will be included in the document itself. They give to understand what personal resources a person has reached positive results in their activities, how he copes with leadership position.

Psychological traits can be: dedication, responsibility, result orientation, initiative, willingness to risk, benevolence, tact, a willingness to defend its interests and the interest of the collective. Separate important are communication skills, leadership, organizational skills.

In addition, you must indicate which leadership style uses the man: authoritarian, democratic, liberal (appeasement), as a decision maker (or listens to the team).

Sometimes the sample characteristics of the head includes items about marital status and presence of children at the head.

What is the characteristic of a school leader?

feature at the class teacher

The management of the institution is characterized from the point of view of the educational influence on the younger generation, the implementation of effective impact on employment or student staff, whether management activities of the Director, his Deputy or characteristic to the class teacher. A sample of this document includes the following items:

  • Full name, date of birth, the name of the organization that produces the characteristic;
  • Education (name, specialty and period of study at the University, additional seats educational (courses, trainings, professional development etc.);
  • Work experience: General, teaching, in office;
  • Business acumen, leadership style, the mastery of techniques of education and upbringing of children, the use of new methods, self-education;
  • The personality traits, relationship with colleagues and children;
  • State and other awards;
  • Accomplishments (participation in competitions of pedagogical skills, scientific publications, creation of original techniques for working with students).

Characteristics on the classroom teacher, sample


Of the class teacher 11-B-class

... (name of school)

Ivanova Elena Ivanovna

Ivanova Elena Ivanovna, born in 1990, is a mathematics teacher at (name of school) in 2013. Has higher education majoring in Physics and mathematics, graduated from ... (name of University) in 2013. 2014, is class teacher mathematics and the physical Sciences class. At the moment is 11-B.

Elena Ivanovna - a teacher of the second category, enterprising, loving children and a dedicated teacher. Thanks to the active living position, creative approach, and constant self-education, she manages to find a common language with the students entrusted to her class and their parents. Has the skills of conflict resolution, knowledge of child psychology, applies individual approach to their learning.

The Possession theory and practice of educational activities, skill-building and self-education allows us to make conclusions about Elena Ivanovna as qualified teacher. Ivanova Elena takes part in the scientific activities of the school, publishes articles in public periodicals.

Parenting issues focuses on the development of value orientations of the younger generation. Holds frequent conversations on this subject, invites parents to round tables encourages children to participate in social events. Engaged in leadership development of their students. So, a student 11-B ... (name, surname) became the repeated winner of the city contest "Leader".

Awarded a diploma by the school "For the active introduction of innovative technologies in mathematics lessons" in 2015.

Ivanov Elena is a cheerful, considerate and responsible person. Among the students is respected in the team with respect.

Feature issued by the requirements.



feature at the head of the DOE sample

Description of the head DOE

Overall, repeats requirements to writing specifications to the Director, other educational institutions and characteristics of the head of the DOE. A sample of this document can be supplemented by some data:

  • Participation in the formation of groups of kindergarten students;
  • Control over the observance of sanitary norms in the preschool institution;
  • Administrative, financial, personnel policy Manager;
  • Coordinate the activities of professional groups DOU - educators, nurses, kitchen workers, etc.

Feature for awards: recommendations for the compilation

An Official document which provides a description of the business, the personal qualities of the man, his achievements in office and merit, which are the basis for the award, and it is characteristic of the Director. Sample award document must contain the following data:

  • Personal section;
  • Education;
  • Matching staffing all previous and current positions;
  • Full name of enterprise (organization);
  • Introductory remarks: General information about employment rights (seniority General and at the workplace, job specialty, skill level, retraining, positions and increasing);
  • Main part: evaluation of business and personal qualities (what features...

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