Apartment interior in Scandinavian style: design and features


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How to design the interior in the Scandinavian style? This question is raised by people who want to see their home bright and airy, not refusing at the same time and from the comfort. Fortunately, a style suitable for rooms of any size, as this area is characteristic of practicality and efficiency. So, what you need to know about the design of the Vikings, the popularity of which in our day is steadily growing?


Scandinavian style interior design small apartments-the perfect choice. Bright colors, natural materials, a minimal amount of furniture – all this will visually “push” the walls and get rid of the feeling of tightness. Will love the style and people who prefer cool colors. They create an atmosphere of silence, which promotes relaxation after an eventful day's work.

the interior of the apartment in Scandinavian style

To give preference to Scandinavian design are the owners of the apartments with Windows looking to the North. In this case, the room will be more warm and bright. Finally, Scandinavian style in the interior apartments, studios – the best decision. Zoning is performed by using lightweight partitions. They don't overwhelm the space visually. Also to identify necessary areas to help correct placement of furniture, colors and lighting.

Apartment Interior in Scandinavian style: features

The Northern peoples for centuries to treat nature with respect. No wonder the interior in the Scandinavian style is created using natural materials. Due to this room reigns an atmosphere of comfort, which is typical for this interior direction.


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Scandinavian style apartment interior

The Choice of materials directly depends on the taste preferences and financial capabilities of the owners of the apartment. Welcome to natural stones, wood, leather, linen, fur. Push the visual boundaries of a small space will help the glass. Also do not forget that the interior in the Scandinavian style involves an emphasis on functionality. From this design it is better to refuse people who prefer the abundance of furniture and decor.

Color and lighting

The Style of the Vikings – not the interior direction where twilight reigns. Therefore, without bright artificial lighting of the interior is indispensable. The main burden traditionally falls on ceiling chandelier large size. The overhead light should certainly support the spotlights.

Scandinavian style apartment interior photo

Creating the interior in the Scandinavian style, it is advisable to focus on bright colors. The main thing in this case is white, which is supported by beige, grey, milk shades. Of course, not forbidden the use of bright color accents. They brighten up a room, make it more warm and cozy. For emphasis you can use red, green, blue, purple.

Draw floor

What the floor looks Like in the Northern interior? Ideal floor covering will be the products from natural wood or materials disguised as him. In the design of such rooms as kitchen and bathroom, you can give preference to the tile in bright colours with unobtrusive design.

Scandinavian style interior design small apartments

Scandinavian style apartment interior implies that the floor space remains as open as possible. This is achieved with the help of special furniture, having legs. It does not interfere with viewing the entire floor area, allowing you to achieve a feeling of spaciousness, of freedom.

The Walls, ceiling

Wall in most cases colouring. Moreover, preference is given to the paint in bright colours. It is not necessary to focus on the white color. More living room will make milk and beige shades, the palette of baked milk and ivory. Everyone is encouraged to use soft blue, and light green.

Scandinavian design Studio apartments

Of Course, not only the paint can be used in the design of the walls, if you are trying to create a Scandinavian style in the interior apartments. Photos presented in the article are proof that this design can fit and Wallpapers. They can draw all the walls or only one, using it as an accent. In addition, it is not forbidden preference to the light, wooden panels, brick walls. It is desirable that the color of the ceiling was as close as possible to white. Not recommended the use of friezes and panels. For the ceiling design suitable for stretched canvas, plaster, paint. The intricate design in this case is not welcome.

Windows and doors

Great, if the apartment is the large Windows. Scandinavian interior does not accept the massive curtains, which prevent the penetration of light and air into the room. It is best to stay on the transparent light curtains, giving the room an atmosphere of freedom and weightlessness. Ideal fabric-muslin. However, you can consider other options: blinds, muslin and so on. It is also advisable not to overload the window sills with pots of flowers and decor.

Scandinavian style apartment interior Studio

The Interior in the Scandinavian style does not imply the existence of interior doors. Ideally, if the space is organized by type Studio. If you get rid of doors is not possible, it is desirable to paint the product in color that are of walls. Due to this they will merge with them, which will help to avoid overloading the space.

Choosing furniture

The Main rule that should be followed when choosing furniture, reads as follows: it should be enough. The style of the Vikings has many similarities with minimalism. Both directions make the maximum emphasis on practicality and functionality. For example, when choosing furniture for the living room you can confine a Seating area, a wardrobe and a coffee table.

Scandinavian style apartment interior Russian

If you are creating interior in Scandinavian style Studio apartment, is welcome multi-functional furniture. For example, chairs and sofas if necessary, convert into beds, tables easy to fold and unfold in various roles. When buying furniture it is best to give preference to products with concise design. And the interior loves the simple lines, the absence of ornate decoration. Fit perfectly in this area wickerwork.

Right decor

Decoration, like furniture, should not be much. However, this does not mean that the accessories can't be bright. On the contrary, they often are placed color accents, quickening room, which without them it seems too cool. You can use colorful cushions to give preference to the variegated carpet. In addition to this welcome volume of the vase.

An Integral part of Scandinavian interior are the open shelves and niches. They are used for placing a variety of statues and vases, elegant tableware. You also cannot forget about the family photo that can frame bright frame. Comfort in the room will create products made from ceramics and clay. Welcome glass reflecting the light and making the interior air. It can be manufactured vases, shelves. It is not necessary to give up the paintings. However, the preference is better to give the paintings with drawings devoted to the sea theme. Of course, are welcomed and mirrors, which have the same function as the glass elements.

“Chip” Scandinavian interior

An increasing number of our compatriots chooses Scandinavian style in the interior apartments. Russia-the country in which the design is inspired by the Vikings experienced some changes have acquired their own “chips”. For example, we have considered fashionable in the choice of decor to use a large number of flowers. Preference is traditionally given to large pots and vases, which can not only decorate shelves and tables, but also directly on the floor. It is desirable that the products were made in bright colors, while the flowers can be almost any shade.


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