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At home we often used super glue, which is perfect for repairing household items. Using it, not everyone is able to protect hands from contact with chemicals that is torn off from the skin. However, there are several proven methods that allow you to eliminate this trouble.


How to remove super glue from fingers? Surprisingly, there is a special substance called "An," which comes to the aid of many prudent men. To acquire such a handy tool for removing cyanoacrylate skin surface can be almost every hardware store.

how to remove super glue from your fingers

Gives An opportunity not only to remove the remnants of the super glue from hands, but also to remove the substance from almost any surface. For this it is enough to apply the product onto a sponge and soak contaminated sites. After a short time frozen traces of super-glue liquefy and dissolve.

Metal badges

A Great option for those who wish to know how to remove super glue from skin is to buy "Dimexidum". To lean to this option is recommended for those who are not able to find a special tool to remove the quick-drying substance.

Usually requires a slight amount of "Dimexidum" to bring up the old stains from super glue. If you deal with the problem failed immediately to solve it in most cases helps re-application of funds.

Liquid nail Polish remover

Effective, widely available method for removing super glue not only with hands, but any other skin is to use a special liquid to clean your nails by nail Polish remover based on acetone.


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how to remove super glue from skin

How to remove super glue from skin with the help of liquid varnish remover? To do this, perform the following manipulation:

  • To apply the liquid on the glued areas of the skin with a cotton swab;
  • Soak the required area for several minutes;
  • Rinse the skin with warm water and soap;
  • Process contaminated sites lotion for hands;


How to remove glue from hands? Proven ways include the possibility of using quite gentle chemical substances such as detergents.

how to remove super glue from skin

The Main binder super glue is Lancelot, which dissolves in the degreasing soap solutions. To wash contaminated skin should dissolve in warm water a small amount of dishwashing detergent to a foam. Soiled hands must be kept in the solution for about 10 minutes.

If you are not able to completely clean the skin, in this case, it is not necessary to look for other ways to remove super glue from your fingers. It is sufficient to re-perform the procedure and wait until the small remains of super glue will not disappear from the hands in a natural way.

Removing super glue from fabrics

Often interested in not only how to remove super glue from your fingers, but also the ways of removal fast-acting substances. An effective method for its elimination from the surface of the tissue supports the heating of contaminated sites by iron or to cool them in the freezer.

When exposed to elevated or low temperatures dried the adhesive becomes brittle structure that allows it to scrape the remains of any suitable solid object such as a knife blade, a nail file, pumice.

Important to know

Trying to find your own solution how to remove super glue from your fingers in any case should not attempt to scrape frozen substance with the teeth. Even if you have tried all the options. First, the data method is ineffective. Second, there is a high probability of causing irreparable harm to her health.

how to remove glue from hands proven ways

Harmful compounds the adhesive are toxic to the human body. Moreover, they are even dangerous for life. There are enough sad examples where people were in the hospital due to careless and inappropriate treatment with super-glue. In General, resorting to one or another way to remove super glue, you need to first think about the possible consequences.

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