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Every private and public organization must clearly document all of their activities. On this account, developed a number of special forms, shapes and rules. In their observance of proper and timely paperwork the entrepreneur will not have the problem with the regulatory structures nor with the tax authorities, which can provide exemption from personal income tax charges. Especially a lot of questions from beginners, business rules cause filling of waybills (PL) and changes in them. Today we'll show you how to fill out these important documents, as well as presenting samples of the most common forms designed to release the vehicle in flight.

rules for filling of waybills

A Few words about PL

The Rules for filling in waybills must comply with any enterprises using in their main or side activity of the vehicle. Without this document, duly completed, has no right to go on a voyage none of the TS. Quite often businesses compensate their employees who use work personal transport, the cost of fuel. Confirm with directions to the traffic police stopped the car, have the right to request these papers, which are data transportation, the driver and the route assignment.

With these documents, any organization withdraws their spending on fuel and receive an exemption from income tax for a certain period. In cases where the rules of filling in waybills are not met, the entrepreneur can even be brought to administrative and criminal liability.


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Making conclusions from the foregoing, we can say that the roadmap is not just a form and an important document, which reflects all the data about the vehicle, the person controlling, route, and so on. The correct registration of such securities, the company guarantees the absence of problems with tax authorities in the case of annual reports and spot checks.


At the moment there are several types of interest document applicable to any known transport. On this basis, by appointment of the PL can be classified as follows:

  • Passenger transport;
  • Special transportation;
  • Commercial vehicle;
  • Passenger taxi;
  • Bus.

Each form has its own alphanumeric designation. For example, the rules of filling in waybill 4-touch freight transport. In General, almost all forms have the same order of completion, however, depending on the specialization of the vehicle, he may have a slight Supplement.

rules for filling in the waybill of the car

Individual forms PL

Not every organization fit standardized format developed by the state agencies. Sometimes some of the graphs are for a particular company superfluous, so permissible forms of development of individual SUBMARINES.

They must contain the statutory mandatory details, the rest can be added or removed at the request of the head of the company. In any case, such a form is considered legal and can be presented on demand to the appropriate government agencies.

The validity of the document

According to the rules of filling of waybills, they are necessarily specified period. It must be remembered that a standardized form is used no more than twenty-four hours. In a special case, additional fields must be introduced. But individual Blanca, the validity period is extended to thirty days.

These details need to know everyone who is engaged in the validation and registration PL.

Mandatory columns

As we mentioned earlier, each form must include a number of immutable requisites, without which it is invalid. It does not matter specialization TS. For example, the rules of filling in waybills of form 3 for cars imply the inclusion of forms in a specific set of rows and cells:

  1. The Number.
  2. Name.
  3. The validity Period of the form.
  4. Information about the organization, the control of TS:
  • Name of the driver, which will operate on the specified vehicle;
  • Date in the format of day, month, year and time in the format of hours and minutes, when carried out pre-trip and post-trip medical examination of drivers.

5. Detailed description of used vehicle:

  • Its type;
  • Model;
  • Model trailer and semi-trailer (when they are not, the column is not filled);
  • Registration number of the vehicle;
  • The initial mileage and the mark of kilometers after the end of the work shift;
  • Information about the departure and the end of the work (date and time).

6. Data about the owner of the vehicle.

In Addition to the above graph, any entrepreneur can add necessary details. They can reveal, for example, the activity of the company, or any other data at the discretion of management.

Directions: sample rules for filling

If you intend for their work to use a unified form, then our sample will help you to understand the filling of the document. Keep in mind that it's reversible. So don't forget to enter the data and on the reverse side of the sheet after the return of driver from the flight.

rules for filling in the waybill 4

In large organizations by filling out these documents are engaged specially trained people, they also release drivers and the vehicle on the route. In smaller organizations that have such specialists are not quite cost-effective, this obligation is imposed on any person. For example, an accountant or head of the company.

rules for filling of waybills bus

Workers engaged in PL must be familiar with all rules and introducing innovations. In the next section we will tell you about the intricacies of the rules of filling in the waybill of the car. Separately analyze PL designed for buses and freight vehicles.


This is one of the simple options that does not contain any difficulties. However for the beginner the rules for filling in the waybill of the car can seem unnecessarily complicated. It is often a standardized form scares abundance count and details. So, let's consider the front side of this important form.

In the upper left of the sheet is required to secure the date of departure, name of organization (exactly as written in the founding documents), complete data on the driver and the car. Also indicated is the departure time from the Parking lot and return with the route marked by the Manager. This also often make information about the medical examination of the driver and details of the person responsible for the procedure.

In the right side of Blanca fit the usual codes of the constituent documents of the company, the number of the blank (it is set arbitrarily, but in order, starting from the former), mileage, details of the people who check technical condition of the vehicle, and grade of fuel. Also here enter the issued quantity of fuel, if it is accepted in the enterprise.

At the bottom of the form signature pose face, giving a serviceable vehicle, and the driver who took the vehicle.

The flip side is filled in by the responsible person accepting the car after the flight. Here you can specify the route, journey time, distance covered. These data set the signature of the driver. Sometimes the accountant or the head of the organization in the space provided calculates employee wages, but these details are not required.

the new rules of filling in waybills

Rules for filling in of waybills bus

This standardized document is number six, in addition to those already described in the previous section the mandatory count, it adds a few more. Keep in mind that without them, the form is not considered properly filled out and therefore will not be taken into account in the tax authorities.

In these directions specifies the details of the driver and the conductor. In the graphs fit the surname and the initials of both people and their identity. It is necessary to specify numbers and names of routes. Sometimes these documents are included special notes or tasks for the driver.

As the bus leaves for the flight in the first and second shift, in directions provided by the column filling with Manager as you leave and return to the garage every shift.


You first need to consider that for freight vehicles created three unified form:

  • For piecework. This form is used for carriage on a piece-rate form when the driver has an idea about pricing and maybe by the end of the work shift to see the reverse directions their wages.
  • Subject to time-based tariffs. In this case, the document specifies the type of rate, and then the payroll at the end of the trip.
  • Long-distance transport. This form is marked with a special red stripe and is rarely used. Most often it is used when working with economic goods.

The Rules for filling in the waybill of the truck include the numerous graph and are the most complex. Unchanged are the following lines:

  • Columns...

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