How to get a visa to Slovakia? Step by step instructions


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Slovakia – a state that attracts tourists with its attractions and special culture. It is often visited by tourists from Russia, wishing to see something new and interesting.

Do I Need a visa to Slovakia for the Russians? Yes, we need. This state is the group of Schengen countries, which necessitates registration of a special permit to enter its territory. How to get a visa to Slovakia independently? What type of documents you should attach to your request and how does this procedure? All of this on.

Visa to Slovakia

Where to get a visa?

Visa to Slovakia in the visa centers and consulates of countries located on the territory of Russia. Contact them at any time, both for consultation and for the provision of a package of documents.

Visa Slovakia in Moscow can be obtained by contacting one of the largest in the whole of Russia centres located at the address: Nizhny Susalny pereulok, 5, building 19. For this purpose, you can visit the Embassy of the state, located on the street of Julius Fucik, 17/19.

As for the residents of St. Petersburg, on weekdays open doors of the Consulate General of Slovakia at the address: ulitsa Orbeli, 21/2.

In addition, on the territory of Russia operate separate visa application centres located in different cities of the country. However, in the process of conversion should take into account that to deal with urgent applications and petitions for the granting of national visa, you should contact the Embassy and Consulate, as centres with similar issues business.


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At the time of submission of documents for obtaining a Schengen visa to Slovakia should be required to pay service fee. Its size directly depends on what the person requested permission to enter. Its amount does not depend on what period the visa is issued.

So, for visa to Slovakia must pay the amount of EUR 60. For minors its cost is lower – only 30 Euro.

In addition, the application process must pay an additional fee that is charged for processing provided by the tourist information – its size is 12 Euro.

The Rules define certain categories of persons who are wholly exempt from paying the visa fee. These include children who have not attained 6 years of age, students and students planning to study in Slovakia (or current students) and teaching staff, leading his career in this state. In addition, the visa fee is waived for people who plan a visit to the country for treatment, as well as their carers. The visa is free and is for persons who are close relatives of EU citizens (parents, grandparents, spouses, children and grandchildren).

Visa to Slovakia for the Russians


The Most popular among tourists is the visa to Slovakia for the Russians type C. Given permission to stay in the country allows tourists to stay in the country for more than 90 days and entitles you to a one-time trip to Slovakia.

Providing It engaged in all visa application centres of the state, as well as travel agencies that can become intermediaries between the Embassy of Slovakia and travelers. However, using the services of agencies, it should be remembered that the cost of their services is quite high, and in some cases it is best to apply for a visa to Slovakia on their own.

The visa Procedure consists of several stages. In the first place the tourist must visit the official website of the Embassy and make an appointment with specific date and time. Then it must appear in the specified period in the office with the collected package of documents, to consult and to request the granting of permission to stay in the country. As practice shows, the review of the documents for the granting of visas to Slovakia at the visa application centre is made within 7-10 days, and if necessary, fast consideration – three calendar days.


For registration you need visa to Slovakia should submit certain documents which list is specified on the official website of the Embassy of the country in Russia, and it is always possible to Refine, in consultation with the staff visa services. There is a standard package of documents that you must submit to the Commission. In addition, provided the special purpose of the trip tourists can be requested for additional list of documents and their copies.

In the standard package of documents should include the original passport and a photocopy taken from its pages, which contains personal data of the owner. For passport apply some of the requirements, including the validity period (not more than 10 years and not less than 3 months after the planned date of arrival in Russia), as well as the presence of at least two blank pages. In addition, the Embassy will request copies of Schengen visas that have been obtained within the last three years (if available). In addition to the passport, be sure to submit a copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, made from the pages that contain personal information, information about registration, as well as 14 and 15 pages, and it does not matter whether they have any marks.

In addition to the total package must be accompanied by a photograph, taken in accordance with established requirements, size 3.5 × 4.5 cm in addition to the above, the client is required to provide appropriate proof of purpose of visit to Slovakia, as well as information on its financial viability, which can be represented in the form of the reference wage during the last 12 months of Bank statements, etc.

The bona fides of the applicant for a visa to Slovakia to return home also must be present. In practice, it can be expressed in providing copies of return tickets for the plane or any other mode of transport. An excellent option is such a cadastral extract from the register that this traveler has a personal real estate in Russia.

In General, documents must also be filed with medical insurance, the total of which is not less than 30,000 euros, the proof of payment of visa fee as well as a questionnaire and a statement of permission for processing the personal data.

do I Need a visa to Slovakia

Documents for visa for the child

Do I Need a visa to Slovakia for a child? Yes, we need.

In that case, if you plan to travel with a child, the General package of documents should provide additional paper. They must all be notarized. Primarily documents must attach a certified copy of the birth certificate.

In that case, if a child leaves one of the parents, necessarily requires the granting of permission for the export of minor citizen from the other parent. Such authorisation must be notarised. If it is getting unrealistic because of the death of a parent or for some other reason, it should be given acknowledgement in the form of a copy of the relevant document (decision of the court on deprivation of parental rights, death certificate, etc.).

Also be mandatory parents should apply to the total package of documents copies of your visas (if visa is requested at the same time not), as well as confirmation that planned this trip (booking of tickets, hotel rooms, etc.).

Schengen visa to Slovakia

Transit visa

Do I Need a visa to Slovakia if the stay in the country required for a very short time and only in the course of transit to another state? Yes, we need. The procedure of its receipt is rather simple. Ready version of the document allows the traveler to be used exclusively on the airport premises or other transport node.

To obtain this type of permission must be submitted at the visa application centre in advance are the solution to a country which is transited, and a copy of the passport (will request the original). In addition, the applicant must personally complete the questionnaire for a visa to Slovakia, the form which can be downloaded on the official website of the diplomatic mission. Of the main requirements for its completion can be identified such as the accuracy and reliability of the data (full compliance with that shown in the passport).

To ensure that the transit to a third country will indeed be implemented, the client is required to provide information about the availability of transport tickets in this state for a certain number.

Documents to obtain this type of visa can be submitted personally or through another person, which need to issue a notarized power of attorney.


In order to apply For a visitor visa to Slovakia for the Russians, it should be arr...

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