St. 30 part 3 of the criminal code. Preparation for a crime and attempted crime


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The Law provides punishment not only for committing crimes, but also for preparing for it. This is stated in article 30 of part 3 of the criminal code. What are the stages of criminal activity identified in criminal law? What is the penalty for unfinished work?

St 30 h 3 of the criminal code


The First part of article 30 of the criminal code gives the definition of “the preparation of a crime”. Read more about what is meant by this term, is contained in the article.

For training not every crime a person can face criminal sanctions. If he visited a grocery store with a plan of the abduction from the counter of a small package of refined sugar, and to implement such a sinister plan failed thanks to the vigilance of staff members, law enforcement im not interested. The article in question, his action does not apply. The law punishes the training is only for serious crimes.

However, if we are talking about plotting to murder, enters into force article 30 part 3 of the criminal code. The article States that crime is even an imperfect act. In that case, if it was not implemented in some circumstances.


What steps has the criminal activities of the said twenty-ninth article. It can be finished or unfinished. But in addition to these two stages in criminal law, allocate the third – preparation. If we are talking about serious crime, a person is subject to criminal liability. Regardless of the stage. Of course, the degree of punishment depends on how far the hapless offender.

CH 3 of article 30 of the criminal code

Prepare for murder (example)

What is the preparation of a crime? Let us examine the meaning of this dissonant concepts on an abstract example.

A citizen of advanced age, characterized by quarrelsomeness and suspiciousness, goes to law enforcement bodies with the complaint to its neighbour. He allegedly conspired to commit a felony. Namely, to kill suspicious citizen. The gallant officers are not entitled to ignore the appeal of the man, fearing for his own life. And therefore immediately sent to the residence of the suspect (only his quarrelsome neighbor) and try to understand the situation.

But in the apartment of this man are not detected by any instruments, nor any records with step by step instructions on getting rid of the neighbor. At the time of the visit by the police, in the kitchen it must not be in the meeting of associates. In short, everything suggests that the complaint of Mr. old age – just a figment of imagination and a sign of a developing persecution complex.

St. 30 part 3 of the criminal code in such circumstances is not relevant. Law enforcement officers leave empty-handed. Because in the third part of the aforementioned article States that attempt to commit a crime are deliberate actions. And they must be preceded by certain preparations.

St 30 h 3 court ruling

Components of cooking

It is possible to carry out the following steps:

  1. Manufacturer, the purchase of guns.
  2. The Search for partners.
  3. Creation of conditions for crime.


The Stage of committing the act can be training or a failed attempt. The intent in part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code is not mentioned. Various manifestations of the intention to break the law are not recognized in criminal law as one of the stages acts. Threats in written or oral form, can not admit the attempt of the crime. Although the punishment for such actions as provided by law. But they are, and the responsibility for committing them, according to a completely different article of the criminal code.

Threat or preparation for murder (example)

In Order to cover the point of the criminal law, back to the heroes of neighborhood strife.

Again, the trouble maker goes to the police station. Now, he believes, in his hands all the cards. A neighbor of the third day, threatened him with bodily injury, was used to him swearing and in a fit of anger even promised to kill. About it now not a hypochondriac gentleman tells the story eloquently and with lots of details in the statement.

In this document it specifies the names and other important details of witnesses who are now ready to confirm all as the spirit. Witnesses are the legitimate spouse of the applicant and the deaf old lady at the top. However, the application of part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code and unlawful here. It is not that the wife of the applicant is the person concerned, and the testimony of a deaf woman – are dubious. And that in the absence ofpreparatory activities (purchase of weapons, search for partners, etc.) neighbor cannot be accused of attempting a crime. His actions will be seen as an attempt of psychological pressure. No more. However, this is enough to interest law enforcement agencies.

The Above was the essence of the crime of assassination (part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code) only example of the implementation of the preparatory action to murder. What other criminal acts are criminal in this article?

St 30 h 3 of the criminal code the Statute of limitations

Crime of passion

Not only bearing cold-blooded plan, but about a crime committed in a moment of strong emotion, referred to in article 30 of part 3 of the criminal code. The decision of the court in a case of attempted murder, the wrong spouse, most likely, will be the recognition of the guilt of the suspect. In legal practice, such cases are not uncommon. Here is one of them.

Crime of passion (example)

Ivanov was convicted of attempted murder, because, having discovered in his apartment wife and an outsider man in no uncertain situation, grabbed the chisel and struck both several times. Returning home, he meant no offense. The thoughts of murder came to mind spontaneously. But still the preparations for the murder were. Fortunately, all survived.

A Person who acts in the heat of passion, aware of the danger of their actions. But because the failed assassination attempt is treated according to part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code. Prison terms for this offense, if found guilty, – from six to fifteen years.

In the thirtieth article describes the preparation for the crimes in the so-called serious articles, that is, acts that pose a danger to the life of one or group of people. What acts belong to this category? All crimes, the minimum punishment for which under the law is five years. Refers to such terrorist activities. What would be the punishment for preparation for it?

assassination of CH 3 of article 30 of the criminal code

Terrorist activity (example)

In the judicial practice the sentence often contains the punishment on the basis of several criminal charges. To clarify this point, here is another abstract example.

A Hero a fake story – the businessman, supports the idea of some terrorist organization. On the phone periodically communicates with the militants, who spend most of their time are in Eastern coast. Conversations he, of course, is not limited. The merchant from time to time transfers to the account of militants imposing monetary amount using payment terminals. In addition, he regularly visits the web site of an extremist and terrorist orientation.

One day the merchant decides to move into action. He leaves the family business and is sent to a southern country. Its purpose – to enter into a number of militants.

However, his plans did not come true. At the airport, a former businessman detained by the security services. How they managed to calculate the activity of the frustrated fighter, not so important. His IP address was recorded visiting sites of banned organizations. Sending cash is also detected. And phone interviews with residents of the South of the country is fixed.

CH 3 of article 30 of the criminal code responsibilities

As a result of the investigation and the trial, the follower of extremist ideas convicted of financing a banned organization and preparatory activities for terrorist activities. As a result, the merchant receives time according to two articles of the criminal code. How many years he will spend behind bars, depends on the existence of mitigating circumstances and other factors. But the term for an uncompleted act, of course, always less than complete.

CH 3 of article 30 of the criminal code of RF


Practice In the investigation of many examples of crimes that are not related to serious, applied part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code. Responsibility for the acts in different categories are different. As already mentioned, only in preparation of a serious offence, the person may be prosecuted according to article 30 part 3 of the criminal code. Reviews for this criminal article contain information about the signs such thing as “the preparation of a crime”. But this is not to say that in the courts these rules always follow. Sosigns of the above term:

  1. Intent.
  2. The preparation for the crime is classified as serious.
  3. The Absence of a voluntary waiver.

Errors in judicial practice

There were cases when the degree of severity in sentencing was not considered.

A citizen was convicted for an assassination attempt for sale of narcotic substances. However, the sale of illegal drugs – this is not a serious crime. Subsequently, the high court overturned the verdict because of his unreasonableness. For attempt of sale of drugs a suspect may not be held on article 30 of part 3 of the criminal code.

St 30 h 3 of the criminal code comments

Statute of limitations

The Punishment for an attempted crime shall not exceed half the maximum term prescribed for this offense. As for the time that has passed after attempts were made preparations for the murder, here the conditions are similar.

For the prosecution is irrelevant whether the crime is brought to the end. If the suspect had been plotting to murder, his case will be considered on the basis of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code. This act is especially heinous. A Statute of limitations – fifteen years. Therefore, even after fourteen years after the preparation of the murder that never was committed, the person involved in the article 30, part 3 of the criminal code.


Full or partial penalty in 2016 is likely to relate to prisoners who have committed crimes of medium gravity. First of all, fall under the Amnesty, persons sentenced for acts of minor severity. As preparation of a crime involves a serious crime, charged with violating part 3 of article 30 of the criminal code, is unlikely to be released.

Voluntary waiver

The Unfinished crime is an act which was not brought to an end because of some reason unrelated to its host. If a person plans the murder, but subsequently refuses to implement it voluntarily, he cannot be held. But if the actions of a potential criminal intervened by the police, he will be punished according to the criminal code.

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