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Before purchasing a welding machine and you need to decide in what conditions you plan to operate the equipment. If work want to exercise in the open air, the most economical purchase would be the machine for MMA welding that uses a coated electrode.

But for high quality work, when you have to use aluminum or stainless steel, you should choose a welding inverter, argon intended for welding with non-consumable electrodes. The most efficient way of joining metal parts is semi-automatic welding. With equipment operating according to this principle, it is possible to weld all alloys and metals.

Before making a purchase you need to decide with the fact that for what purpose you want to buy the machine. If the implementation of small household tasks, it is quite suitable Chinese equipment. But to professionals it is better to purchase the appropriate device, which is designed for long-lasting performance. Buyers have special demand of the welding semi-automatic “furious”. If you want to buy such a device, you should consider at least one option.

Reviews about the device 200ПА VIAM.683182.003

welding machine fast and the furious

You can Purchase this welding machine can be for 41. 900, It is implemented without the kit and is a unit for TIG and semi-automatic welding. The device can be used to join parts made of alloy or carbon steels, which, according to the house masters extends the scope of use.


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The Stable operation of the device is possible even at reduced voltage. If the option to drop to 140, you can continue welding using a 3-mm electrodes. As an alternative solution speaker wire, the diameter of which is equal to 0.6 mm.

Customers have noted that on the front control panel you can find the necessary settings of the operating parameters. The device allows to save them in memory, which is very popular with the consumers.

Feedback on the specifications

welding machine the fast and the furious 200па

If you are interested in the above welding semi-automatic “furious”, consumers are advised to consider the specifications. The device refers to the professional class. The maximum power of up to 7.7 kW. The maximum current is 200 A.

The Burner is cooled by the air system. Equipment capable of operating on the principle of TIG welding. Case included no, sometimes, according to consumers, forcing them to sway your choice in favor of another model. The unit conforms to IP21 protection class. The open-circuit voltage is 70 V. dimensions equal 445х245х335 mm.

The maximum current the PV reaches 40%. When consumers consider welding semi-automatic “furious”, with their words, they pay special attention to the weight. The equipment weight is 12.5 kg. Allowable voltage deviation in the smaller side is 15 %. The minimum current is 15 A.

The kit doesn't function of water cooling. If you take a closer look at this model you will be able to understand that there is no mode pulse welding. It sometimes repels consumers. Not supplied power plug.

Feedback about the advantages of the model

welding inverter semiautomatic fast and furious

Welding semi-automatic “fast and furious 200ПА”, according to buyers, has many advantages, among them:

  • Quick connection;
  • Efficient cooling
  • High-quality weld formation.

As for connections, its speed is ensured by quick-detachable connections, which allow you to connect cables and get to work. Not to mention the even and efficient cooling. It is implemented by the many ventilation holes, which are located on the housing. This contributes to the cooling of the internal nodes.

After Reading the reviews of the welding semi-automatic “furious”, you will be able to understand that it is possible to ensure a long cycle of work. Output parameters stabiliziruemost electronic system. Buyers also like the low power consumption. Due to the effective control of fan operation the device is protected from dust. Inverter welding machine “furious” is working at maximum power the power supply 9.6 kVA. The wire feed speed is 12 m per minute.

Additional views about the operational characteristics

automatic welding machines fast and furious reviews

The Above advantages, which are characteristic of welding machine, do not constitute a complete list. An additional advantage of the buyers consider the possibility of adjusting the time of purge gas before welding. It reaches 0.05 seconds. After welding this parameter can be set to 10 seconds. Time stretch the arc can be adjusted, it is the limit from 0 to 0.5 seconds.

Welding inverter semiautomatic “furious” has a reducer motor, whose power is 40 VA. The ambient temperature when the equipment is operated can reach 40 °C. the Minimum value is -20 °C. the wire feeder, according to buyers, very reliable and consists of two rollers, which ensure high functionality.

Reuse of the set of modes

inverter welding machine fast and the furious

Optionally, in the memory you can score a custom program to 4 pieces. There you can enter the values of voltage and output current. After one minute of steady operation settings of the inverter are stored.

House masters emphasize that in the case of voltage drops in the network is automatically disconnect. Welding semi-automatic “furious” are protected in case of accident, you can not be afraid that the device will overheat. If you additionally use a special burner, you can use the function of TIG welding. Together with the machine can be operated mobile power. Its minimum capacity should be 14 kVA.

In conclusion

Semi-automatic Welding machines are indispensable in the workplace. Not so long ago, they increasingly began to appear in the workshops consumers. If you have decided to acquire such equipment before purchase is necessary to pay attention to the time. It is denoted by the abbreviation PV. It is important to consider also the nominal welding current at which the machine will not overheat in intermittent mode.


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