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Stylish shade always looks beautiful and relevant, regardless of fashion. The lampshade was doing with his hands in the 70-ies. These items perfectly fit into the interiors of the last century and could serve as a decoration and humble homes and wealthy estates. Lampshades are also popular in our days, elegantly fitting into the trendy decors.

The Lampshade with their hands were originally made of fiberglass, and it had the appearance as if had been spun from threads. Therefore, if you wish to make a lampshade or lamp of any shape, You'll need knitting yarn and PVA glue. Manufactured your product will look amazing and will create the necessary atmosphere in the room. Moreover, such a lamp no one else will, and to create it, in fact, not will have no difficulty.

And yet, as make a lampshade out of thread? The first step is to buy all the necessary material, with which you will be able to show their talents. Believe me, in fact, it's very simple! Anticipating the result of creation, is to make a lampshade with their hands, and that everyone can do. For this you will need 3-4 skeins of knitting yarn, a balloon the size of not less than 40 cm, PVA glue, gloves, scissors, pieces of cloth, foam brush and light fixtures. Buying all you need, you should be armed with a great mood and you can proceed.

How to make a lampshade with their hands, so that it looks as if you bought it? This question is raised very many fans of handicraft, but not all do it well. So the first thing you need to do – inflating a balloon to its maximum size and tie a thread to not blown away. It is worth noting that when purchasing a balloon, you should make sure that it is rounded, and not elongated. The form of the ball can greatly affect the outcome of your entire operation.


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You can make a lampshade of any size, but for the beginning would be the best size to 40 cm, try to pass the whole process of production strictly according to instructions, and then start experimenting. Remember how in school you skillfully made globe or a mask out of papier-mache? At that time a balloon was applied to a piece of paper. Now you have to do almost the same thing, only to use a you will need instead of papier-mache knitting yarn.

All these actions will help you easily create the right framework for the lamp. How to make a lampshade out of thread, so it lasts a long time? Take one end of the thread and at the base of a balloon tie it up. Thread should put it on the side where you have inflated the ball and secured it. This will serve as the top of the lampshade, and later the place will you cut, so that the protruding ends, you can completely not worry. Next, take in one hand a ball of yarn and slowly, slow movements, start wrapping the balloon. From how you will be winding the ball, will depend on the design of the future light.

If you produce the shade for the first time, you should not try to make something unique or unusual, try rather uniformly imposed yarn and pull them tight. Try to keep the threads were tensioned properly, it's the only thing you need to achieve with the wrapping. Continue to wind the thread on the balloon, until you are sure that there is at least 4-5 layers. Also don't worry about the gaps. It is through these small cracks and will reach the light. Now you need to cut the thread.

Take a waterproof fabric and apply it on the surface of a balloon. Now on top of the fabric layers evenly you apply the PVA glue. Try to get free of dry space left at all. Try also to each thread was impregnated with glue. This is very important. Then you should leave the ball to dry. If possible, try to keep the ball in limbo, it will allow it to dry completely. Once all dry, pop with the spokes the ball inside. Some remains of the ball, you may have to scrape yourself.

Next, at the place where the ball was attached, cut a small hole. Through this hole is placed the lamp. The hole is not worth doing big. The main thing is to fit the bulb. Now, through it run the wires and install the bulb. To properly lock it on the inside of the lampshade, stick a few pipe cleaners and straighten the shade on the contour. This will help the bulb to be in the center of the lampshade. Next, adjust the cable length. Much better to trim immediately, so he was less noticeable. Attach the resulting shade to the ceiling hook and turn on the light. Congratulations! Your lampshade is ready. How to make a lampshade with their hands? As you can see it is not difficult.

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