Features of cultivation of cucumbers "ant"


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Cucumbers “ant” F1 look attractive, they are easy to distinguish from other varieties. Length of fruit 10-12 cm, they turn dark green rich color and covered with small tubercles with black spines. Differ in aroma and are firmer, crisp structure. Feature cucumbers “ant” – no bitter taste. Harvesting is carried out at 45-50 day of emergence.

Cucumber ant

Planting the seeds and the cultivation of culture

To grow perfect crops, listen to the following recommendations:

  1. The Process of cultivation begins with the preparation and treatment of seeds.
  2. For planting, select a material 3-4 years ago, although good indicators of germination show and 10 years.
  3. Before planting in soil the seeds are disinfected and germinated.
  4. Seeds are heated for three days at a temperature of 50 degrees, then soaked in diluted solution of potassium permanganate.
  5. Seeds are washed and left in clean water for 12 hours.
  6. Then start sprouting. For this, the seeds wrapped in moist cotton cloth. It is important to take a cloth with a cotton content to provide ventilation.

Hardening of the seed

After the planting material will grow, conduct tempering. This is optional, but most gardeners prefer to conduct this procedure. So the seeds less stressful to tolerate extreme weather conditions. Seeds placed in the refrigerator for 18 hours, maintaining the temperature 2 degrees.


This item is omitted because the seeds are well accustomed on a site and after that, as soon as they hatch. The advantage of this method lies in the imminent harvest. Cucumbers “ant” culture that is difficult to tolerate transplanting. Therefore it is better to sowing in individual containers, and to plant in the garden after the sprout appears 2-3 of the sheet.

Landing in the open ground

This is the final stage. Fledgling seedlings planted on the site or in the heifer and in holes of small depth – up to 5 cm, thus, keeping the distance of 5-6 cm between neighboring plants.


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The Subtleties of care for cucumbers

To ensure the culture of good care, it is necessary to loosen the soil in printableto area and systematically watered the bushes. The soil must contain a sufficient amount of minerals and organic matter. Make a dressing in autumn, stirring the ground with humus. If the area is dominated by acidic soils, the soil limed.

Variety of cucumber ant

Sort of cucumber “ant” has a high germination rate because plants need to be thinned. When of density growth will be weak, and the harvest time will be delayed.

Interesting! Did you know that cucumbers grow in the night time, because watering is best in the evening.

Water is recommended not to pour the roots, a little spray across the surface of the ground, where twisted plants. Periodically loosen the soil.

When to plant cucumbers in the open ground

Topping cucumber “ant” is mandatory and necessary process, if you miss the moment, the vital forces of the plant will go into growth in length, and not on the formation of bushes. The procedure is carried out after the appearance of the sixth leaf. The length of the lateral stems are pruned to 40 cm, the rest are removed.

Now you know when to plant cucumbers in the open ground, how to properly care for your culture and how to facilitate obtaining a rich harvest throughout the season.

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