What is the water pressure in the water is considered normal?


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Water – is a communication system in the form of complex structures of pipes and valves, designed to supply water to consumers. To determine the efficiency of the system applied the concept of "water pressure" in the water. From this indicator depends directly on the proper operation of plumbing fixtures and comfortable committing hygienic measures.the water pressure in the water

The Consequence of low pressure in the system is the lack of pressure that brings a lot of inconvenience to residents on the upper floors of apartment buildings. This phenomenon makes it difficult work dishwashers and washing machines, or even impossible the use of a massage shower and a Jacuzzi.

However, there are several ways of dealing with this complicating factor in life. If the cause of low pressure lies not in the usual clogged pipes, water pressure in the water pipe can be adjusted thanks to the installation of the devices, to ensure maximum comfort for the life of the head.

What is the water pressure in the water is the norm

To measure the pressure of the fluid in the pipeline using the units that have slightly different values. Despite minor discrepancies, the figures are equal to one another.

1 bar is equal to 0,0197 atmospheres and of 10.19 m water column.

Pumping equipment that supplies water to a height of 30 m, develops output pressure of 3 bar (3 atmospheres). If for pumping water submersible pump from a well or borehole to a depth of 10 m requires 1 bar, then the remaining 2 bars provide lift of the fluid to water intake points.


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The Pressure in municipal and private pipeline

To optimize the water pressure in the town water supply, you should not take into account the delivery fluid from the well. The water supply is from the Central network. However, the owners of country cottages with an Autonomous water supply should take into account the source level, more precisely the depth at which it will be installed pumps in the mine pit. As water passes through the pipeline it overcomes some resistance, that should also be taken into account when calculating the required pressure.

increase water pressure in the water

According to regulations, and GOST, the pressure in the city system should be 4 day. However, users of the water supply network connected to Central stations, accurate information about what the water pressure in the water supply, not give. This value can vary in the range of 2.5-7.5 atmospheres.

What to consider when choosing bathroom fixtures

Pressure boosting water supply to more than 7 atmospheres devastating effect on sensitive plumbing appliances, fittings in the pipeline and ceramic valves. The urban apartments are encouraged to purchase equipment for plumbing with the maximum margin. This will help to avoid repair work triggered by a sharp pressure jumps in the future.

All of the installed mixers, cranes, pumps have to grin and bear the water pressure in the water in 6-7 atmospheres. It should be noted that when the annual seasonal test pressure can reach 10 atmospheres.

Best air pressure for normal operation of household appliances

The Minimum water pressure in the water at 2 atmospheres is sufficient to perform the following tasks:

  • Taking a shower;
  • Wash;
  • Washing kitchenware;
  • Other hygienic needs;
  • Normal operation of the washing machine.

Pressure to 4 atmospheres allows to expand the range of tasks, which include acceptance of massage showers, Jacuzzi, watering the infield with greenery.

the water pressure in the water supply norms

In country houses, the pressure must be sufficient for the simultaneous use of water multiple water intake points. In order not to blight the lives of family members, the water supply must be equivalent in all sanitary units and not less than 1.5 atmospheres.

Fire main

The water Pressure in the fire water may be high and low. Fire high-pressure water is intended to extinguish large industrial, commercial and public buildings. To build the pipeline with a pressure of 2.5 l/s in the suburban area does not make sense. The owners of cottages should take into account that the minimum value of water pressure in the fire water supply shall be not less than 1.5 l/s.

How to measure water pressure

Pressure Measurement water supply is carried out using a pressure gauge. Before installing device it is necessary to block cold or hot water, depending on the force of pressure which water is to be measured. Place in the system for the installation of the device must be convenient and easily accessible. Next, you will need a metal pipe with a length of 5 cm With the help of dies necessary to make the external thread on the pipe, to the most exact fit to the pressure gauge. In order to cut the tube hole of the necessary diameter and attach it to the prepared section of pipe, you can use a welding machine.

The pressure Gauge is mounted on a metal pipe using a wrench. To solve the problem of leakage in the junction there are special sealing materials. After the installation is complete, you can proceed with checking the pressure in the water. It is necessary to restore the flow of water and to fix the indicators on the gauge.

How to reduce water pressure in the water

For the stabilization and lowering of water pressure using a special reducer. It protects against water hammer not only the water but also connected appliances. A small device is placed in a sealed metal case. The pressure regulator has two threaded nozzle located on the inlet and outlet. In some cases, it could be placed in a third tube for mounting a pressure gauge, and a screw designed to adjust the water pressure.

the water pressure in the town water supply

The gearbox Works on the principle of alignment for the efforts of the diaphragm and adjusting spring. If the tap water is opened, the output pressure in the device is reduced, thereby reducing the pressure on the diaphragm. The spring force increases. She opens the hole until the water pressure at the outlet reaches a predetermined value. High pressure or surges do not affect the opening and closing of the valve.

Ways to improve water pressure in the water

Most Often the problem of low water pressure in the system face:

  • Owners of apartments in multi-storey buildings, located on the upper floors;
  • The owners of suburban areas in the summer, when water consumption increases significantly.

Before you begin to install equipment that increase the water pressure in the water supply, the residents of city apartments you must investigate the cause of the problem. Slow flow may be due to clogging of small objects or lime deposits. As a result, the diameter of the pipes decreases, and water enters the smaller volume. To solve this problem, only a complete replacement of all pipes.

If the cause of the low pressure lies in the other, to stabilize the water flow in the following ways:

minimum water pressure in the water

  • Installing a recirculating pump which increases the pressure by suction more water out of pipes;
  • Installation of a pumping station with accumulator;
  • Auxiliary water supply network.

Choose the right option depends on several factors:

  • The water supply is regular but the intensity is insufficient for the normal functioning and operation of household appliances – turn up the pressure will help the circulation pump;
  • Water does not reach the top floors of the house – suitable pumping station.

Classification of circulators

There are several operating modes of the pumps:

decrease water pressure in the water

  • Hand – work equipment is carried out in a continuous mode. However, in order to avoid overheating or damage to the pump should be time to disable.
  • Automatic – equipped with a flow sensor. When disconnecting the water pump is automatically activated, which makes it more economical and durable.

The functionality of the pumps are divided into classes:

  • Universal – installation is possible for hot and cold water;
  • Only for cold or hot water.

Advantages of pumping equipment are low cost and compact size. However, it is worth remembering that the pumps increase the pressure by 30%. Their installation is justified, if the water pressure in the water, the rules of which constitute not less than 1.5 atmospheres, equivalent to all the water intake points.

Self-priming pumping station

The water Pressure in the water can be increased by installing a pump station. As a rule, it consists of the following elements:

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