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Every kitchen should be a hood, however, it is important to choose the right model to meet all the requirements of the modern consumer. To classify the equipment can performance, principle of operation and constructive peculiarities. Not the last, that paying attention to customers is the cost and, of course, design. Do not overpay for hood, which has an overly broad set of additional functionality, often in the most of them is not strictly necessary, but some can increase the cost of the device several times. After will be able to compare the type of equipment, specifications, equipment and so on, you can make an informed choice, deciding which is more appropriate hood for your kitchen.

Design features

the best cooker hoods

Hood Best reviews, which you can read in the article, can have very different structural differences. For example, planar devices must be installed directly above the cooking surface. Over equipment can be placed cupboard, as there is no need to connect this exhaust to vent. In such devices the simplest set of acrylic filters, they can cope only with fat. Those users who do not want to do a change of filter every four months, installed in the device is a metal filter that requires periodic purification.

Modern buyers rarely choose flat hoods, as they are the low-power and are considered quite outdated. Kitchen hood Best can be embedded, it is installed in the suspended cabinets, the presence of such a device can be recognized by the presence of the exhaust surface, which is located above the stove. Quite often, these modifications are equipped with sliding panels, whereby it is possible to increase the area of a fence of air masses. Consumers choose these devices for the reason that they are characterized by higher performance and is equipped with metal filters.


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Reviews of kitchen hoods

drawing best reviews

These devices resemble a fireplace component chimney. Modifications of this kind can be made of natural wood or glass. Is there a need to install such a device, it will be possible to solve, considering the features of the interior. These devices are most often installed in the case when the kitchen is the so-called island. Dome options are more costly in comparison with other extracts, however, consumers, creating a unique interior, most often choose this model.

Methods of work

cooker hood best

The Best cooker hoods can be installed different cleaning systems. If you decide on which device to choose, you must pay attention to the differences in action of technical systems. As emphasized by the users, the devices are capable of erasing it or drawing air, the latter takes place without filtration of incoming pollutants. After that the exhaust air is conducted to the ventilation system. In the first case, the cleaning is done by recirculation, the air masses are ignored through a filter, back into the room. Experienced users suggest you look at the models that are able to perform circulation and drainage, thus the owner can select the priority mode.

If you connect to the Central ventilation system is impossible because of the remoteness of the channel or unduly time-consuming process of summarizing, you should choose a unit which performs air cleaning filtration. Consumers emphasize that clean without the use of a carbon filter is not able to get rid of smell, moreover, such a device is weaker compared with the extrusion into the vent.

The Best cooker hoods can be installed reusable aluminum filter. According to the customers, these devices are the best. Acrylic options cannot be called practical, since after contamination they have to be disposed of. Purchase charcoal filters that are capable of eliminating an unpleasant odor, you will need separately.


drawing the best of embedded

Drawing Best recessed, depending on the model, capable of pumping from 200 up to 1200 cubic meters per hour. But the rating model for the kitchen do not possess the highest power, among the most popular possible to allocate devices, the indicator which varies in the range of 500 cubic meters per hour. Consumers argue that the calculation you need to multiply the room volume by 10. The result again multiplied by 1.3, which provides the stock. This ensures cleansing without the use of the maximum mode and prolongs the life of equipment, reducing the noise level.

Reviews of equipment management

filter hoods best

The Best cooker hoods can be installed different control mode. Consumers are increasingly lately refuses sliders and slider types of control systems, which are located on the bottom of the device. This is not too attractive and low usability. In addition, such panels are quite often salted.

The touchpad is very convenient, however, say the buyers, surges can bring down expensive equipment. If you do not understand the Best cooker hoods, buyers are advised to choose models that are equipped with feather-touch control mode. It is most rational for the reason that the mikrikov is well protected from clogging.

Overview of extract brand BEST PASC 580 FPX IX

hood in the kitchen best

If you are interested in extractor fan kitchen Best, then you can choose this paleostriatal model. Its performance is equal to 1000 cubic meters per hour, the control is a keypad, a display. Consumers love the availability of the timer, and the ability to use one of the 4 speeds. You have to count on the fact that the equipment has the following dimensions: 28, 4 x 53, 9x28, 4 cm range Hood color stainless steel will fit into any interior. The manufacturer claims that this model is a model of technological excellence. Consumers emphasize that they like the point that the hood can operate in one of two modes, namely the mode of the exhaust air or recirculation. The inlet diameter is 15 inches, and the type of halogen lighting.

Overview of extract brand Best ISASC 505

range hoods island best

These hoods island Best will not only be a functional addition to the kitchen, but the aesthetic component of a room. The dimensions of this device are 107 x 32 x 107 cm, the body has a silver color. Power consumption is 250 Watts. Inside was a single engine, the device operates in two modes: challenge or circulation. The performance of this device is the same as the hoods that have been described above. Number of speeds 3, control device by the electronic panel. Before purchasing it is worth considering that the device doesn't have an intensive mode, auto Wake-up is performed by the sensor. You should expect that the maximum noise level of operation of the device is 54 decibels. After purchasing you will get one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


A Filter to extract the Best you can purchase in a specialty store. However it is easy to find a model that does not involve change. For some users, certain models are the only solution, whereas for others these options did not fit. It is extremely important to choose the right capacity. It is recommended to use above mentioned formula. Only then exhaust Best reviews, which are presented above will prove effective.


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