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Form state devices – is a type of administrative-territorial principle of reproduction of political power, organized in such a way as to achieve maximum efficiency of governance. The latter, as you know, is a rather complicated organized structure, where woven together many individual, collective and class interests. Therefore, with the aim of optimizing the management structure, the state on its territory artificially divides the space into relatively independent entities, which reproduces identical management structures (institutions and offices).

Concept and forms of state. device

Form state. deviceThus, it is not only about optimizing principle of territorial arrangement of government, but also about fixing the model of vertical or horizontal management. In democratic States the basic control functions are distributed between the local (municipal) control. The state in this case, only performs the functions of supervision, control and strategic planning. In authoritarian regimes, on the contrary, the emphasis is on building a “power vertical”, hierarchically clan control. Therefore, the main political functions given to the administrations, controlled from the centre.

Form state. the device also depends on entrenched practices and historical features of the device. It is considered that there are three main forms – unitary, Federal and democratic. Let's consider them in order.


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form of state structure of RussiaUnitary state-a country where the regions do not have the right to autonomy. But because they are unable to conduct their own internal and external policies, as well as having offices in the international arena. True, there are also “overall” of a unitary state, but with their inner Autonomous entities, such as Ukraine and Spain. Often such an imbalance between different territories provokes conflicts, especially if the authority has considerable economic potential. Form state devices in these countries is extremely unstable and can change under the pressure of both internal and external factors.

The Federal state, as a rule, formed on the basis of separate sovereign territories, similar mentally, culturally and ethnically. This type is widely represented by former empires and the areas that were going to extralegal means – Germany, USA, Russia. In this case, the form of state. device is focused on the consolidation of national integrity and the political-economic retention potential conflict areas. Note that there is a transfer of part of sovereign rights to the Federal center in exchange for security guarantees. Therefore, despite the complexity of the historical past, such countries are firmly “stitched” entities, United by one idea and “plan” development, cementing the uniqueness of the nation.

the Concept and forms of state. deviceThe Confederacy – this is a temporary formation of sovereign States to achieve certain goals. This form of state. device – a rare phenomenon and is practically nonexistent in the modern world.

Form of state structure of Russia – Federation, composed of republics, krais, Autonomous regions and districts. This complex design is due to two factors. First, the peculiarity of the ethnic and national composition of the Russian state. And in-the second, considerable territorial areas that are easier to manage, based on relatively small administrative units (entities).

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