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Making a flower garden, it is important to combine the types and varieties of crops. Of course, you always want to get unusual and beautiful flowers. Interesting idea for garden decor can become such a plant as perovskite. It has some similarities with the sage and lavender. Turning blue in the distance beauty could be confused with similar species.

Cooper lepidolite belongs to the family Lamiaceae (Lamiaceae). There are 7 species of subshrubs, most of which wildly grow on the mountain slopes in parts of Central Asia. Name of the plant was in honor of Vasily Alekseevich Perovsky. In ancient times he was Governor-General of Russian provinces. After the hostilities in Central Asia to Russia imported beauty perovskia.

Description and characteristics of the form

On the perovskite, as mentioned above, has similarities with the Russian sage. At least half of the season, she will enjoy amazing blue spikelets gray-green cloud of foliage.

"Cooper" lepidolite little spire

The Plant belongs to deciduous perennial shrubs. In the presence of favorable conditions, can grow to a height of 1.5 meters. Wide has the same impressive size. Basically Cooper lepidolite grows to a length of 60-80 cm

Consists of many thin shoots hard texture. The leaves are grayish-green, arranged in opposite pairs. In length the leaves are on average 4 cm In width maximum reach 2.

Flowering lasts from June to October. Inflorescences composed of showy panicles of 35 cm in length and combine a large number of branches. Each branch is a brush with buds, which are arranged in pairs. Petals purple with purple hairs.


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"Cooper" lepidolite fit

In contact with the sheets felt nice subtle flavor.

Types of shrubs

The main types include:

  • Cooper sagebrush.
  • Cooper lepidolite.

Artemisia species grows to a height of from 40 to 120 cm, and Bushes have a high density.

The Second type is more strength and height. The low shrubs of this species reach a height of 80 cm

Cooper lepidolite has several varieties. They differ in colours, shapes of leaves and flowers. Varieties have different size, flowering time and frost resistance characteristics.

"Cooper" lepidolite planting and caring

Varieties of shrub:

  1. Cooper lepidolite Blue Spire, or the Blue spire. Bush grows to a height of 1 meter. Color ears deep purple-blue. The leaves are gray-smoky hue. Have a deep incision and directed downwards. Flowering starts from the first half of summer and continues until frost.
  2. A Sort of Blue Mist You'll be a light blue bloom. The first blossoms of all kinds.
  3. Filigran - a variety that has a height of about one meter. You'll be strictly vertical growth. The color of the foliage is glaucous, the bloom lasts a long time.
  4. Hybrid lepidolite and sagebrush perovskii – a very young grade. Has the name of Perovskite lepidolite Little Spire. It is perfect for small gardens and flower beds. Particularly appropriate looks a Little steeple down the garden path in the form of a border.

"Cooper" lepidolite blue spire

Particular care

Cooper - the plant is very unpretentious and does not require virtually no maintenance. This can be explained by the place of its natural habitat. Cooper feels comfortable in well-lit areas. Also in partial shade blooms profusely. But in this case the stems are too stretched and withered away.

Can Not stand the moorland and acidic soil. Supplemental watering is needed only on the hottest days.

But during heavy rains it is necessary to resume the level of drainage by loosening soil. Also in such cases good use of mulching.

If the soil is fertile, fertilizing should not enter. On poor soil, perovskite grows well and blooms, but for the flamboyance and abundance can be once in a season to make the fertilizer in small quantities. If too greasy soils wood does not ripen, and reduced winter hardiness of the Bush.

Landing perovskii lepidolite

Purchasing the seedlings, you need to carefully examine its appearance. Branches should be supple, without a hint of rot formation. This will depend on the survival of the Bush and its rapid growth.

Before planting, the soil must be prepared for. Paid sand and peat. All together perekidyvaetsya. Prepared hole, the amount of which is 2 times more planting material. Seedlings should be planted with a lump of earth. After you have abundantly watered with water.

It is Important to comply with the required distance between plants. Perovskite forms a lush bushes, which need freedom. Therefore, the distance between them should not be less than 50 cm

"Cooper" lepidolite blue spire

The Plant safely respond to changing habitats and is not afraid of direct. If the Bush is well developed, it can grow in the same place for decades.

From the above you can clearly see that Cooper lepidolite (planting and care will not take the grower a lot of time) - fairly undemanding plant.


The Reproduction takes place according to the standard scheme. Each gardener chooses the method you like. Mostly used method of grafting. Some prefer to propagate the plant seeds. The method of dividing the Bush for this type of plant is not suitable.

Sow Seeds in spring in a warm soil. Before planting them strategicgrowth for 20-30 days at a temperature of +5 degrees. Cold stratification speeds up the process. The downside of such a planting is considered that the bloom will come not earlier than in 5 years. Therefore, growers rarely use sowing seeds.

A method of grafting all the easier. If the procedure is done in the spring need pruning woody plants. In the summer you need a nucleus with a piece of root.

Preparation of cuttings:

  • Cut young branches with a length of 10 cm;
  • Removed the lower leaves;
  • Sections are processed by the growth stimulator.

The Prepared material is planted in small containers. For this, a nutritious loose soil. The seedlings should be in greenhouse conditions. The soil should be regularly moisturize. After 2 weeks roots appear. At this time, are periodically made fertilizers.

In the Fall the seedlings are transplanted in open ground. In winter, the plant is better to hide, although not necessarily. For example, Cooper lepidolite “blue spire” can withstand freezing down to -35 degrees.

Diseases and pests

Perovskite resistant to diseases and various pests. Essential oils insecticidal action pests do not attack not only the Bush but also in neighboring plants.

The plant does Not like stagnant water. This can cause the rapid development of stem and root rot.

Importance in the design of the flower garden

Cooper has decorative characteristics. Even after flowering it looks great in gardens, lawns and rock gardens. Goes well with almost all types of flower crops.

Perfect for creating a semblance of "water" in the garden. Gives the illusion of coolness, freshness and oscillating waves. It seems as if the bushes of a flower shrouded in mist.


  • Plant looks better in a group of 3-5 bushes;
  • Ideal for decoration of borders or low hedges;
  • Delicately divides the garden into different zones;
  • Profitably used in the design of the Alpine hills;
  • Looks great in the flower garden with an artificial mulch.


Show imagination, you can create by using perovskii stunning garden.

Plant winter

In the Autumn, after flowering, the Bush branches are cut. Above the soil leave 5 to 10 cm the Crown of the plants sprinkled with ashes, leaves, or spruce needles. In areas with extremely harsh climate, can flower in winter, be covered with spruce branches.

The Plant tolerates frost. But remember that Cooper does not like thaw and sudden temperature changes.

But if you want to use Perovskiy lepidolite as a winter decoration, it is the same it is better to spend early spring. Cover only ekologiniu part.

"Cooper" lepidolite

Thus, the plant will delight not only in the warm season, but winter days can give the area appeal.


Cooper Bush valued not only due to the presence of essential oils. Leaves and flowers are edible and can be used as a spice for cooking various dishes. Also, the plant is suitable for making tea.

Gardeners, having acquired a blue charm to a gentle grey cloud of leaves, is recognized by all its splendor. Cooper will decorate any garden, will delight with its delicate appearance and pleasant aroma. When the plant is...

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