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For engineers at any level and in any industry the concept of “normative-technical documentation” is associated with a volume of explanatory notes and kilometers of drawings. Ordinary people face technical documentation in the home. All operating instructions, user manuals and other useful hints for correct and safe use of household appliances-it is also technical documentation.

But most often the design documentation used in construction or in industrial design.

General concepts

According to the definitions of the explanatory dictionaries, technical documentation – a set of text, graphic and visualized (layouts, drawings), defining the functional, technological, engineering and design for production of any goods or for construction and reconstruction work.

For the avoidance of doubt all documents are created according to the established template. Moreover, international integration increasingly dictates the conditions for the work of engineers in all industries. Modern project documentation is drawn up in such a way that specialists from different countries to avoid ambiguity.

To a great extent this contributes to the automated development of technical documentation. Various computer programs are used around the world.

technical documentation

Security – is paramount

Any project of execution of works, especially the – construction or reconstruction, can result in undue risks to the lives of the users in case of a breach of security.


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We are Talking about security not only execution of certain works and operation of the property or any unit. So, the design of the refrigerator can lead to serious health problems of his owners, and poorly grounded washing machine not only causes short circuit but can cause a fire. What can we say about "straight enough" corners in the construction of buildings.

Therefore, the project design document is being developed jointly with the Department of safety. Any innovative design idea should be subjected to healthy criticism or to be tested in practice.

Service equipment security

In Addition to the safe end use of the manufactured product, the service equipment security controls and the progress of the work. In particular, the functions of the security Department is:

  • Control over the observance of safety in the workplace,
  • The organizational work on carrying out sanitary and hygienic measures,
  • Prevention of occupational injuries in the workplace,
  • Preventive work on prevention of development of occupational diseases
  • Control over the use of remedies with regard to implementation of the planned activities (if necessary),
  • Improving safety at the production and the execution of construction works.

As already mentioned, all technical documentation should be studied by specialists of the labor protection Department. That they have done this, says the mark of approval on the cover pages of drawings or notes.

Consolidated design – modern norm

Development of a project, especially in construction, require joint work of specialists. After all, the idea of the architect can be realized in practice in several ways. Economist and fellow of the Department of safety will be able to find the most appropriate solution. A joint meeting of all involved in the design specialists will help to choose optimal variant of solving the task.

normative-technical documentation

To facilitate the initial decision used the normative - technical documentation. This is a list of rules and requirements for the implementation of primary and secondary works, which are standardized and must be used regardless of the specifics of the project. These laws include various GOSTs and standards, rules and recommendations issued by the state scientific-practical associations and organizations.

Regulatory framework design documentation

In fact, the drawings can be read by any experienced Builder or a mechanic. Having worked at the company for a long time, masters learn the language of project documentation and are free to use it. But it is fundamentally wrong.

To ensure the quality of work and compliance with safety regulations requires that all employees has had at least secondary education. This will eliminate error in the reading of drawings and instructions and speed up the production process.

The same end is served and system technical documentation. To facilitate the design formulated and designed the basic requirements, norms and indicators; specific reference to the location defined tolerances and variances to avoid incorrect reading of the drawings developed a unified symbology, and requirements.

technical writing

GOST System and SPDS (system design documentation for construction) are used not only in the domestic markets of the state, but also in international cooperation. As already noted, this is due to global production integration and practice, the involvement of specialists from different countries.

How to start designing

Any project can't start without reason. The basis for the design, and usually serve as a technical task, the initial data and the wishes of the architectural solution of the project. On their basis prepared documents for designers related professions-architects, designers, prochnistov (those who determine the strength and durability of the used structures and materials), economists, etc.

All narrow specialists begin to work in sequence. But this does not mean that having fulfilled their part of the project, the specialist literally forgets about it. On the contrary, with the arrival of each following designer design team begins to work closely. There may be situations when earlier decisions preclude further design. So you have to go back and find other ways.

project technical documents

Scope of design documentation

Of Course, there is no clear definition of the number of pages in the explanatory Memorandum or drawings, providing a complete picture of the project. But the practical activities in the field of design suggests that too much detail is also harmful to the final result, as a small number of drawings, diagrams and pictures.

For complete coverage of the correctness of the work according to the project documentation in the SPDS identified a list of the technical documentation. He reglamentary mandatory sections that need to be worked out in the design.

list of technical documentation

The content of the technical documentation of the project

  1. Explanatory note-a text document containing the necessary explanations and calculations.
  2. The layout of the land – determination of relative position of objects in a selected area of the earth.
  3. Architectural solution-defining the appearance of the facades of buildings and structures.
  4. Constructive and space-planning decisions – determine the feasibility of architectural ideas and selection of designs.
  5. The List of engineering activities – to determine whether the connection object to utility networks (electricity, water supply and Sewerage, heating and ventilation; if necessary – gas supply and supply relationship); designing of internal networks.
  6. Project organization of construction of the facility – determine the most efficient use of construction equipment and human resources.
  7. Measures on environment protection – plans for maximum preservation of the surrounding area and its improvement.
  8. Fire safety-prevention of the emergence and suppression of fires.
  9. Estimates for the project – combined costs for the construction of the object.

In some cases, the technical documentation can be supplemented with sections that highlight energy efficiency project. Rarely sections regarding access to the facility (both under construction and already finished) are disabled, project of demolition or dismantling of construction site objects, etc.

processing technical documentation

The preparation of technical documentation must also comply with the requirements and recommendations of GOST.

Of Innovation and design documentation

It Often happens that during the construction of some object we have to use various innovations. This occurs most often with the so-called single-piece objects. For typical projects of residential buildings and industrial premises rarely have to change something or to apply advanced technologies. And...

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