Maniac Sergey Tkach: biography, victim and punishment


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The number of brutal murders committed by Serhiy Tkach, — more than 60. This exceeds the blood indicators and Chikatilo, Anatoly Onoprienko, and suggests the Weaver as the most violent predator of present and past centuries.

Sergey Tkach biography

Failed athlete

Sergei Tkach was born in 1952. Place of birth: town of Kiselevsk of the Kemerovo region. In his native city he lived his childhood and teenage years. According to the investigation, while in Kiselevsk weaver is not engaged in criminal activity. However, the maniac did not exclude it, because, according to him, his whole life passed in a fog, so he doesn't remember much. Once in the hands of law enforcement, brutal killer was pretending to be mentally ill, but is judicial-medical examination has not confirmed this. Although the reasons for the madness really was.

The Boy was the fourth child in the family, the parents almost did not pay to it attention, what was the precondition for the emergence of isolation and cruelty, which then turned into maniacal tendencies. In youth, the weaver on the physical characteristics lagged behind his peers: he was short and thin. These shortcomings are compensated for it, working out strenuously. One of his Hobbies in high school was weightlifting. In this field, it even has achieved certain successes: champion of Kiselevsk in barbell-lifting among juniors. Not once were the winners of the championship of Kuzbass in this sport. It is known that Sergey Tkach is even a candidate master of sports in this discipline. But soon the children's psychological trauma added another one. It, damaging exercise tendon on his left hand forever lost the chance to achieve success in elite sport.


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Next failure

As a seventh-grader, Sergei falls in love with a girl Lida, who was his younger by a year. Them for a long time, became friends, and then a warm relationship. In the words of the Weaver, before intimacy never came, and that is what he sought. This is another fact of the life of the brutal killer that served as the basis for the development of his sadistic tendencies.

After high school, Weaver drafted into the army. In the training part, he gets the military profession (interpreter of aerial photography), to serve where he was sent to the far North, in the Bay of Tiksi. While still a conscript, Sergei Tkach, whose biography is to a certain point was quite normal, enters the Sevastopol naval Academy. But to study there he could not: for one of medical commissions, he was not allowed on due to serious heart problems. Here's another one of his life's confusion. I must say that expulsion from school, he took very much to heart that proves a suicide attempt, which happened almost immediately after his return to Tiksi. He drank the vinegar, but survived. However, the army was dismissed.

Sergey Tkach Pavlograd maniac

Dog Killer

Perhaps, at this time, in his perverted mind has already felt the need to kill. He after retirement from the army did not return home but stayed in Tiksi, supposedly to save money.

His occupation was the capture of stray and wild dogs. Occupying the position of inspector in the respective organizations, he almost did not use the official small-bore rifle, preferring to hammer the dogs with an iron bar. In the house, which gave him at work, he stored the bodies of dead dogs. The extra earnings were selling dog pelts to furriers, who used them for manufacturing of CNTs, tank tops, etc. As told in court Sergey Tkach, skinned he particularly liked. He killed hundreds of dogs, earning this cruel field a lot of money.

killer Sergey Tkach

Soon, the weaver decided to return to his native Omsk, where he began his criminal activity. At first he was hesitant to murder, but sadistic, energized his terrible abuse of dogs required blood. Weaver first began to take revenge on his school bullies, terribly beating and maiming them.

Service in the police Department

Oddly enough, but then the act he was punished. But on the contrary, among other demobilized, which is called the service of the authorities, became a police officer. He received the rank of Sergeant and began working as a Junior inspector of the criminal investigation, and after appropriate courses have moved to the laboratory of the Department of internal Affairs, where he held the position of the forensic expert. Often leaving the robbery and murder, revealing the fingerprints of villains, weaver learned how to subtly hide the traces of their own crimes, because then his deeds go unpunished for almost 25 years. Studied anatomy of the human body is a future serial killer, not participating in the exhumation. His sophisticated consciousness is then captured as they kill people, then to use the knowledge in their creepy activities.

Sergey TkachFour years Later, Sergei Tkach left bodies. He, having stolen the deception of his son, took him to Crimea, where the parents lived. His ex-wife Faith, realizing that made her husband, rushed after him. She arrived in the Crimea on the first plane out and took her son,resorting to the help of the police.

A would-be father was closed for a day in the “monkey”. Coming out, pissed off and enraged he committed the first murder. The victim was a middle-aged woman, whom he first raped and then robbed of life. Sergei Tkach – a maniac, a biography which shows that he has not completely degraded, because after seeing what he did, the man was horrified. He didn't expect was capable of such brutality. From phone weaver himself called the police and confessed to the murder. However, the survival instinct was stronger, and the killer escaped from the scene. After this episode he became aware of his impunity and the brutal bullying of steel for the Weaver game that he played 25 years, again and again passing the finger around the internal Affairs bodies and taking the lives of more and more innocent people.

Sergey Tkach - Pavlograd maniac

Soon he has committed several murders, the maniac moved to Pavlograd. There he married again, and in 1983 he had a daughter who was named Nastya. Within a few years of living in this city Sergey committed a few dozen crimes, most of which were brutal murders. It didn't stop. Neither a little girl nor a loving wife. At that moment it was already not human, but a beast in human form. Believing in his invincibility, he's completely brazen, killing people even during the day and even in crowded places, each time departing from justice. It should be noted that several times he was arrested just on suspicion in the crime. But in the absence of evidence all the time released or he is bought off with bribes.

The killer Sergey Tkach has confessed that he never planned his crimes. According to him, everything happened spontaneously, “drunk” when something head "was wrong”, and it has become unmanageable animals.

victim Sergey Tkach

Terrible crimes in Polohy

The Next place of residence was the killer a small town Flat, located in the Zaporozhye region. By his own admission, at that time he was quite furious: he killed and raped indiscriminately. And at night drank until he lost consciousness. The only creature that “spoke” weaver, was his dog. She, he, being in an alcohol intoxication, has poured out his soul, and he, literally, howled at the moon. In Polohy the killer took the life of nearly two dozen people.

Sergey Tkach maniac biography

Victim Sergey Tkach

Just a Weaver was written 107 surrenders, but not all of them were confirmed. Many crimes had no evidence. In court there were just 32 episodes connected with murders. He was sentenced to life in prison, but it's a creature that was born human and later turned into a terrible monster, of course, deserves much worse.

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