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Curious gardeners who are interested in everything new, who is not afraid to experiment in his apartment in a country house, you can ask the question of how to grow kiwi, and is it possible to grow this wonderful fruit in our Russian climate? We will try to answer it.

Kiwi has cultivated a hundred years ago, new Zealander Allison who raised and brought the plant from seeds received from China. The plant was named in honor of living in New Zealand, kiwi bird, because of their resemblance.

how to grow kiwi

The Kiwi has gained great popularity due to its rich content of vitamin C, according to this indicator, it bypasses apples. It also includes vitamins a, E, B1, and the juice of this fruit contains quinic acid in the same amount as lemon juice. Kiwifruit are a good way to improve digestion. Due to the fact that kiwi is low in calories and rich content of nutrients, they are recommended as a dietary product. It is believed that the consumption of this fruit helps to prevent cancer.

Gardeners are interested in growing kiwi, not only because of its medicinal properties. The plant is virtually disease, it does not harm pests. When breeding you need to consider that it doesn't like fertilizer in large doses. Its root system is within the surface layer of soil where many nutrients. When planting kiwi in the open ground, you need to find a place sheltered from the wind a vineyard or fruit trees. The plant is dioecious, so you need to get fruit to grow individuals for men and women. Contribute to harvest kiwi soil, rich in humus and well aerated. Kiwi is very picky about watering. Especially need water  during flowering, in the first two months. But at the same time, it is impossible to prevent waterlogged soil, otherwise the plant may experience oxygen starvation.


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growing kiwifruit

To Plant kiwi seedlings in the open ground. This is not to compact the ground in the hole, be sure to make a shade for the plant and well watered. Seedling for the first year reaches 3 meters, it should not be treated with pesticides. In summer the plant needs pruning. To grow kiwi possible at home from seeds obtained from fruits of plants. Seeds are placed in a container of damp sand, put in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. Then capacity should be put in a warm place, cover with plastic wrap or glass and expect germination. Planting them to do better in the spring. The fruits appear in three or four years.

seedlings kiwi

Gardeners are concerned with the question of how to grow kiwi fruit at low temperatures? The plant belongs to deciduous vines. It can withstand temperatures of -16 to - 30°C. At the same time it is sensitive tolerates. Therefore recommended in the Russian climate to grow kiwi in greenhouses, in greenhouses without heating. Perhaps the cultivation of culture in the open ground, but then productivity is reduced.

The Plant is a vine, the growth of the shoots continues throughout the growing season, so cultivation of kiwi require supports. They can be a pergola, trellis, gazebo. Almost all flowers kiwi field pollination bear fruit. But their size depends on how many seeds started. As plant roots occur in the top layer of soil, loosen it carefully so as not to damage the root system. Fertilize the plant suggest the sulphate forms of potash and nitrogen fertilizers.

In Russia, a lot of growers who manage a growing this heat-loving culture. Comprehend the science, how to grow kiwi, In several regions of our country: in Novocherkassk, Volgograd region, near Moscow. The fruit from the fruit tree, which grows exclusively in New Zealand, have evolved into a fairly common culture, which is now cultivated in various countries around the world.

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