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To Provide extra Shine and surface protection able enamel for the floor. They have fast drying and are resistant to moisture, detergents and abrasion. The coating compositions can be by conventional methods using brush or roller.

In the coating composition for surfaces of wood includes a solvent, alkyd varnish, long lasting fillers and pigments, and additives that extend the features.

enamel for the floor


On the enamel surface for the floor sometimes formed film to be removed, after which the composition is thoroughly mixed. If it is not excessive density, we can solve the problem by dilution with white spirit or turpentine followed by filtration. For use on painted floors require advance preparation, which involves removal of the exfoliated layer and the contaminants, purification from dust.

Coverage of concrete surfaces

Such formulations covered not only the surface with wooden base. Today in stores you can find enamel for concrete floors, the task of which is to provide a protective coating of structures in any environment, both residential and with a high level of mechanical stress (shopping centers, industrial facilities, automotive repair shops). Specialized composition based on wear-resistant additives and synthetic polymers and resins ensures no damage with considerable mechanical impact.

enamel for concrete floors


The Enamel is a modern type of paint, which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, humidity, convenient to distribution of the composition and a sufficient degree of opacity. This type is designed for a particular surface and provides protection against the surrounding conditions.


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The Trains are classified by their basis, and the binding elements for the following types:

  • Nitrocellulose dry quickly, are not affected by atmospheric conditions and moisture;
  • Polyacrylic enamel for the floor does not collapse in contact with alkalis and acids;
  • Pentaftalevyh mainly used for external work, and also for staining wood and metal parts, regardless of the surrounding conditions in the room;
  • Oil is more common in the treatment of wooden elements.

Alphanumeric value, which can be found on the package indicate the characteristics, features and the composition.

enamel for floor PF


Alkyd enamel for floor PF is the best option for use on wooden surface, forming a shiny coating with sufficient hardness and wear resistance. On the plus side it should be noted good adhesion with all types of Foundation, including painted, and resistance to mechanical damage.

Surface defects easily hidden due to its high opacity. Imported weather-resistant pigments provide siteprotect.

An Important property of the material is in its composition. Due to the presence of solvent and driers, enamel is not affected by active chemicals and mechanical damage. Similar characteristics have paint for concrete pavement based on epoxy.

enamel floor 266

What to look for when choosing

The Distinctive technical properties provide fast and quality distribution, the lack of consequences when exposed to cleaning compounds and certain types of solvents. It is worth noting a small palette of colors, which reduces the possibility of application. The paint is two shades: light brown and red-brown. Because of this, the enamel 266 floor is used as a protective composition in facilities with different decorative coating.

A rare acquisition by private consumers explains the packaging of this material, which is represented by steel banks on 40 and 30 liters. It mostly used by large construction firms, the profile of which is decoration in businesses and residences.

Also before buying you should pay attention to the time taken for complete drying and consumption. The coating consisting of two layers, ready to use in a day. The average consumption is subject to a prior surface treatment is 160 g/sq. m.

enamel for floor PF-266


Enamel for floor PF-266 is able to provide all the specified properties only in the case of a special preparatory steps that prepare the composition to work.

The Paint should be thoroughly stirred to achieve a uniform consistency using a paint nozzle or electric tool. For cultivation of enamel uses thinner or white spirit in an amount not exceeding 10-15 % of the total weight. The material was then filtered through a gauze folded in two layers.

Surfaces that require painting shall be cleaned of dirt and dust using a detergent followed by rinsing with clean water. Further, the base polished, cleaned of dust formed and washed again. After all these manipulations, you are ready to perform work. Thus it is necessary to remember about some rules that must be observed. The application is carried out using a roller having bristles of medium length, or paint brush. For the formation of high-quality enamel coating for floor applied at least in two layers. This will ensure compliance with the stated characteristics and a long service life.


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