A brick facade and its advantages. Finishing facade panels as an alternative to facing brick


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The Modern houses are built from a variety of building materials, almost all of them require high-quality exterior walls. For these purposes, is widely used wood, plastic, metal, stone, but the most reliable and durable is considered a brick facade. This kind of walls is striking in its diversity and ability to turn an ugly building into an architectural masterpiece. To understand what its benefits and features, you should study this material in more detail.

Main characteristics of facade brick

A brick Facade – is a versatile material made of ceramics used for lining interior and exterior walls, fences and posts. Thanks to the attractive appearance and variety of colors, it is widely used in decorating the premises and the beautification of Villa plots.brick facadePopularity in the field of exterior facades ceramic brick is bought at the expense of a number of positive features, namely:

  • High wear resistance. Thanks to the strength of ceramic facades lined with this brick, for many decades, do not require repairs than fully justify the cost of the material.
  • Resistance to atmospheric influences. A brick facade does not fade, not afraid of rain and is sufficiently resistant to temperature changes.
  • Excellent thermal insulation ability. The material has a low thermal conductivity, so that helps to retain heat inside the building. It should also be noted that the walls, made of ceramic, almost pass into the room of extraneous sounds from the street.
  • Fire safety. The resistance of brick to the fire protects the building from the outside fire, which is why it is often used for facades of wooden buildings.

Facing brick

The brick Facade is of several types, each of which has the composition and method of manufacture.


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Ceramic facade bricks manufactured from fire clay, which are given a specific form. The material undergoes baking at a high temperature and covered with a dye composition or a glaze. This Bricks, in addition to strength, has a high vapour permeability that facilitates the creation of optimal microclimate in the room.facade panels brickExtruded brick produced by treatment of the particles of limestone or limestone under high pressure. This species looks very similar to natural stone, so it's perfect for decorating the facades.

Clinker brick is the most durable. For its production uses pure shale clay undergoes calcination at a temperature of 1600 degrees. Due to the high strength material often used for laying pavements.

Wall panel with the imitation brick

Unfortunately, there are situations where the use of facing bricks is impossible due to the low strength of the Foundation of the house or simply due to lack of funds. In this case, the best option will be finishing facade panels under the bricks.

Wall panels are considered an economical option that enables you to quickly and inexpensively to give your home a dramatic look. Moreover, this material acts as a thermal insulation layer and efficiently protects the wall from freezing.exterior finish brickPanel is very easy to install, so installing them is not difficult even for inexperienced finisher. Exterior finish brick can be installed on walls of any material, whether masonry, wood, concrete or plaster.

Advantages of facade panels

The main advantages of the panels for facades include:

  • Beautiful appearance. Quality made imitation virtually indistinguishable from real brick to see the difference only at close range.
  • Panel is not exposed to temperature, moisture and colonization by various microorganisms.
  • Material has a long life because the passage of time does not lose its original appearance and can last more than 50 years.
  • Light weight. No extra weight on the Foundation, so the panels can be installed on any facade.
  • Great choice of textures and colors.
  • In the process of manufacturing the panels do not apply harmful components, so they do not emit harmful substances and is absolutely safe for humans.

finishing facade panels under a brickWhich of the two materials most suitable should be decided by the owner of the house, evaluate your strength and capabilities. If the building's Foundation can not withstand the additional weight, and to expand its neither the desire nor the means, the ideal solution would be to install the front panels. The brick will help to strengthen the walls of the building, thereby extending its service life. It will cost this finish is much more expensive.

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