Orlovskiy Tsentral. The story of one of the worst prisons of tsarist Russia


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Orlovsky Central is known as one of the largest prisons in pre-revolutionary Russia. Remarkably, correctional institution exists today under the official name of the detention center-57/1. Famous prison due to violent against the prisoners. True and complete history of the Orel Central in our article.

The jail in eagle

Orlovskiy TsentralIn 1840 in eagle appeared holding company, thirty years later it was reorganized into the Prisoner's correctional facility. In 1908, the prison is expanding again and gets a new title – a Convict Orlovskiy Tsentral. At that time, the correctional facility was designed for 1200 prisoners. Often the total number of prisoners reached 1,400 people. At the time of its establishment, the prison consisted of the main building, “fortress” of the case, new building, single housing for “newbies”. In the prison there was also a prison infirmary, with a capacity of 70 people. Orlovskiy Tsentral had a camera with a capacity of 28 to 36 prisoners. However, in the same room was held up to 60 prisoners.

History correctional institution

prisonIn 1917, the background of the General situation in the country correctional institution ceased to exist. However, in 1926 a prison in Orel reborn. Among the first prisoners here get former jailers. The most famous among them: Rychlinski (the chief doctor of the prison hospital), Semashko-Solodovnikov, Former, von cube, Millstone, Dovchenko. As in many other prisons in Orel Centrale held together the political and criminal offenders. Treatment of all prisoners was disgusting. During the Second world war, immediately before the occupation of the eagle enemy troops Stalin gave the order to shoot political prisoners who were in the city jail. The city was occupied by German troops in October 1941 the invaders on the territory of the Orel Central organized a camp. After the war, Orlovsky became a Central function in the usual way.


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The conditions of detention and fun facts

Prison Orlovskiy TsentralThe Numerous historical records prove that the attitude towards prisoners in prison was a nightmare. In the period from 1908 to 1912 prison Orlovskiy Tsentral buried 437 prisoners. And this is only the official statistics. Overcrowding, failure to comply with sanitary standards. In prison constantly emerging epidemics of various diseases. Thus, despite the presence of hospitals, using prisoners in most cases. Colorful all about the prison told Dzerzhinsky. His extant letter, sent from Orel Central, which focuses on the mass deaths of prisoners.

At the beginning of the last century instead of modern cards, the prisoners were given “tickets”. The document contains General information about prisoner: name, date and a brief description of the offense, the imprisonment term. Interestingly, at that time, prisoners often called ‘tramps’. The real test for the prisoners became forced labor. On the territory of the Orel Central prison was housing the Royal workshops. Here he worked “official” production: the prisoners made the shackles and chains, horseshoes for the army. Often received orders from the private sector. Then the prisoners started to work on furniture, bookbinding, Shoe enterprises.

Orel Central prison today

Prison in OryolToday, the prison celebrated its centenary, called prison No. 1. eagle, at its base there is also a prison tuberculosis hospital. On the territory of the correctional institution boasts one of the oldest buildings. This is a case where in Imperial times contained the most dangerous criminals. The building was restored and is still used for its original purpose. Another local “attraction”, where he was Felix Dzerzhinsky, the famous Russian revolutionary. The room is preserved in its historic form. Prison officers say that sometimes they are worried about the Ghost of Felix. Tours here, unfortunately, not offered. But anyone can always learn about the prison a lot more, got into it as a prisoner.

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