Wire PV-1: technical specifications and certificate of conformity


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The Attention of those wishing to pursue permanent placement or to provide power supply equipment, tools and machines, on the market of electrical products a wide range of different conductive systems. One of the most popular products considered to be copper wire PV-1.

PV wire 1

This electric products since 1979, corresponds to GOST №6323-79. From 2010 PV wire-1 is marked as Pow No. 53768. This means the power wire can be used as the installation source. Information about what constitutes wire PV-1, technical characteristics and scope of application this product is available in the article.


Wire PV-1 made of tinned copper. If the product is solid, it laid only one line of communication.

Wire PV-1 consists of the following components:

  • Conductive copper wires;
  • Isolation.


Depending on the class of cross-sections of conductor can be single or stranded. In accordance with GOST 22483, wires, the cross section of which is 0.5 to 10 mm. square, and contain a core from one of the wire belong to the first class of stiffness. Products with cross sections from 16 to 35 sq. mm., equipped with seven wire conductors, whereby the flexibility of wiring is increased. These products are also referred to as PV-1. Cross-section from 50 to 95 sq. mm are the wires that contain at least 19 lived. Conductive electrical system with a cross section of 12 cm square with a 37 cores.

feature PV wire 1

Insulating coating

As the winding wire PV-1 is used polyvinyl chloride plastic with the addition of the various stabilizers, plasticizers, fillers and dyes. Thanks to the use of insulating plastic wire has good electrical characteristics. Through the hose compound insulation winding has high mechanical properties and resistance to external mechanical influences. Polyvinylchloride plastic is used to manufacture as the outer and inner insulating layer.


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Insulating coating may have different colors. Depending on the scope of the wire colors are applied on them differently. To run the grounding wire is used PV-1 yellow-green color. Cross-section of such articles does not exceed 6 mm. At the wires, cross sections above 6 mm, insulation coating, presents eleven colors.

PV wire 1 specifications

Also, the electrical conductive system can be filled completely or to contain diametrically opposed longitudinal stripes.


  • P – is a common designation of a class electrical products: wire. In the marking of conductive electrical products are also letter “W” (the cord) and “K” (the cable).

Sometimes a product is denoted as: Puv. This means that PV wire-1 - setup.

  • – indicates type of insulation: polyvinyl chloride plastic. Due to its high physical and chemical properties, it is a good insulator.
  • Number indicates the class to which the rigidity applies conductor. The higher the number, the smaller the bending radius of the wire.

Specifications wire PV-1

  • Cross section of conductors ranging from 0.5 sq mm to 120

 wire power supply air 1

  • Cord is designed to work with variable voltage (450/750 V Volts) and constant (1000 Volts).
  • The frequency of the alternating current is 400 Hz.
  • Climatic version-UHL.
  • Wire has an electric resistance of 1 Mω*km.
  • Lengths up to 100 meters.
  • Wire characterized by high resistance to humidity, mechanical shock, linear acceleration. Withstand bending, vibration and acoustic noise.
  • The Wire does not propagate combustion. This is because the use of the product prone to “decay” the insulation of the winding.
  • Has a high resistance to fungi.
  • Service life of the wire is calculated to 15 years.
  • Sold in coils from 20 to 100 meters.
  • When buying the manufacturer provides warranty of two years.

wire copper PV 1

What is UHL?

For each manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation of electric machines, appliance, or other electrical products according to GOST 15150-69 provided the appropriate type of climatic performance. It is denoted by the alphabetic part of the last group of characters. Climatic performance wire PV-1 manufacturer specified UHL. Not to be mistaken with the purchase of the necessary electrical conductive system, you must know how these abbreviations are expanded.

The Letter “U” indicates that the product is suitable for damp, hot and dry, but of moderate temperature.

“CL” - the product is marked with this symbol can also be used in cold climates. Thus, it can be used at temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees.

Where to use wire?

Due to its characteristics, wire PV-1 is a versatile electrical product. These products are used:

  • During the installation of the fixed lighting and electric power lines.
  • When connecting industrial equipment, and various appliances.
  • During the installation inter-unit wiring connection.
  • If the arrangement of the grounding.

What to consider during the works?

Using power wire PV-1, should take into account its temperature range. Operate the product at a temperature of from -50 to +75 degrees.

Installation of this conductive system temperature range should not be below -15 degrees. This means that at this temperature, not pre-heated wire is not recommended.

Features wire PV-1 make possible its limiting short-time heating up to 70 degrees.

In places where it will be laid wire, the subassemblies must not contain condensation.

Where is placed the product?

Seating products can be:

  • Hollow channels in building structures.
  • Mounting boxes, trays and pipes.
  • Junction boxes and electrical panels. The product in such cases is part of harnesses.

 wire installation PV 1

  • Building channels, metal pipe.
  • Plastic or metal trays.
  • Plastic or metal pipe. The Packed wire stretched over the earth.

What to look for when buying?

Before you purchase wire PV-1, experienced masters recommend to consider the following nuances:

  • Perform visual inspection of the product. On the surface of the insulating coating should be no damage and deformation.
  • Check the design dimensions of the wire. For this you need to measure the cross-section PV-1. It should correspond to the thickness of the insulating layer.
  • To Check the product for ease of removing the insulation coating. To do this, using a construction knife to make an incision at a distance of 130 mm from the edge of the wire. According to GOST, in the process of cutting PV-1 insulation from the copper strands must be separated easily and without tearing. If the withdrawal of us have to work, it indicates that during storage the wire was broken technology and the conditions of detention had either expired its suitability.

PV 1 wire yellow green

  • To Test the electrical resistance of the wire. For this you can use one and the same piece.
  • Check the resistance to bending. The work is carried out with a roller, the diameter of which should correspond to ten diameters of the PV-1. Tested the product by the wire harness through the cushion. If at the end of testing on the surface of the conductive system deformation is observed, the wire can be exploited.
  • Check marked. On the tags of the bays PV-1 must contain all necessary symbols: wire length, weight of a Bay, the manufacturer and date of manufacture.


Judging by the numerous reviews, for copper wire PV-1 is characterized by the following qualities:

  • High moisture resistance. Craftsmen appreciated the ability of the wire to fully operate at a temperature of 30 degrees in the premises with 100% humidity.
  • Resistance to combustion.
  • Wire functions properly even when interacting with the chemically active materials.

High performance PV-1 valued manufacturers of various electrical systems. Base PV-1 also applies to the creation of high-voltage wires PVV-1 for the automotive industry.


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