What can we tell the "Formula couch" - is it good or bad?


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In the field of production of upholstered furniture today employs thousands of companies, and each considers their product the best (or tries to convince the consumer). How not to make the wrong choice? The best way is to analyze reviews. "Formula couch" - the object of our current research.formula sofa prices

Factory "Formula divana"

Founded in 1989. It is located in the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk. As the name implies, factory specializiruetsya on the production of upholstered furniture. What is, according to producers, "the formula" create the perfect sofa? These are the ingredients of success:

  • The use of modern technologies;
  • Attracting the best professionals-furniture manufacturers from Germany and Italy;
  • Large-scale production, allowing for high quality sell goods at competitive prices;
  • Quality control of raw materials.

Positive feedback: "Formula divana" failed

The First thing that attracts the consumer in the production of factories, smaller than other producers, the price of the furniture. That is the model in the "Formula couch" will be cheaper (but not much) than it is competitors. Following plus high-quality upholstery materials. Basically it is genuine leather and good fabric. Another attractive point is the successful design of furniture and convenient mechanisms of transformation of sofas to beds. Releases and rare in Russia furniture "Formula divana". For example, the chair-recliner. What are they? This large comfortable chairs, transforming by means of: if you click on the lever near the armrest, the front panel rises and turns into a comfortable footrest. Now the seat can almost lay with your legs straight. In addition, the restaurant rotates around its axis and swinging. Like customers and the wide range of upholstered furniture.


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It was Smooth on paper...furniture formula divana

Yes forgot about the ravines! As usual, not only positive feedback "Formula divana" deserves. The main (and biggest) drawback - the quality of the products. Consumers report that after one to two months not too active operation of a sofa the mechanism of transformation fails. A lot of complaints about the quality upholstery materials: there have been occasions when the top layer of skin peels off, leaving your upholstery stain, similar to the result of the abuse of sunburn in humans. Among other things, the company recognized that it is the marriage of the manufacturer. There are complaints on the work of artists involved in the tailoring of the upholstery. Here and there across the jagged lines, often the seam is very small, which leads to the fact that they are leaving. Quite often cannot withstand the load spring units fall out of the spring.feedback formula divana the Trick is that fixing springs are made from brittle plastic. But on their products, "Formula sofa" sets the price not the budget! Customers have come to expect that by paying 100,000 rubles (the average cost of a sofa), they will get quality furniture, which will be used for years.

Draw conclusions

As we can see, the factory receives from consumers is far from unambiguous feedback. "Formula divana" the first year produces upholstered furniture, and during that time anything happened. The choice is yours.

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