How to get rid of fruit flies: safe and effective ways


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Almost all homeowners have faced at least once with the invasion of small, but very unpleasant flies. Annoying crumbs appear regardless of the season and quickly scatter throughout the apartment. If you do not take any action, swarms of insects will soon begin to annoy not only you but also your neighbors.

how to get rid of fruit fliesThese flies-Drosophila. How to get rid of them, we now know.

But before proceeding to the active phase, watch out for the enemy. You must still determine the source of infection. He usually hides in the kitchen. Most often, the flies infest on brought into the house fruits. Microscopic larvae that are on the skins of fruit, warm quickly develop to the status of an adult individual. And then begin to quickly colonize new territory. Therefore, fruits harvested for storage in the refrigerator.

Basically, you have to remember that the first item in the list of events dedicated to the question of how to get rid of fruit flies says: cleanliness and disinfection. Insects eat the remains of food, their favorite delicacy-rotten vegetables and fruit. Accordingly, it is necessary to deprive mushin tribe food. All uneaten, spoiled fruits immediately recycle, trash can regularly washed with special disinfectants. Those funds poured into the sink. Don't be surprised. In the sink sometimes permanently retained food particles which attract insects.

gnats fruit flies how to ridBesides, there are more radical ways to get rid of fruit flies. This will help you homemade traps. As bait take any overripe fruit: banana slices, Mandarin slices, watermelon, melon. A treat is placed on the bottom of a deep Cup, fill with juice or kvass. Before such a feast of flies can't resist, no wonder they are called fruit or wine. And on top of postponing the Cup of thin cellophane, which is done with a fork a few holes. Insects will easily climb inside, for a delicious bait. But to leave the trap.


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Another method to get rid of fruit flies, based on the fact that flies can not tolerate soapy chemicals. Again, take any deep container, pour inside wine or Apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Then add to the mix a soap solution. The insects will climb into the tank, attracted by grape (Apple) aroma. But the presence of soap will be a surprise for them.

fruit flies in colors how to removeSometimes the midges grounded in the pots with plants. Wet earth and rotting fallen leaves – that are so fond of Drosophila in the colors. How to get rid of unwanted tenants? First of all, remove all remnants of the pots of plants. Then planted in the insect diet to meet with potassium permanganate. Its weak water solution will disinfect the soil. You can even use the not-too-toxic insecticides permitted for use indoors.

But perhaps the most exotic version of how to get rid of fruit flies, is a method based on breeding special hunting plants. These green predators (e.g., sundew) quite successfully and comfortably settled in the apartment, feeding on small flies. Well, this method is very efficient and, most importantly, safe. You predatory flowers certainly do not bite.

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