Pests and diseases of black currant. Action against them


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To the family of gooseberry belongs gorgeous and the most valuable shrub is black currant. Its plantations grow wild in Europe, Siberia and North-East Kazakhstan. The natural bushland can be found on the fringes of the forest, on the banks of a river or lake in areas with cool or moderate climate.

Out of an abundance of berries blackcurrant is considered the most valuable. The content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, berries of the plant are paramount. Has long been known for the healing properties of Bush. These properties attract the attention of gardeners.Diseases and pests of black currant

The currant Bush is a frequent guest at almost every garden plot. The currant farming like any horticultural crops, requires specific knowledge. Observance of the required rules will allow you to obtain a healthy, well's a fruit plant. Diseases and pests of black currant can ruin all the efforts. In order to avoid this, be sure to perform the preventive work to combat them.

By Purchasing seedlings for the garden, planting should be approached thoughtfully. First of all, you need to properly place the currant bushes in the garden. This culture hygrophilous and shade-tolerant. Perfect for her corner of the garden with fertile soil, well-lit, protected from drafts. Plants for proper development will require regular moderate watering.

For a good harvest of big berries you need a proper formation of the Bush. Annual removal of old, lost productivity of branches will maintain the productivity and condition of the shrub as a whole because of diseases and pests of black currants are preserved on these shoots. Productive young shoots are also necessarily shortened.Growing currants


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Care culture includes mandatory preventive measures that will protect her from diseases and pests. Undamaged plants delight of a good harvest. Without such work, the bushes can suffer greatly, leading to reduced productivity and even death of plants.

Diseases and pests of black currants are well known. And combat begins in early spring. as soon As the snow melts, as preventive measures will be useful for handling hot water, heated to 70 degrees Celsius. The bushes throwing a hot shower from a watering can. This water treatment will kill the pests that wintered on the plants. Also, this event contributes to the improvement of the whole plant.

Spring – the most crucial. This time lays the Foundation for future harvest. Delay outdoor work impossible. Diseases and pests aktiviziruyutsya with the onset of warm weather. Processing the bushes need time to spend before Bud break. Prevention will help to protect black currants from defeat many diseases. Only a complex of chemical, biological and mechanical measures will contribute to the normal development of the shrub.

In this period of mandatory treatment 1% solution of Bordeaux fluid. This will help to protect culture from lesions of Anthracnose. When cooking liquid to properly calculate the concentration, so as not to burn the plants.currant Bushes

Considerable causes harm to the culture of fruit Sawfly. He aktiviziruyutsya during ripening. Affected berries are deformed. To combat this pest carefully inspect the bushes, collecting and destroying infested berries. When detecting in the garden of this pest affected plants are necessarily treated. Spraying of produce after harvest.

Mechanical control measures against diseases and pests is carried out in the autumn. Deleted old shoots carried out of the garden and burn. Fallen leaves can not be left around the Bush. It is collected and destroyed.

Diseases and pests of black currant, like any horticultural crops, causing a lot of trouble gardeners. Organization of preventive actions to protect against them must be well thought out and executed with extreme caution. The use of certain drugs should be justified. Excessive chemicals can only harm the plants.

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