Oil heater or convector - which is better? Oil heater or convector: customer reviews


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Without a doubt we can say that among the alternative sources of heat are the most popular heaters and oil heaters. This kind of heaters will warm your room in case of problems with individual or Central heating. However, how can we choose between these two rivals? Oil heater or convector: which is better? With this issue we will try to understand in this article. There are many important nuances that must be taken into account.

oil heater or convector which is better

Oil heaters

Let's start with heaters that have a lower cost. Before talking about how an oil heater or heater - which is better, let's get to the device itself. The advantages of such a heating device a whole lot. One of them – easy installation. You do not need to have special training for proper installation of the unit. In practice, problems with the electrics of the device is unlikely, due to simple design.

As for the device of the oil cooler, it looks like the following: a metal body radiator that is filled with mineral oil. Most models do not have a special valve to drain the oil, this is because it does not evaporate. The coolant is heating element. There is a rheostat to regulate temperature, and protect the device against overload. Modern units have a sensor that shuts down the device in case of deviation horizontally. This technology is called "stall protection". Well, now let's move on and discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of the device.


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Strengths and weaknesses of oil heaters

Let's begin with, consider the functionality of the units. It is best to buy the modern model, which will provide you with reliable protection. For example, to install the device in the nursery, it must be equipped with special casing. In this case, the housing temperature will not exceed 60 degrees, and it will not burn your skin. A big advantage – the presence of the thermostat. This device will automatically adjust the room temperature under the optimum. In addition, the presence of the timer allows to turn on and off the oil cooler when it suits you.

oil heater or convectorIf you go directly to the features, the oil heater pros and cons is the following. Of the advantages worth noting the extremely quiet operation. If the fan is missing, you are unlikely to disturb the quiet device. In addition, the cost of such heaters is not very high, and almost everyone can afford it. You can move the heater from room to room or hang it on the wall, in the presence of binding. From disadvantages it is necessary to highlight the possibility of oil leakage due to mechanical damage. In this case, it is easier to buy a new radiator than to repair the old.

Oil heater: customer testimonials

It is Impossible to discuss such an important aspect, as the feedback from buyers. The fact that such useful and important information, and even free, can be obtained only from consumer experience. Many write about what is better to buy a radiator with a fan. This is because the heated air is much more quickly distributed around the room. In this case, slightly increasing the noise, however the fan if necessary can be disabled.

Users say that it is better to give preference to a proven manufacturer. The best – «Gucci», «Schneider», etc. Another significant advantage is the possibility of easy and rapid movement from room to room. As noted above, the radiators of this type are not very expensive, but there is little restriction in the form of power. As a rule, it is highly problematic to heat a room, which area is more than 25 squares. This is because most manufacturer do not release the device more powerful 2.5 kW. A good oil heater reviews will be positive. If we talk about the Chinese fakes, they are unworthy of attention.

heater feedback

Electric heaters

These heaters are almost always flat and smooth, it actually differs from oil. If the latter is in most cases placed on the floor, rarely attached to the wall, then in the case of electric heaters of any restrictions. They are absolutely silent and very comfortable. If you want you can attach to the wall and, if necessary, to remove and install the legs.

You are probably familiar with the principle of operation of the convection heater. It is that comes in the cold air, and comes out hot. In the result, the heated air rises and cold stays down. If everything is working properly, it is getting better convection flows, which ensures optimal temperature in the room. Well, now let's go ahead and look at something else interesting.

what's better than an oil heater or electric convector

Strengths and weaknesses of the convector

Without a doubt, it makes sense to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of alternative heating and understand it surpasses oil heaters or not. The main advantage lies in the fact that all models do not heat the housing more than 50-60 degrees. This suggests that the air is not dried, and the oxygen is not burned. Although the latter point is very controversial. If you still notice that the room air has become dry, you can always set the container of water, which will evaporate upon contact with heat sink device. It is a kind of fixed the humidifier.

The Presence of the thermostat also plays into our hands. The reason is that in this way can significantly save energy. After heating to the required temperature, the device will switch to maintenance mode temperature, working more efficiently. Of course, in order to understand what is better: an oil heater or electric heater, this is not enough. So let's do a little comparison that will dot the I.

Dimensions and placement techniques heaters

In most cases, the heaters don't weigh more than 12 kg. This is due to the lack of inside of radiator fluid. Oil instruments have a mass of 25 kilograms. This suggests that the convector will have smaller dimensions, and elderly people or children it will be easier to move.oil heater or a heat convector to choose

The Flat body of the convector allows you to place it where you will not an oil heater. For example, you can install it on a wall mount in a small niche or even the floor. But today there are oil radiators, width of the body which is not much more and they have a special wall mount. For this reason, in this respect, the devices differ not much.

Energy Consumption and comfort in use

If we consider the heating process of the oil cooler, it runs roughly as follows. First heated the heater on, the oil then, and only then the hull. Next is the warming air. In the case of a convector, all somewhat faster. This is due to the absence of a liquid. After the heating element attains operating temperature, it immediately heats the air, and a built-in fan will make it spread even faster. From the foregoing we can draw a simple conclusion that the heater in terms of energy consumption is more economical by about 15-25%. However, it should be remembered that cools it too quickly.

The Uniformity of heating of air oil coolers somewhat lower than convectors. This is due to the lack of circulation. Therefore, we can say that electric heaters are somewhat more successful in this regard. And now we go on.

oil heater pros and cons

Security and life

If you are asking yourself about an oil heater or a heat convector - what to choose, you need to deal with the security issue. Devices, having in its body a mineral oil and having no protective cover, when working at full capacity heat up significantly. So putting them in close proximity to the walls or furniture is not advised. But the body of the convector is almost never heated above 60 degrees, so they can be put almost anywhere.

Often the choice of heater depends on its lifespan. Oil coolers usually work 5-7 years, in some cases up to 10 years. Convection heaters typically provide about 15 years, if you follow safety rules. The conclusion is simple – it is better to buy appliances.

Oil heater or convector - which is better: consumer reviews

Be Sure to pay attention to what is written by the owners as that, and other equipment. According to many, is equal to the control of heaters, but the cost of devices that use mineral oil, 20-30% less, which is a significant advantage. At the same time, note that heaters with air purification are more preferred ...

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