The construction of the cabins with his own hands: step by step seven days


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If you own country land, you probably thought about how to arrange it in accordance with their own preferences. In order for a family or a team of workers lived in comfort during the construction, you can build the shed. It is a special kind of temporary housing, which has the form of small houses with comfortable conditions.


The construction of the cabins can take a certain amount of time, which is limited to a few days, and sometimes lasts up to several months. Everything will depend on the material used and the complexity of the project, as well as the availability of skills. If we operated this house will in the short term, it is possible to save on internal arrangement. In this case, you can refuse the presence of partitions by setting a minimum number of sockets.

building cabins

For covering while it is possible to use cheap materials. If the shed is built for long term operation, the project may include the presence of bathrooms.

The Need for Foundation

The Foundation is needed in any case, most often it is the basis of the pillars, which are located at the corners and long sides. The distance between these elements must not appear more than 2.5 meters. Before the laying of the pillars is covered gravel pad, which prevents the penetration of plants and trees. Land for the building must be elevated to eliminate flooding rain and flood water. If this condition cannot be met, then you should equip the storm drains.


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building cabins with his own hands step by step for seven days

Materials for the manufacture of cabins

The construction of the cabins can be made using different materials. For example, for the construction of the Foundation you can apply piles or pillars. The farther apart are the support elements, the more reliable should be the cap.

To Carry out the construction work of a costly Foundation makes no sense. The basis of cabins will be the frame, which can be made of wood or metal. The use of metal corners and the channels will allow you to create the shed, ready for use. Paneling can be done by a lining of specialized leaves, the block-house or siding.

building cabins with his own hands

The Insulation should be given special attention. You can buy foam, glass wool, and the stitches to close up the building with foam. The floors are laid hydro - and thermal insulation materials. Inside, the walls are sheathed with clapboard, hardboard, or special panels. If provides for temporary operation, for this purpose you can use edging boards.

Foundation Construction

The Construction of cabins begins with the creation of the Foundation. If the construction will be to demolish, to dismantle the pier Foundation would be simple enough. Quite often used cinder blocks, which can be purchased at low cost or make yourself. With the surface of the earth it is necessary to remove debris, to remove the topsoil. The soil is compacted, covered with geotextile, backfilled with sand and compacted again.

On the prepared Foundation is possible to install the units, placing them in the corners. In addition, these items must be removed from each other on the perimeter at 1.5 meters. Units must be seal with asphalt mastic or tar paper. Then anchor way is fixed a wooden frame.

building cabins with his own hands step by step

If you want to build cabins stationary type, the Foundation must be given more attention. To do this, remove the topsoil over the entire surface, lay geotextile and sand with a thickness of five centimeters, and then carefully compacted. For installation of poles ready 50-inch holes should be placed at the corners and along the perimeter of 1.5 meters. Pit made with geotextile, backfilled after 40 centimetres of sand.

Recommendations for contractors

It is best to build cabins with his own hands step by step, in seven days you will be able to produce such work with assistance. On the first day to start construction of Foundation of brick, the height of the base should be equal to 30 centimeters. However, 10 cm will be hidden under the ground, and the remaining 20 – to rise above the soil. In the Central part of the Foundation is driven fittings, the height of which should reach 1 meter. It is necessary to strengthen the Arab League. This indicates the need for a blank section in the center that after placing the rods poured concrete.

building cabins with his own hands photo

Bottom piping

There are certain skills you can make the construction of the cabins with his own hands (step by step). For seven days, such work is quite possible to implement.

An Important step is the formation of the waist. You can use a channel mount which is made with anchor bolts. For fixing pre-drilled holes in the supports and metal. If the piles will be laid with wood blocks, the end walls are covered by two layers of roofing material, it can be replaced with bitumen mastic. The aforementioned wooden beams must have a certain cross-section that is 100 x 50 mm.

building cabins on the site

Creating a frame

Master Pets quite often carry out building cabins with his own hands. The next step may be to produce the formation of a framework. The Foundation of building is formed from beams which are placed around the perimeter and well strengthened. After stacked transverse and longitudinal joists. To create a frame, you need to prepare the boards, the cross section of which is 150 x 100 mm. This material settling floors and support columns. The latter should be placed at the corners. A reliable connection is guaranteed wypieki the lags at which the bars are mounted one in another and strengthened with screws. The joists will be put on reinforcing contours. For fixing vertically arranged and attached to it the lag should apply the screws and corners.

building cabins with his own hands 6x3

Formation of the roof frame

The construction of the cabins with his own hands step by step should be carried out in several stages. Next to the master have to form a roof frame. If we are talking about planar structures, use bars with a cross section of 50 x 100 mm. In the bearing bars is vypily where to install the rafters. Fastening the same with screws. The perimeter of the buildings rafters should reach 30 centimeters. In the role of cover you can choose Onduline, which does not provide when the performance of the Assembly whether the special master construction skills.

The roof Structure should contain water - and vapor control layers and insulation. When is the construction of cabins with their hands, it is recommended to consider in advance. They will allow you to understand what design is best choose for your site.

The next stage on the rafters, you can lay obreshetku from wooden bruskov or boards, as Onduline is easy material. His sheets are overlapped, it should move upwards. For this purpose, special fasteners, which are included in the kit.

Finishing work

The Construction of cabins at the site provides for the next stage, the implementation of finishing works. First, the master will have to lay a subfloor, the boards treated with antiseptic. Between the waterproofing layers must be laid mineral wool. Then be to lay the floor finish. When you plan to use the shed for long enough, best for interior decoration to apply the lining. If you need to save to buy OSB. For fixing these materials should be used no nails, and screws. We should not forget about the presence of insulation and vapor barrier.

If the construction of the cabins 6x3 with his own hands, as when erecting large buildings, it is necessary to calculate the amount of material for finishing. On the exterior walls can be strengthened, for example, a block-house. And in order not to run to the store during the work, as well as not to overpay, you should calculate the amount of material. This is determined by the area of all the walls, the figures add up and the end result should be divided by the area of one Board to finish.


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