How to charge Ni-Cd batteries: a description of the process


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Thanks to the improvement in the production of Ni-Cd batteries are now used in most portable electronic devices. Acceptable cost and high performance has made presented with a variety of popular rechargeable batteries. Such devices are now widely used in instruments, cameras, iPods, etc. So that the battery lasts a long time, you need to know How to recharge Ni-Cd batteries. Adhering to the rules of operation of such devices can significantly prolong their service life.

Key features

To understand How to recharge Ni-Cd batteries, you should be familiar with the characteristics of similar devices. Invented V. Jungner in 1899. However, their manufacturing was then too expensive. The technology improved. Today, sales are easy to operate and relatively inexpensive batteries Nickel-cadmium to charge ni cd rechargeable batteries

The device require that a charge occurred quickly and discharge slowly. And emptying the battery capacity must be fully implemented. Recharging is pulsed currents. These parameters should be adhered to throughout the life of the product. Knowing the Current how to charge the battery Ni-Cd, You can extend its life by several years. However, such battery operated even in the toughest conditions. Feature of the battery is “memory effect”. If not periodically drain the battery completely on the plates of its elements will form large crystals. They reduce the battery capacity.


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To understand how to charge the Ni-Cd battery drill, camera and other portable devices, you should be familiar with the technology of this process. It is simple and does not require special knowledge and skills from the user. Even after a long storage battery can quickly charge again. This is one of the advantages of the devices that make them popular.what current to charge the battery ni cd

Nickel-cadmium batteries have a large number of cycles of charge and discharge. Depending on manufacturer and operating conditions, this figure could reach more than 1 thousand cycles. Advantage of Ni-Cd battery is its endurance and ability to work in stressed conditions. Even when operating it in the cold equipment will operate properly. Its capacity under such conditions does not change. At any degree of charge the battery can be stored for a long time. An important advantage is its low cost.


One of the drawbacks of the presented devices is the fact that the user must learn How to charge Ni-Cd batteries. Presented to the batteries, as mentioned above, inherent “memory effect”. Therefore, the user should periodically carry out preventive measures to eliminate to charge ni cd rechargeable batteries

Energy density batteries is presented will be slightly lower than other varieties of self-contained power supply. Moreover, in the manufacture of these devices used is toxic, unsafe for the environment and human health materials. Disposal of such substances requires additional costs. Therefore, in some countries the use of such batteries is limited.

After long-term storage Ni-Cd-the batteries require charging. It is associated with a high rate of self-discharge. It is also a disadvantage of their design. However, knowing How to charge Ni-Cd batteries to correctly operate, it is possible to provide your technique an Autonomous power source for years to come.

Variety chargers

To properly charge the battery the Nickel-cadmium type, you need to use special equipment. Most often it comes complete with battery. If the charger for some reason not, you can purchase it separately. The market today are automated and reversible pulse varieties. Applying the first type of device, the user does not need to know What voltage to charge Ni-Cd batteries. The process runs in automatic mode. At the same time can charge or discharge up to 4 cd batteries how to charge

With a special switch device is installed in the discharge mode. Moreover, the color indicator will glow yellow. When this procedure is completed the device automatically switches to charging mode. The red led will light. When the battery attains the required capacity, the device will cease to apply to the battery current. The indicator will light green. Reversible chargers are a group of professional equipment. They are able to perform several cycles of charge and discharge with different durations .

Special and universal chargers

Many users want to know about How to charge the battery screwdriver Ni-Cd type. In this case, no suitable conventional device, designed for double-a batteries. Complete with a screwdriver often comes with a special charger. It should be used when servicing the battery. If the charger is to purchase equipment for batteries of the type presented. You can charge only battery screwdriver. If the operation has batteries of different type, you should purchase versatile equipment. It will allow you to maintain independent sources of energy for almost all devices (a camera, a drill and even battery). For example, can charge Ni-Cd batteries iMAX B6. This is a simple and useful household device.

Discharging the battery

Special design are characterised by extruded Ni-Cd batteries. How to charge and to execute a discharge of the devices depends on their internal resistance. This indicator is affected by some structural features. For long-term operation of the equipment batteries used in disc type. They have flat electrodes of sufficient thickness. In the process of discharging their voltage slowly drops to 1.1 V. This can be verified by plotting a curve.

If the battery continue to drain to a value of 1, and the discharge capacity will be 5-10% of the initial value. If the current to increase to 0.2 C, voltage is significantly reduced. This also applies to the battery capacity. This is due to the inability to diffuse the weight across the surface of the electrode uniformly. Today, therefore, reduce their thickness. In this design the disc battery has 4 of the electrode. In this case, the discharge current of 0.6 S.

Cylindrical battery

Currently widely used batteries with sinter electrodes. They have a low resistance and provides high energy performance of the device. Voltage charged Ni-Cd battery this type is kept at 1.2 V before losing 90% of the given capacity. About 3% of it is lost during subsequent discharge from 1.1 to 1 V. this type of battery is allowed to discharge a current of 3-5 S.right to charge a ni-cd battery

The roll type Electrodes mounted in a cylindrical battery. They can discharge the current with a high rate, which is at the level C. Figure 7-10 capacity will be maximum at the temperature +20 ºC. When increasing this number is not relevant changing. If the temperature drops to 0 ºC and below, the discharge capacity is reduced in direct proportion to the increase of the discharge current. How to recharge Ni-Cd batteries, varieties of that is represented in the sale, it is necessary to consider in detail.

General rules charging

When making a charging Nickel-cadmium battery it is crucial to limit the excessive current supplied to the electrodes. This is necessary because of the growth inside of the device when the process pressure. When charging it will stand out oxygen. This affects the current utilization rate, which will decline. There are certain requirements that explain How to recharge Ni-Cd batteries. Parameters Process, take into account manufacturers of special equipment. The charger in the process, misleading the battery 160% of nominal capacity. The temperature range throughout the process should stay within 0 to +40 ºC.

Standard charge

Manufacturers will indicate in the instructions How to recharge Ni-Cd battery and what shock it must be done. Most often, the mode of performing this process standard for most kinds of batteries. If the battery has a voltage of 1 V, charging must be carried out for 14-16 hours. The current has b...

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