A statement to the police on fraud how to write?


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In the modern world there is a serious threat to property of citizens. Technological progress has brought in the lives of people not only a lot of useful things that make life easier, but, unfortunately, led to the development of methods of their theft. Therefore, the protection and conservation of property from the encroachments of thieves and swindlers become an important task of the public.

a police report about the fraud

What is cheating

Fraud-is a crime against property. It is a misappropriation, embezzlement or acquisition of rights on someone else's property through deceit or abuse of trust. With the spread of market relations in the economy, the concept has gained momentum. This is especially true of the business sector. Unscrupulous people may use for the purposes of deception and greed and the Internet.

Some believe that fraudulent activity may be forwarded only on the property of illiterate citizens. But very often a statement to the police about the fraud need to submit well-educated and intelligent people. After some legal knowledge is not enough to protect the property, because every day appear new ways of defrauding money from honest and unsuspecting people.

a police report on fraud from the entity sample

What to do if you become a victim of fraud

If it happened that you have become a victim of fraud, do not hurry to say goodbye to the lost cash or property. In any case, you should not panic. Best think about what you can do in this situation and where to go for help.

Since information about fraud and all that belongs to him, clearly spelled out in the legislation, namely in the Criminal code, a statement should contact the police.

Where to go

Every citizen has the right to apply for fraud at any police station. Please note that no reference to the place of residence in this case. While ideally it is best to contact the nearest branch immediately after you realized that he had suffered at the hands of fraudsters.


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Prosecutors, in accordance with its status, is engaged in the supervision of law enforcement. But here, too, can seek the assistance of the victim. Although this should be done only in the case when no opportunity to exercise the right to protection in other organs.

a statement to the police on fraud with a credit card sample

What you need to know

Before you submit an application to the police about the fraud, consider the offense in this case. In order named actions considered criminal, they are, according to article 159 of the criminal code, should be intentional. That is, the fraudster must have known and wish such consequences of their activities.

A police report of fraud should be written in clear and understandable language, without distortion, and lyrical digressions.

Fraud with payment cards

Fraud associated with Bank cards, with each year becoming more sophisticated. Suffer not only Bank clients but also the banks themselves. A statement to the police about the fraud (Bank card, for example, was illegally withdrawn money) will help you to recover lost funds. But then you need to be very careful, because the disclosure of confidential information to unauthorized persons lead to direct theft of funds.

When writing this statement it is possible to consult with lawyers of your Bank. They will help to compose text and provide the necessary documents. The experts of the banks suggest in any case to report the fraud. For the legal Department of many banks that claim.

When writing the statement associated with payment cards, please note the specific time of the events related to the embezzlement of funds. This specifics will help the competent authorities to get in.

a statement to the police on fraud with a credit card

Step by Step

Where to start to write a statement to the police on fraud with a credit card, a sample of which is given in the article? First of all to collect materials pertaining to the case. For example, catalogs, leaflets or booklets with information about services, e-mail and / or telephone with offers of services or your communications with the attackers. Also useful receipts, notices and receipts that confirm your expenses.

In addition, if you are going to write a statement to the police on fraud with a credit card, you will need and statements of operations and transactions at the ATM. Compose in writing a clear chronology of events related to fraud, specifying the date and time of each event.

Write statement

You can Now proceed to the application. In written form describe the incident. But do it very clearly and in detail. Legible handwriting or printing option will help to save the time of police officers during familiarization with the case. Prepared statement to the police about fraud, don't forget to proofread for possible mistakes, bloopers and misprints.

a police report about the fraud of the legal entity

At the end of the text must indicate the specific purpose of this appeal. For example: “I Beg you to investigate, find the criminal and return the money or a specific material values”. It is also important to specify in the statement of monthly income of the applicant to the police understood the magnitude of the theft.

In addition, don't forget to bring the list attached to the application documents and evidence related to the case. In certification, include the date, place signature and next to it – name with initials.

If this is a statement to the police on fraud from the entity, the sample will look different, because the document must specify the full name of the organization that submits the application. And documents related to the fraud must also have data about a specific firm or organization.

Here is an example of the main text of the statement:

I Ask you to understand and to prosecute a citizen or organization (indicate specific names or titles) that (specify a specific date or time frame of occurrence) has committed illegal acts (described in detail the situation). Further specify the amount of lost funds that belong to the (indicate the name of the owner and reaffirm the right to own property) - in this case, the card of a particular Bank and a particular sum of money.

A statement to the police about fraud on the Internet is written like this, but it should indicate that the swindler operated via the world wide web.

a police report about fraud on the Internet

How to apply

The application requires special care. Be sure to make a copy of it. The person who will take it, will assign the application a serial number and will issue a ticket containing information about him. If you refuse to accept, request a written explanation. But really the police have to accept your statement and consider.

Important step

After submitting the application check the timing of the review and the procedure for obtaining information about the proceedings in this case. Because state agencies usually are not in a hurry to look at very small things and only delay the time.

A statement to the police about the fraud of the legal person is served the same way. Remember that if illegal actions connected with the organization or firm, when placing the document it must be clearly defined.


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