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The Limited space in architecture contributed to the emergence of such terms as residential houses of blocked development. Such structures have significant differences compared to conventional single-family houses do not exist, but some differences do exist.

Houses blocked development: what kind of concept

The House blocked development – this hybrid system of buildings, which resembles a complex of single-family houses, and internally - apartment house where apartments are United among themselves.

Withdrawing a precise definition, you can specify that such a complex of apartment buildings blocked type. Houses terraced houses – this form of residential buildings in apartment buildings where each apartment has its own entrance to the street. This is the main difference of house from country cottages or small houses. In such block structures, like any other houses, as inherent advantages and disadvantages.

House of the blocked development it

Detached houses

Houses terraced houses – The building of separate blocks of cells that are themselves flat. The floors of such buildings often do not exceed 3 storeys.

Each house has its technical and structural features:

  • In these apartments at least one adjoining wall;
  • Shared entrances, attics, mines and communication engineering networks do not exist;
  • Ventilation system, heating and communication branch is individual for each apartment;
  • Each apartment has its own unimpeded access to the street.

Blocked houses: pros and cons

Choosing as accommodation the house is locked and you get the following advantages:


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  • Economical. When planning or building a house, you can save significantly on the construction and minimize the construction area. Purchase of such house will cost much cheaper. When choosing a house, you get a small, but fully functional home where every square meter is used with advantage.
  • Detached houses - a great option to create a complete architectural ensemble.
  • You can save on utilities (on two apartments has one riser).

Residential house blocked the building

What are the advantages of neither would have the apartment house of the blocked building, the cons are still present. Limited space is the main drawback of these types of homes. Accordingly, problems associated with Parking your car and area for the folding of debris and site for the garden will be a lot: it'll have to deny yourself. So if you have a car, think about where you will Park it.

If you are Going to buy a house terraced houses, weigh the pros and cons and only then make the final decision.

Status of houses blocked development

By mistake each of the independent parts of a row house taken for an individual unit, and in that order prescribed in the cadastral registry.

The Owner and a civil servant making a big mistake by registering to this order the house is terraced houses. Housing code (article 49) States: “the Buildings blocked type, consisting of several parts, taken for single unit”. Therefore, a design shall be the entire block of the house.

The concept of the house blocked development does not apply to the house, consisting of one section blocked by the buildings. In this case, part of the definition, stipulating the presence of several block sections, is not observed, and the structure takes on the status of individual residential houses of a private nature.

houses of blocked development

Houses terraced houses – homes that cannot be inherited fully. The heir in a certain order receives the right of possession of the sections of the block structure. This scheme of transfer of the property does not violate the rights of ownership and possession of the neighbors living in the same block.

In many forums, you can see the view that the residential house blocked the building – it is nothing but a kind of apartment building. This opinion is incorrect, and all that's why.

Apartment and the building type under consideration are not identical, although they have a number of similar features. In the legal documents stated that the apartment is considered a dwelling, consisting of two and more apartments having total access to the site or place for General use.

Tenement house terraced houses

Distinctive features of the houses blocked development

Considering the peculiarities of construction of the house combined development immediately see the difference: each exit from the apartment brings the owners personal site, and only after that - to the territory of General use.

And this is just the first difference, contrary to the erroneous opinion of the citizens.

The Recognition of housing the blocked type such

Recognition of the house the house blocked development occurs if the following conditions are met:

  1. The House has 3 floors.
  2. The Building consists of ten block sections with an offset wall and a private entrance to separate each of the owners of the territory.

Confession house house terraced houses

If your home complies with the normative documents requirements, you can make it as the home of terraced houses. This will apply to the bodies of BTI, the local administration, the judicial route, which deal with proceedings for the award of the homes status and to wait for her consideration.

Permission to build a house of block type

From the General rules of construction: “the Construction of a single dwelling house to two or more land plots illegal”. To perform the construction according to the law, separately existing land come together as one. The sequence of actions that must be completed for the landowner/developer to build the house of the blocked development: to prepare and execute the documents for the land plot on which it is expected to structure and provide construction plan from Grastrolax. Only after providing the documents listed above permission to build houses terraced houses will be in the hands of the Builder.

house of the blocked development housing code

For each of the block sections shall be made in separate documents: General land is split and formed separate parts of the land, issued the landmark plan. Only after all the documents are ready, the combined housing may be used in operation.

Residential building terraced houses is a common practice in America and many European countries. This is a great alternative to apartment houses, where often overloaded drainage or not enough living space.

Houses terraced houses easy to build for themselves, improving the image and quality of life.


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