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This document as a veterinary certificate, is, along with the veterinary passport, the main enabling transportation of the animal (or animals) by public transport.

The Situation, in fact, may be different. Let's say you decide to take a journey, your cat or dog are either sent outside of the city a product of animal origin. Here you will need the same veterinary certificate with all marks about vaccination and a veterinary certificate (form 1, 2 or 3). Let us consider a few situations.

So, are you traveling with the pet. A veterinary certificate must be the first of the documents that you should take together with the animal. This accompanying document is required for all types of transportation: rail, road (buses), air, water.

The Certificate has a single sample and is given only to public (not private) hospitals. You can download it in advance, but better still on the day of departure (or the day before). The animal is examined, diagnosed (fluorescent), verified by a veterinary certificate and the marks on charts (at least — rabies). The validity of the document only three days from the day of its issuance. In other words, when boarding a transport on the fourth day, the certificate will have expired and you will have to surrender the tickets purchased. If you go on the third day, the certificate will be valid for all time, until you reach the city specified in the certificate.


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A Veterinary certificate will be invalid if:

issued to non-authority entity or organization;

- does not correspond to the sample form;

- with different font, different ink, different handwriting;

- has repair;

- there is a discrepancy in the amount specified and carried in reality, animals;

- there is no seal (or obscure its imprint);

- there is no signature (or illegible written);

- instead of the original presented to the copy.

The Falsification of the certificate is invalid.

A Full package of documents for a relaxing trip with a pet is out of veterinary passport, veterinary certificate and ticket (usually enough Luggage) on the pet.

Let's Summarize. Veterinary certificate F1 is required for carriage of any live animal or any biological objects that can be used for breeding.

In addition to the testimony of F1, there is evidence of other forms:

- a veterinary certificate (form 2 or F2). You will need it for transporting products (food) and raw materials of animal origin;

- a veterinary certificate (form 3 or F3). You will need it for transporting non-food products, technical raw materials, feed of living origin.

These documents are issued only for goods received from enterprises, farms (farms) and passed the examination. Goods shall be regulated by Rosselkhoznadzor and have veterinary registration certificate.

A Veterinary certificate allows to process, harvest, transport, sell or store goods in the whole territory of Russia without registration of other veterinary documents (quarantine areas are included in the exceptions). In addition, these documents allow the export of goods from the territory of the Russian Federation, being valid in the CIS and other States.

When implementing large batches in parts simultaneously to multiple consumers (in the presence of Medveditsa issued by the state veterinary service), the main gasolinepowered district (city) may be allowed transportation of these batches of stamps or marks in the accompanying documents.


- evidence of F1 — 3 days on animals and 7 days for fish 15 days in a zygote, fertilized eggs, sperm;

- certificate $ 2 — 5 days; 
- evidence F3 — 5 days.

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