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The Corner of the kitchen to more accurately characterize the word "compactness, convenience, roominess". It is modern, ergonomic and functional solution for such premises, regardless of its area. Why is the preferential option for the furniture of kitchen and some details of the plan should take into account when selecting kitchen cabinets, look below.

Distinctive features of corner models, and why use such furnishings

Based On design capacity of the kitchen work area along two adjoining walls. L-shaped kitchen is suitable for rooms of any size and shape regardless of interior and architectural solutions. The only exception-a narrow room like a corridor. Extended kitchen looks more attractive with a linear set, placed along one of the walls.

Kitchen corner

The Advantages of this type of arrangement of the kitchen

Why is this option of furniture is better:

  1. When using G-shaped kitchen cabinets for kitchen, you use square angle, not fully exploited before.
  2. The Kitchen will be more spacious and ergonomic. Equipping a multi-tiered carousel will keep pots and pans in one Cabinet (upper or lower bunk), is compact and placed them in niches. Facade module with retractable design is foldable, which simplifies the opening and closing of the doors.
  3. Under bench easy to install large home appliances: washing machine and dishwasher.
  4. Provision for functional areas of the sink in the corner – another feature the corner of the kitchen.

This is the location of wash convenient as:


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  • The main location of sewer riser – angle;
  • Convenient to connect the washing machine, especially if it is next to the sink, as the pipe and the siphon will comfortably fit in the most remote, inaccessible part of the angle;
  • Accessibility of choosing a sink with deep bowl surround with angular placement.
Design a kitchen

The idea of zoning kitchen with an l-shaped set

The idea of zoning is easily implemented by using for furniture kitchen design of G-shaped: in one corner compact kitchen, in another – a full dining room. This layout has room for a zonal separator, for example the bar that complement your interior. It is not only a decorative element of kitchen equipment, but also extra working or dining space, suggesting the possibility of storing small appliances or utensils under the sink.

Kitchen G-shaped and attractive, especially when the design is dominated by bright colors kitchen. A variant of the classic headset described above form looks good in the interior of the modern room. This furniture can be placed in a corner or to form a perpendicular with one of the walls, which allows more practical to use the surface of the countertop.

White kitchen

Corner kitchen

Angle – the Central element of a kitchen. Thanks to modern technology, the interior space is optimally used without being idle. A number of features of G-such decisions include:

  • A compact arrangement along the two solid walls;
  • Extreme lower cabinets and upper open modules make – with shelves and rounded corners and sharp corners and remove from the worktop bottom of the module;
  • Special design of the top corner of the cupboard, presented in the form of shelves between two ordinary tables.

The Planning of the G-shaped kitchen

Want a full-fledged ergonomic space-use the expert tips:

  1. Start drafting with placement of hob, sink, fridge. Determine the place of installation of the three main elements for functional areas.
  2. If desired to keep natural light in the kitchen, place one wing of kitchen units along the wall with the window. When using this design space is not zagromozhdaet, looks unique and expressive.
  3. Don't break the top blocks, separated by lockers – leave it long (up to 250cm).
  4. Consider advance features sealing joints in those embodiments of the tops, which consist of several parts.
  5. Order a kitchen set with the size of one of the parties in excess of 400 cm (if possible). This will allow the most efficient use is reserved for work area space.
  6. Fill the kitchen of a multi-level light. Of the best options – General lighting of the room with the addition of ceiling lights in tandem with lighting under design kitchen.

Some tips on arrangement

In a small or poorly lit room it is desirable to perform the trim in light colors visually expand the space. A great option – glossy finish, which looks expensive and does not require special care. For a small kitchen suitable kitchen colour alder.

Looks Interesting mosaic tiled apron at the kitchen working area. It's kind of unobtrusive room decor, characterized by practicality. Take care of harmonious finish work apron with tiles, mosaics, stucco. Choose the material, which in your case would be the most practical. If the kitchen in the house settling symbolically, and you spend very little time at home, give more attention to aesthetics, but if you like to eat at home and only cooked his own food, plan not to get out of the kitchen like a desperate housewife, – you will only fit option of facing tile floors. What – you decide.

Do Not attempt to construct the kitchen your hands, if you are not an expert in this field. There is a lot of work, and hanging doors and facades, the newcomer may be difficult, because of what the design will be skewed. Doubting their abilities, give the matter in the hands of the wizard or the designer.

Pay attention placed in the corner of the sink. Work area in this location should be well publicized. A convenient and practical solution – built-in wall lockers lamps.

Sizes of kitchen cabinets

Variants of the G-shaped furniture

Designers often mention that the angular layout of the kitchen – the most common phenomenon because it is considered that this is a universal arrangement of the room. But some types of kitchen interior with corner placement of the white kitchen units are not combined at all. Because going downhill, many owners of small apartments, bought such furniture, making the largest mistake during the development of the premises.

A fine example – furnishing a long narrow space. Why mount corner kitchen furniture when the space for installation of the linear unit is more than enough if a headset does not fit, you can resort to parallel the layout-the placement of furniture along two walls located opposite each other. This is a good option the rational arrangement of space.

By Itself, kitchen with corner layout has distinctive features, therefore decided to allocate several types of l-shaped small kitchen. Examine them in detail.


Design, traditionally located along two adjacent walls. This furniture is:

  • Suitable for construction and small-sized, and large kitchen;
  • Refers to the middle price category;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Easy installation.

This variant of furniture will fit and under combined kitchen, regardless of its shape and size. In fact, and in another case it looks perfect.

Kitchen set for the kitchen


Most Often it is U-shaped version of the kitchen with an extension in the form of a bar on the other end. This is a fairly specific version of the plan that is suitable not for every room, but great looking in a large and spacious room, and in a little, but with some reservations:

  1. If a full dining area is missing.
  2. If there is a wide entrance to the kitchen as in the Studio apartment, or the smart home.

Remember: a lack of space can lead to a small kitchen area with this layout of the furniture looks cluttered, and if you would like to acquire a Breakfast bar, this design, in some cases, it is better to refuse.

Kitchen hands


This is an interesting design...

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