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The Ceiling must blend with the interior of the room blending nicely with it, and, of course, to match the taste of the tenant. It would seem, what could be easier than repair of ceiling – removed the old, crumbling layer of whitewash, washed and re-whitewashed. But today, such coverage is already out of date. There are many ways to decorate a ceiling with a creative approach and imagination. Of course, have a lot of work to spend funds. But such efforts and finances expended will pay off in beautiful interiors.

ceiling repairRepair of the ceiling in the first place depends on what you would like to see him, and then – from your finances. Of course, the simplest solution – align, fill, and then cover it with a layer of white enamel. It – if you do not want “bother” and spend precious time repairing the ceiling. In addition, this solution is suitable for virtually any type of interior.

However, if you have time and the desire, and the necessary funds, it makes sense to use a more original way to do the ceiling repair. The surface does not have to be white, fit and other colors. And, of course, repair ceiling does not include only painting or whitewashing. You can use such types of finishing, hanging, suspended, plasterboard, adhesive.

Where to start to repair the ceiling? Of course, with the preparation of the surface, although in some cases it is not required. There are two basic ways to align – so-called “dry” and “raw”.


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First awarded in applying any of the mixtures on prepared ceiling.

“Dry” method is the use of panels, racks and other “dry” materials. It does not require any training. If the drop surface is not more than 5 cm, in this case, acceptable “raw” method.

If the difference in height of not more than five millimeters, you can fix it by using a leveling putty. Her smear on the ceiling a thin layer, then Polish with a fine abrasive paper.

If this differential is from 2 to 5 inches, the only one of putty will be enough; first you have to put the so-called “bandage” - that is, reinforcing mesh. It can be metal or paint. The first looks like a medical bandage, it is also occasionally called serpyanka. Glue her to the ceiling by glue or other reliable types of glue. As long as it was well fixed. There are a variety of self-adhesive serpyanka.

Unlike a paint grid, metal is fixed using PVA and similar means, and with special brackets, nails with wide heads or hooks. It is advised to fix on all types of seams and joints. After drying, the plaster is applied a layer of putty with the purpose of surface alignment. If the finish is paint, we will also need priming. Experts advise to use materials of one manufacturer for “compatibility” materials.

There is a group of suspended ceiling. This is the design that do not require repair of a stretch ceilingHanging and fastened directly to the base surface. The materials used for mounting boarding ceiling: Styrofoam plates (durable, durable, non-flammable, have the original design), a slab of particle Board (minus – contain any harmful substances) gypsum Board (possess sound-and heat insulation properties, perfectly smooth). Last require additional painting or plating. These boards glue on the ceiling with glue-PVA or CPC. Gypsum materials are used, if the room has a height of more than two and a half meters.

We Should also talk about the suspended ceiling. Its advantage – it is a good ceiling repair in the bathroomWaterproofing and easy installation. It is, in fact, vinyl film mounted on an aluminum or plastic profile. The latter are fixed with screws and dowels. Repair of a stretch ceiling depends on the type of damage. A small puncture vinyl film is corrected by treatment with glue. If there was a cut on the distance of from 8 to 12 cm from the wall, stretch ceiling need to be removed, at the end of the cut to cut the fabric and weld the spear again, and then set the design in place.

Making repairs ceiling in the bathroom, remember that the need to use only moisture resistant materials.

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