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Every woman wants her home from bath to kitchen utensils was perfectly clean, but the desire for not only visual cleanliness and disinfection. So in the course are quite aggressive cleaners kill germs. But if they are harmful to bacteria, so dangerous to human health. Is it possible to find environmentally friendly, safe for humans and effective means. Comments about the tools Synergetic proved that such household chemicals exist.

About the brand

Russian scientists have long studied the composition and production of foreign eco-friendly tools and organic household for house cleaning. Based on the obtained information on the Russian market its own line of environmentally friendly cleaning products Synergetic.synergetic feedback

The creators of the brand took care of high quality raw materials and innovations, that uses Germany and other European countries, where the production of organic products has already leaped forward.

Range of household chemicals

The brand Products represented a wide range of fixed assets for different purposes. Among them:

  • Tools for washing clothes;
  • Tools for the care of children's clothes;
  • Tools for cleaning bathroom and toilet;
  • Ware, dishes and plates;
  • Liquid to clean floor and surfaces;
  • Tools for washing Windows and mirrors;
  • Cleaners of sewers;
  • Cleanser for the skin.

You Can use household chemicals selectively, but you can use special sets, such as "Express clean", "Eco wash", "Sets the reserves for three months," and others.tool synergetic feedback

Structure and clinical research

This brand was created for those who cares not only about the visual cleanliness, but also safety components. This is especially important if you have children. Because their skin and body is very sensitive to the smallest particles of allergens. This explains the fact that the reviews about Synergetic originate mainly from young mothers.


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Of Course, the main value of such products in its composition. Reading the labels on any medium line of Synergetic, it is impossible to find such aggressive components such as chlorine, phosphates, toxins, flavors. Products and therefore called for a fully organic herbal ingredients. Means of this brand are clinically tested and meet all standards SanPiN.

Tools for washing clothes

Tools for washing clothes in the line are presented Synergetic liquid concentrates, gels, conditioners. Unlike loose powders, liquid detergents much less is spent, take up little space, do not fall apart and dissolve easily. It has long been proved by numerous reviews.

Synergetic Laundry is a hypoallergenic gel that is suitable for all types of fabrics in any color, as well as for baby clothes. In its composition the gel contains distilled water, complexes vegetable detergents, Jasmine, rose and geranium. One of the advantages of Synergetic for washing, according to user reviews, is the ability to use this liquid powder for both manual and machine washing, not afraid to ruin your technique. Testing of detergents showed that he was susceptible to stains from coffee, lipstick, dirt, juice drinks, baby purees and ink. You can purchase a bottle of 1 liter, and you can stock and five-liter canister.synergetic Laundry reviews

Together with the liquid powders consumers buy also fabric softener. At Synergetic, there are two kinds: with almond milk and rose extract, Jasmine. The conditioners are added during the last rinse. The main advantage of the Synergetic air-conditioning rinse is a very high efficiency. 1 liter of money is enough for 33 washing. It is worth considering that the volume of the measuring Cup is designed for 5 kg of Laundry. The vast majority of consumers say the original look of linen, no static electrification, the availability of lightness and softness.

Tools for children's clothes: online reviews

Children's means, perhaps, one of the carefully selected compositions moms, and dads too. How to test household chemicals, to understand that it does not cause allergies and skin rashes in a child. Besides, pathology is cumulative and can not Express themselves the first time.

How can that be? Read carefully the label and the reviews from other moms. Mark "ECO" on the bottle with the liquid detergent and conditioning speaks of hypoallergenic products. So it is applicable for washing kids too. Thanks to the reviews about the children's Synergetic, thousands of mothers assessed primarily economical expenditure. After all, to erase things kids have to almost daily. The lack of harsh sulfates and parabens, and artificial fragrances give things softness and pleasant aroma.

In the line of the liquid powders has a separate concentrate, which can be used from the birth of the baby and not fear for their child.children's synergetic feedback

Dishwashing detergent

If you have to wash every day, without daily washing dishes does not do anybody. Dishwashing detergent is so firmly established in the life of modern man is that he uses them always, regardless of the nature of contamination of utensils. But the constant use of random compositions, may cause harmful interference to the child's body, especially if they are badly washed out. After all the dishes for the kids almost all out of plastic. And to top it off a similar tool, tighten the skin and often cause itching and hives.

What will be safe if the objective of all such compositions is to eat away at the fat? Synergetic tool for washing dishes reviews have gathered a lot. Due to the absence of Surfactants or sulfates, and the presence of detergents of plant origin tool is completely organic. The only thing that upset it Housewives is a big expense. Because sulfates make all detergents, bulk foam, but they are not in the Synergetic tool for dishes.

The Reviews also confirmed the beneficial effects on the skin thanks to glycerin and natural extracts. By the way, any owner can choose the tool for the soul: with extract of lemon, scarlet or Apple - not afraid. Because the extracts are natural components. Bottles can be purchased with a volume of 0.5 liter, 1 liter or 5 liters.

There are Also large canisters for dishwashers. Bottle of 1 liter equipped with a convenient dispenser. For reviews of Housewives wash dishes Synergetic is often used when washing children's dishes, toys, and other baby equipment.

Tools for cleaning plumbing

No matter How carefully and often does not clean up the house, and without the means for cleaning the plumbing it is impossible to provide perfect clarity and anti-bacterial effect. Besides, when it comes to the toilet, the bathroom, the sink and the stove, where a priori always accumulates a lot of harmful bacteria, Housewives try to choose something more deadly and knocks from feet odor of chlorine. Apparently, not everyone knows what organic means easily cope with cleaning toilets. And those who know, gladly shared his opinions about Synergetic.dishwashing detergent synergetic feedback

The Composition is notable for the complete absence of chlorine, the presence of N-detergents, organic acids MSA. All bottles are equipped with a target forms of dispensers. The convenient trigger spray means on the surface of sinks, taps, showers, tiles. The neck of the duck is perfect for hard to reach places like the rim of the toilet and bidet. Completely neutral smell, which pleasantly surprised most who left comments about chemistry Synergetic. Respectively, no irritation of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and eyes.

And the most important - is the result of the work tools. Decalcification occurs within 10-15 minutes of waiting. According to users, it is better to buy the large cans as consumed very quickly.

Tools for cleaning floors

Always nice to walk on clean floor barefoot. The tools used for cleaning such surfaces, so varied in composition and smell that you can get lost in the abundance of liquid concentrates. But vigilant moms come to the question of choice of fluid for the floor, like shopping for baby clothes.

Reviews about Synergetic mopping confirm the perfect composition. Now moms look relaxed on crawling from the floor and taking kids toys. Synergetic to wash the floor is a natural remedy for the daily and General cleaning of all surfaces.

Well removes grease and dirt even in cold water with surfaces such as tile, laminate, parquet, wood, plastic. The remedy is dissolved in water solution and wash the floor. Further flushing is not required because the composition of the solution is designed to protect floors from germs and bacteria. You do not need to fear that the child will want to lie on the floor after cleaning.tool for synergetic feedback

The composition of plant N-surfactants and detergents, extracts of bergamot, aloe, and - distilled water. Housewives bribed flexible and cost-efficient means, and the absence of sharp odor. That is why the concentrate for floors marked as hit. It can be used during manual cleaning, and to fill in the vacuum cleaners. Does not leave stripes and streaks. This saves ...

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