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The Flowering of this charming potted plant falls on winter time, when most of the decorative flowers resting. It is often called the Amazon Lily, although in appearance and structure, it is more similar to the Narcissus, and the birthplace of it is considered to be not the valley of the Amazon, and Colombia.

The article presents answers to questions related to the plant under the name of eucharis: care at home, why leaves turn yellow, why isn't it always blooms, especially of growth and so on.

Many fans of indoor flower fell in love with these amazing flowers.

General information

Such an unusual name given the plant by accident. Eucharis has all the qualities that are valued in house plants: white flowers with a pleasant sweet flavor, large deep green leaves.

Flowers eucharis

This is included in the family Amaryllidaceae, and his family consists of approximately 20 representatives. Homeland plants-evergreen tropical forests of the lower tier of South and Central America. In Europe eucharis appeared in the first half of the 19th century. He immediately fell in love with gardeners, and today is one of the most popular flowers on the window sills in dwellings and in greenhouses.

General description eucharis, photos

Home Care for this plant, as noted above, has its own characteristics, like almost in any other case.

Eucharis – a kind of bulbous plants of Amaryllidaceae. The range of its growth – the wooded mountain areas of Colombia and coastal areas of the Amazon.

Translated from the Greek word eucharis means “graceful”. By outward appearances, he has more in common with Narcissus than with Lily. Each bulb can give a few leaf plates dark emerald color, growing up to 150 cm in length. Enough large leaves along the length grow to 40 cm and width up to 20 cm, depending on species and variety. Leaf form in different species to a greater extent oval (wider in the Central part) and pointed at the top. Life leaves quite large, up to several years. After the flowering period some of them zasyhaya die, but immediately grow pale young leaves, at first, rolled in a tube.


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Wonderful eucharis

The Long flower spike appears from the centre growth point. Its summit is crowned by an umbrella-shaped inflorescence, where several flower buds, which depending on species can be from 1 to 12 cm in diameter. The flower stalk dries out after blooming, but the plant remains very attractive, thanks to the dark glossy leaves that beautifully decorate the room with its rich emerald color.

Next will be submitted information about the types of plants and about the main features of home care. Why eucharis wrong shape and how to protect it from disease, the article will also be discussed.

Popular types

Eucharis masters grow in the area humid and warm forests of Colombia. Large leaf plates have elliptical form and rich glossy, dark emerald (25 cm length, 15 cm width). On the flower-stalk, extending from the rosette of leaves is an inflorescence in the form of an umbrella with one or two buds. Petals in uncovering grow to 4 cm in length and become oval tapered form, tapering on two edges. Flowering period – the first month of spring.

Eucharis white grows in the tropics of Colombia and the mountain ranges of the Andes. Sheet length with well discernible veins is 40 cm with a width of 15 cm shiny sheet-rich malachite. Spike has a brown-green hue. On top of the inflorescence can be 6-10 buds reaching the disclosure a length of 8 cm, the Petals are snow-white in color and have a slight fragrant aroma. Flowering period – February-March.

Eucharis white

Eucharis grandiflora is also called the Amazon Lily, because of its homeland-the Amazon. However, it can be found on the slopes of the Andes in Colombia. Growing on one stalk in pairs (2-4 pieces) the leaves are not very large in size and oval in shape (length and width respectively 30 and 15 cm). Its color they are bright, center, emerges a well-whitish streak, and the surface is slightly wrinkled, but shiny and thick. The peduncle grows to 80 cm in height, inflorescence can contain 3–6 buds with a diameter at opening to 12 cm. Snow-white flowers have a yellowish-green middle, and have a fragrant sweet smell. Flowering periods-spring, summer and winter.

Eucharis grandiflora

Popular are species such as sander and gearless eucharis.

Growth Conditions

Remember that you put the plant indoors, so that it does not Shine direct rays of the sun.

In General, it is not difficult for this plant care in the home. Eucharis good to the world, but it can develop only in conditions of mild lighting. Otherwise, the leaves will fade or can even get burns. The most comfortable place for him – wide windowsills facing East or West. Subject to finding plants on the South side should try to create indirect lighting.

In addition, the plant is eucharis, care at home which is not complicated, feels good in the room with the air temperature 17 to 23 degrees. In this respect care is to protect it from drafts and temperature changes, otherwise it can adversely affect flowering. Winter temperature should not be below +15 degrees.

Not particularly fastidious eucharis and humidity. Only during the growing season its leaves are often sprayed with water.

Leaves eucharis

Care at home

Lily eucharis unpretentious. It is important to provide her with a comfortable, correctly and in a timely manner to water, to monitor her condition.

Below are some rules of irrigation:

  1. The Adult plant does not particularly need frequent watering. Each subsequent watering should only be carried out when fully dry the surface of the soil. An excessive amount of moisture in the soil leads to rot.
  2. Often you need to water the young plant. You need to ensure that the substrate was always wet and moist.
  3. Tap Water cannot be used. For irrigation the best fit water, well defended, you can also use boiled.
  4. It is Recommended from time to time to spray the plant with water, except for flowering period. You can also just moisten the leaves with a damp soft sponge.
  5. Eucharis after the end of the flowering period requires rest, which usually lasts up to 1.5 months. At this time the plant does not need watering as the flower gains strength and then it blooms even better.
Amazon Lily

Soil and feeding

The Best plants for the soil-substrate with good water-holding capacity. It can be cooked by themselves from the compost of leaf soil and coarse sand. Also suitable primer from the mixture of leaf and Heath land (or peat) and sand.

Eucharis, care at home which is not complicated, includes some periodic fertilizing. How to do it correctly?

In the warm period for eucharia you can use liquid fertilizers, designed for ornamental flowering plants, however, the concentration should be lower than indicated in the instructions.

During flowering fit organic fertilizers, however, need to avoid high content of nitrogen in them, which adversely affects flowering. In autumn and winter the plant a dressing is not needed.

Transplant of the plant

This event is required for eucharia. Care at home is not only water and fertilize, but also in carrying out from time to time direct, although this plant is the attitude to this process is not very good. This event is preferably carried out in warm season (April-may) approximately every 3 years, when a lump of earth becomes fully germinated and potted flower closely.

The Optimal method of transplantation – handling. It is very important that the root system is not injured. The bulb is planted at a depth of 4 cm, its top must be visible on the surface. Pour the first month should be careful, and until the next watering, the soil needs to dry completely.

It is Important to note that store-bought eucharis will not develop properly, if not immediately transplanted, so as a store the pots for these flowers, and peat substrate in them is also not suitable.

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