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Concrete – the material is durable, but bad to resist the influence of moisture. Water penetrates into the interior structural elements of buildings constructed from it, via numerous pores. After evaporation on the surface of white spots and stains that spoil the appearance of the building. Besides the material itself under the influence of moisture begins to break down. In order to increase its water repellency, be sure to use water repellent for concrete.

Principle of operation

When applied to concrete, water repellent absorbed by the pores and hardens inside the walls. The result of capillary moisture, instead of having to climb on these micro-channels are up, is pushed out. It happens only with large water structures. Individual molecules pass through the pores freely. As a result, the concrete becomes water repellent and does not lose the ability to transmit vapor, that is still “breathable”.

Thus, water repellents greatly increase the service life of concrete structures, preventing corrosive processes, increase the strength of the surface layer and frost. In addition, they prevent the appearance on the surface of concrete products "efflorescence", thus preserving their attractive appearance.

water repellent for concrete


To be water repellent for concrete can three different technologies. The tool can handle ready-made design or add to the water when making concrete. In the latter case can not exceed the maximum dosage specified by the manufacturer. It may have a negative impact on the quality of the finished concrete structure.


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There are Also injectable water repellents. In this case, the tool is injected into the concrete using special tools.

 what is the best repellent

The Most popular kind of sportswear at the moment are the silicone coating. Applied to the concrete surface of them very easily. They are served in the form of an impregnating liquid emulsions or concentrates that require dilution. For applying you can use any painting tools. Often the concrete surface coat the glass with a roller. In hard to reach areas use the brush. The product is applied to the surface until the pores are no longer absorb it. Dries to a water repellent for about a day.

Do Not apply silicone to the glass before staining the surface. These tools greatly reduce the adhesive properties of materials. Therefore, the walls, balcony, Foundation, pavement or curb, you should first paint, and then cover increases water repellency agent.

Next consider what is the best repellent to buy. Cheap funds from lesser-known companies can apply to concrete structures damage. Some unscrupulous manufacturers produce glass-based antisilicone not potassium, and sodium. Reacts with carbon dioxide, the latter forms a carbonate which is able to attach water molecules and “grow”, thus destroying the surrounding material. So buy only be products of firms on products which have good reviews.

hydrophobizator reviews

Top manufacturers

Release of funds, which increases water resistance of concrete, many manufacturers. The most popular brands are “Akvasila’, ‘Tipr” and “C”. These companies produce enough high-quality water repellent. The price of their products, plus, not too high.

Sportswear «Akvasila”

Using the funds of this company allows to reduce the water absorption of foam concrete and conventional concrete by 10-15 times. The strength of the material increases by 30%. Produces the above-mentioned water repellent (is positive) the same name of the domestic firm. The main advantages of tools of this brand are:

  • Reduced alkalinity;
  • Increased explosion and fire safety;
  • Long service life (second treatment must be carried out not earlier than 10 years).

the best repellent

Are Supplied by means of the manufacturer in the form of concentrates which need to dilute with water in ratio 1:10 or 1:30. Consumption of water repellents "Akvasila” is about 0.25-0.5 kg per m2 (depending on concrete porosity).

To Use products of this brand can be as a coating, and bulk materials. In the latter case, the concentrate is added to water when mixing the concrete solution (in an amount not exceeding 0.5% by weight of cement). Is a concentrated water repellent for concrete "Akvasila” about 300 roubles for kg.

Tools of the brand ‘Tipr”

It is also very reliable and durable water repellent. Lifetime – 10 years. All products of the brand ‘Tipr” divided into three groups:

  • With high security – ‘Tipr U’ and ‘Tipr U1";
  • Medium – ‘Tipr To’ and ‘Tipr To Suite”;
  • Low in – “The tipr D” and Wepost Luxe.

The Differences between these types of repellents are primarily in the depth of penetration into the concrete surface. So, ‘Tipr To Suite" permeates the material is 10 mm, and the modification, marked "U1", 35 mm.

hydrophobizator price

To apply the compositions of this brand in 2-3 layers, and absolutely do not change the color of the surface. In General, this is enough quality water repellent. The price can range from 200 to 300 rubles per liter.

Compounds brand “C”

Tools produced by this manufacturer, also have excellent performance. The latest development of this brand – “Penta-820” – can be used not only on dry but also on wet surfaces. This tool – just perfect for handling walls in damp rooms or basements. Modification “Penta-811” and “Penta 818” can be used including for volumetric water repellency treatment. The product of this company – perhaps the best repellent to date.

The service life of the means “C” - not less than 10 years. The solution flow rate-1 l 3-5 m2. Are the compositions of this brand are also 200-300 rubles.

Water Repellent for concrete – the tool is actually effective to significantly increase the service life of treated structures and improve their performance. However, it concerns only high-quality compounds manufactured by companies with a good reputation. Cheap funds from lesser-known producers will at best useless and at worst – construction will cause irreparable harm and will significantly reduce its service life.


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